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Warm Support, Desecration in France

I Read Plinio Every Day

Dear TIA,

Ironic that the most consistently useful true Catholic site on the web... should be based in sin-city!!! [Los Angeles]

I read Plinio every single day, and absolutely love his commentaries.

The Fatima stuff that you post is just – in a world of pitiful information getting worse by the day – like finding gold in a dung heap!

Make sure the site keeps going after you leave the zoo and the most profound thanks to you for the job you doing of episcopal, literally, shepherding of a worn out and dispirited bunch of stray sheep!

May Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima (whose Rosary consists of 15 mysteries and whose decades end with the conciliarly-allergenic reminder of the reality of hell) and who seems to be that 'special grace' without which we lose the true Catholic faith, BLESS ALL OF YOU.

And may you never get discouraged or let up on your work.

     St. Philippine Duchesne, pray for us.

     P.D., United Kingdom


Foundation of Liberalism


The very foundation of the Leftist/Liberal is the willingness to lie. Lying is the life-blood of the leftist/liberal mindset. It allows them to live by their only rule: “The end justifies the means.” They will lie, cheat, steal and even kill to achieve their desires. They never repent or apologize for lying because they feel no guilt.

God has no place in their lives because He is a hindrance to their chosen behavior.

Pray for these lost souls, that Our Lord gives them the grace to know the Truth. The survival of our Nation is at stake and the Truth will set us free.



To Inform Well Is an Act of Charity

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: The Cuban Empire - The Threat Few See

As usual, an article from TIA is clearly written and easily understood. My ability to understand seemingly complex subjects has been greatly improved once again.

For me, this is sobering because in the Catholic sphere we are all looking for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and rightly so.

Many are exasperated and believe we are in a phase that Divine intervention is our only hope, which it is. This belief may be causing us to think in short term and miss a big chunk of what is playing out right under our noses.

If we want a clue into what Our Lady of Fatima meant when She said the consecration would take place but would be late... this article gives it. This also helps us to prepare ourselves, family, friends and loved ones mentally and physically.

Personally, I don’t see a meteorite or tidal wave wiping out 2/3 of humanity yet. I see a very grave attempt by Communism to take over the world. I see the United States in a huge providential battle.

Tradition with a capital T. Not only does Holy Mother Church prepare Her little ones spiritually, it appears She gives wisdom and prudence in all things, even politically. Nothing escapes Our Lord. All for His Glory!

Will add... I believe it to be an act of charity to inform others who may lack knowledge in these grave matters. A starting point is the entire Fatima message, minus the progressivist errors attached to it. It is happening in fullness, even now.



English Translation of City of God

Dr. Horvat,

I want to thank you for posting my email (something I did not expect). It has resulted in a dozen orders for the 4-volume set by Ven. Mother Maria de Agreda thus far, putting me into back-order status. Please send me your address so I can send you a set when my new printing arrives.

"What-seems-to-be-errors" almost certainly are errors of translation. If it is not too much to ask, I would like you to email me some of the seeming errors you have found so I can check them with the authentic copy of the original Spanish I have. My goal is to render the book as pure as its subject, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and to price it in order to get it into as many hands as possible. I make no money off of this book; I charge just enough to break even so the printing does not harm the family finances.

I cannot express my deep grief at seeing Our Lady so outraged in our day, especially the recent idol worship on Vatican grounds. It seems the goal is to replace the Blessed Virgin Mary with the pagan mother earth goddess. I believe this is what Our Lady of La Salette meant when She said "pagan Rome would disappear", for indeed it seems Rome is now officially pagan.

I guess my New English Edition is my labor of love of Our Lady, the reparation I can offer Her, and as the saying goes my attempt to light a candle rather than just curse the darkness.


     Timothy A. Duff


More Hosts Desecrated

Dear TIA,

For your information and that of your readers read the news report below.

As the desecrations increase, the kingdom of Satan comes closer. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many nowadays.


Desecration of church leaves French parishioners in shock

Hosts desecrated in France

Intruders destroyed and stole various items from the church in Saint-Etienne
(Photo by Romuald Auge/South West/MAXPPP)

On Nov. 10, the parishioners of Tonnay-Charente (Charente-Maritime) found the Saint-Etienne church in east-central France closed and Sunday Mass moved to the neighboring commune of Cabariot.

The news quickly spread. The day before, the premises was not only vandalized, but in the eyes of their priest and bishop alike, desecrated.

Parishioner Marcel Pin was going around doing his daily task of closing the doors of the building at 7 p.m. when he discovered the debris of a broken statue and hosts spread on the floor in front of the altar and in the central aisle.

He then discovered that the tabernacle had been broken, a liturgical cloth hung upside down so that a cross could be seen upside down, and finally a lunula – the crescent-shaped holder – along with its large consecrated host intended for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, had been stolen.

"Nothing else had disappeared, the ciborium remained in place. This suggests that this was not a simple act of vandalism or theft, but a desecration," said Bishop Georges Colomb of La Rochelle-Saintes.

"They attacked the Blessed Sacrament, the presence of the body of Christ which is at the heart of our faith. It is more than an anticlerical act. It is truly anti-Christian." At Sunday Mass he denounced this "aggression, expression of hatred against Christ and his Church, manifestation of violence, cowardice and stupidity."

On Nov. 12, the priest of Tonnay-Charente, Father Evens Joseph, filed a complaint with the police station, his church now closed until the investigation is completed.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 19, 2019

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