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Feminized Jesus, Baptism of Desire & Logic

Divine Mercy Spreads Feminized Jesus

Re: The article on Divine Mercy

Dear Editor,

I found the TIA article most enlightening. The author's sense of intuitive revulsion was precisely, and remains, my own reaction upon looking at this picture that has flourished everywhere.

The reason cannot be expressed or understood in words. A graphical depiction is more to the point. Look at the attached picture of this famous piece of "art" ... with Christ's beard removed (by Photoshop). Now you will understand the uneasiness the author attempted to explain. It is the face of a woman.

Jesus of Divine Mercy

Keep up the good work. In these days of Francis they are much needed.

     God keep you.


Good Sermon against Cremation

Dear TIA,

Someone sent me this very good sermon against cremation. It is about 14 minutes, but it is worth the time.

The priest wants to remain anonymous. It is a pity. I believe I know who he is, but I will not unveil his name, I respect his decision.

I wish he were more courageous and would face the consequences of being a traditional Catholic priest in this time of general apostasy.

Let us pray for him to receive a grace to abandon his love for career and desire to fit in the progressivist Church, and instead take a real stand and confront his progressisvist superiors and bishop.




Unclear Sermons


Our priest sermons are incoherent. He mumbles through a fast delivery which makes his sermons almost impossible to understand .

We graciously told him of this problem and his answer was - “To bear your cross “ ???

     Please, advice.


TIA responds:


It is a good thing to have short sermons, but they also need to be clear, not mumbled.

Perhaps he would benefit from reading some posts we had on how the sermons should have these two characteristics. Why don’t you forward him this answer?

The postings we have made on sermons are available here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.


      TIA correspondence desk


Baptisms of Desire & Blood

Re: Your Answer on Baptism of Blood & Desire

Dear TIA,

Excuse my ignorance or, perhaps, the clarity of my mind in my old age. The title of your 2010 article: "Baptism of Blood & Desire Are Not in the Catholic Magisterium." I agree with your conclusion and response to Father J.F.C., but it contradicts the title of the article. I am a bit confused. What am I missing?

Thank you for all you do and may God continue to bless your entire staff.

     In Christ,


TIA responds:

Dear L.V.,

Thank you for your support.

The only thing you are missing is our policy on that page. In that section titled Objections, it is common for us to summarize the objection in the headline. This is what we did with that topic. The headline emphasizes the point we refuted.

We believe both the baptisms of blood and desire are part of the Catholic Magisterium and we try to demonstrate this in our response.


     TIA correspondence desk


Course in Logic

Dear Marian Horvat,

I am benefiting greatly from you CD series on children and women in the Middle Ages and Protestant Revolt times. You transmit the Saints' teachings so well and I am sure your teaching and school administrative experiences add insightful richness to these lessons.

Of course, I check back on my own upbringing, joyous for those thing that my parents gave me that correspond to Catholicism and sad at the Revolution’s influence so prevalent in the late 1950’s and the 1960’s. All those doubts and intuitive dislikes now have reasons. So thank you for helping me to clarify character and social problems.

This late in life, what I can do is slowly imbibe changed attitudes and pray some of these attitudes will begin to influence my children and grandchildren, when they seek answers. Even beginning a few changed attitudes and habits make life easier and pleasant; as well as strong and resolute in carrying my cross in life.

How can these teachings of yours be brought into all traditional Catholic schools? I know of no separate boys and girls schools on the elementary level among Traditional Catholics. Usually they are only separated at summer camps. May I ask what school(s) you are currently helping, and their location?

I do also have another request. Would you possible make a CD of a simple class in logic and scientific method observation? Your CD’s showed the different ways girls have in their intuitive, feeling approach and the boy’s active, perceptive, win the goal approach. The problem I see, which was touched upon, is that both boys and girls need to discern Truth, so that the girls intuitive feelings are guided, and the boy’s actions win the just cause.

When my brother and I got into arguments, my mother would have us sit for a moment and just breathe a little, and then solve a simple mathematical problem. This transferred my passion and his conquest into using our heads, which Mother carefully explained was why our heads were physically made to be above our hearts. It calmed us and we were often able to see that that person or cause was not worth adoring or fighting for! To observe our “warring members”- of which St. Paul spoke, enabled us. She would also train us both to be able to argue both sides of an issue. To “know thine enemy” was an advantage, to her way of thinking. I would be passionate and my brother would be incisively accurate. We would both speak the truth in our different ways, as much as we could discern.

When I speak with liberals, moderates, conservatives and traditionalists, it seems to me that few think! That leader she adores, or he fights for, they never objectively examine what he tells them he is supporting and working for! Women feel he is protective and men see that he takes an action that they like which gains their group advantage and prestige! Truth is cast aside and the entire group is led astray!

Well, please let me know what you think of the idea of making a CD — and an accompanying booklet for easy reference would also be beneficial — of a class in logic and observing objective truth. Or, if you have already made one, please tell me what it is called. Thank you.


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mrs. E.H.,

I am well rewarded to know that the CDs on formation of children did you some good.

At the moment I am not teaching or involved in the educational system. I dedicate myself full time to the work and counter-revolutionary ideal of TIA.

I thank you for your suggestions to give a talk on logics and possibly to also publish a booklet on this topic. Your interesting example and arguments show me that they could be of assistance. I will keep your suggestion in mind and see what I can do in the future.

Right now, I am preparing with my good friend Judy Mead a small book on Our Lady of Bethlehem.

Thank you for your amiable message.


     Marian Horvat, Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 21, 2017

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