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Deluge, Cannibalism & Flu Epidemic

‘Greater than the Deluge’

Dear TIA,

On the 56th anniversary of the "Miracle of the Sun" October 13, 1973, Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa received the third message of Akita which the Blessed Mother told her: "As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before..."

Similar warnings and messages were given by Our Lady at La Salette and in the second part of the Message of Fatima. Add 56 years to 1973 and you get the year 2029 the 100th anniversary of Our Lord's request to consecrate Russia.

     Homer Sweeney


‘Saint’ Paul VI

Dear Atila,

The progressivist revolution moves ahead at full steam. Proof of it is this news report: Cardinals approve miracle attributed to Pope Paul VI

It is beyond a doubt in my mind that all you have written is right on the mark. I pray that anyone who is of good will and wants to know what is going on in our Church read your entire Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani.

Be assured of my prayers for you and all who are in the counter revolution.

     Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgen de Guadalupe!



Papacy Is Not a Sacrament

Dear friends,

This answer on Sede-Vacantism is excellent. The papacy is an office, not a sacrament or like the state of grace. Of course the pope can sin or fall into heresy. But he continues to hold the investment that he received.

I always insisted on this. So, if you ask what my position is, my answer is: read this...

     Fr. Paul Alvarez


God’s Glory

Hi Bro,

Good morning to you all!

God is glory for us. Thanksgiving to my God, time to time again!

So far He meets us through His glory, in love, peace, truth and justice of faith.

So, now what's the Church?

Thank you.

     Yours in Christ,



New Type of Cannibalism


New “recycling” technology is actually CANNIBALISM: Dead people are liquefied, drained into city sewers, then, dumped on food crops as “biosludge.”

Read more here.



Sign of Peace & Flu Epidemic

Hello TIA,

Well, here is one good result of the terrible flu epidemic, proving that every cloud has a silver lining.

Some dioceses are suspending the sign of peace during the flu epidemic (read here). Some are even leaving out the 'cup' at Communion. If only they would return to Communion on the tongue, but that won't happen; I don't think so.

Now, the bad thing - some dioceses are emptying holy water stoups, showing that they don't believe in the sacramental value of the blessed water, which heals vs. spreads germs.



New Standards for Priests


RE: Francis issues new education standards for future priests

This reminds me of the article way back when I read of “1976 - The coming universal church.” I’m not sure that’s the exact title but it laid out the plans for a universal church of all religions.



Sr. Lucy & Card. Caffarra

Dear TIA,

Would TIA like to comment on this story, which has been around for a few years, namely, that in a letter Sr. Lucy of Fatima told Cardinal Carlo Caffara that "the final confrontation between the Lord and Satan will be over Family and Marriage"? This is regarded as some sort of prophecy.

I am very suspicious about this comment for several reasons:
  1. Was it the real Sr. Lucy who wrote the letter, or the nun whom you (and I) consider to have been an imposter?

  2. The timing of the message appears too convenient but also too vague. Sure, marriage and therefore the family are attacked by the world, in as much as divorce is commonplace, Catholic annulments especially in America are very numerous, homosexuality is glorified, etc. But why didn't "Sr. Lucy" reveal this in the 1940s or 1950s? And why mention "family and marriage"? Why not Islam? Why not almost total Church apostasy? Wherein lies this "final confrontation"?

  3. Assuming the real Sr. Lucy wrote this letter to Cardinal Caffara, even though she saw Our Lady in 1917, why should we trust everything a seer says decades later? If later writings of Melanie of La Salette do not meet with Church approval, why should even later statements of Sr. Lucy's be treated as if they are given to her from Heaven? I could be stirring up a hornets' nest here, I suspect, but aside from the six apparitions of 1917, which were confirmed by the Miracle of the Sun, why should we even trust the famous 1929 vision which Sr. Lucy claimed? I do believe that vision, but it does lack miraculous support.
     Thank you for your website.

     Patrick O'Brien


TIA responds:

Dear Mr. O'Brien,

We believe your suspicions are well founded.

You argued aptly when you implied that when Our Lady appeared in Fatima, she opened a much wider perspective than just the family and marriage.

She invited us to evaluate the situation throughout the world during a whole period of History, and not only a small circle within the family.

Further, as you mentioned, it is much more probable that she also revealed the crisis in the Church, which now is reaching its zenith.

So, to say that the entire Fatima phenomenon is reduced to marriage and family can be interpreted as a ploy to deviate the attention of Catholics from their concern about the crisis in the Church and the errors of Communism.

These are the comments that occur to us in response to your comments.


     TIA correspondence desk


Thanks from Trad Prisoners

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I received the calendar and book on Our Lady of Bethlehem you sent for Christmas. Thank you very much for doing that, it means a lot to me. My family can't help me very much anymore. They are struggling to make it through, so I tell them not to worry about me.

I know you are a writer, and I like to write myself. I'm thinking of a song to write to honor our Mother, but I'm not sure how to begin. Since becoming Catholic, I have grown to love her so very much. I feel as a little boy; I call her 'Mama'. That's how I come to her, as a child. I think she likes that.

Well, thanks again for what you sent me. It will be used well. I'll write my song on the back of this page [transcribed below].

     In Jesus and Mary,


"Not Alone"

Even though I just can't see it,
There's got to be a reason why.
Lost inside this sea of empty souls.
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?

Pre/Chorus: I can feel you. I can feel you here.

Chorus: So I know that I'm not alone
And your love is healing me.
You hold me when I'm cold,
I can see you here with me.
So take this heart of stone
Now come and set me free.
Set me free.

Sometimes I can feel nothing.
T There's got to be answer for the pain
Stuck within this hole I have become.
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?

(Pre/chorus - Chorus)

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Salve Maria!

My roommate [who wrote above] got his calendar and is very excited. Thank you also for the books (Eli Eli; The Great St. Joseph; Our Lady of Bethlehem) that you sent me. I really enjoyed the book on Our Lady of Bethlehem. What a great story and beautiful place where she is venerated.

Also, the other book by Atila Guimaraes is very good. Kinda wish I were free to read his whole collection. He seems to have a very enduring fighting spirit.

I am sure many get discouraged and drop out of the fight altogether. These times are not easy to be Catholic. Me, I'm sticking around to the end.

I know an inmate who became Catholic and dropped out. My roommate almost left a few times but I did my best to pull him back. He is only 2 years in the faith and he is getting more solid and strong in the faith.

Atila did answer one of my questions regarding the Church that is split. It will take an act of God to remove the modernists and make the Church one.

Again, thank you so much for your kindness. I really enjoy the calendar.

Keep me in your prayers and sacrifices. Be encouraged; your sacrifices on my behalf have paid off and I thank you.

     Yours in Jesus and Mary,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 8, 2018

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