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Disney, Totem Staff, Good & Bad Saints

Disney Infiltrated

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: "Lion King" review

I watched the original Disney classic film and enjoyed the symbolism of the young cub's relationship with his monarchical father but there were so many intricate details about it which bordered upon paganism.

The original film, like many early Disney films, was beautifully rendered and exuded the colorful imagery of its backdrop. Sadly, Disney is now revamping a number of their early classic, colorfully exuberant animated films and transitioning them into a very dark, brooding inferior CGI replacement.

Parents need to take heed in recognizing the harms of today's so-called children's television programming and cinematic films. Which are now being abounded with left wing propaganda and used as indoctrination tools.



No Longer Similar to Medusa

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: On the Medusa depiction on the Hate Mail

The picture below right is an accurate depiction of my interior response when still in error on a matter and first hear a correction.


Thanks be to God, by and through Grace, after reflecting on the challenging Truth I am transformed into a completely different image more akin to a weaned child sitting next to mother (Image within a Psalm in the Little Office of the Blessed Mother)

This is my experience with TIA. I have matured and am less and less similar to the image at right.



Perpetuating & Condoning Apostasy

TIA, (from Twitter)

Re: Francis under Buddha

The Vatican is compromised, Pope Francis is a Heretic, and he is allowed to go on.

Fr. Malachi Martin warned us many times. Anyone attending the Novus Ordo Mass is perpetuating & condoning this apostasy.



 Totem Staff

Reactions regarding Pope Francis’s Idolatrous Staff
    No One Grasped It

  • TIA, (from Twitter)

    Great work. No other site seems to have grasped this further abomination by Bergoglio.


  • Francis Opposed to Our Lord

    TIA, (from Instagram)

    As always, this man goes against Our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Rotten Fruits of Vatican II

    TIA, (from Facebook)

    These are rotten demonic fruits of the Vatican II Novus Ordo sect.

         N.F C.

  • Francis Is Creating a New Religion

    TIA, (from Facebook)

    This man is creating a whole new religion and practices which contradict the Catholic Church.


You Warned about Harry Potter

Dear TIA,

Re: Harry Potter & the Problem of Good & Evil

You said it years ago, and now finally some priests are beginning to wake up. Harry Potter ISN'T innocent fun and games for children, a good way to get young people reading, etc. As noted by this priest in Nashville who banned the Harry Potter books from the Catholic school, ‘"The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells, which when read by a human being, risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text."

He banned the books after consulting with several exorcists in the US and Rome who confirmed that these books cause infestations and possessions.

Keep up your good work!

     In Jesu et Maria,



Which Saints to Teach to Children

Dear TIA,

We have recently read your articles regarding the modified criteria for canonizing saints in recent times, and the heterodox positions and writings of various new "saints."

I have become concerned that my children will grow up venerating someone as a saint whose writings, when my children grow old enough to read them, may either scandalize them or cause them to go astray.

I am also confused how to explain to my children that some saints are 'true saints', and others are not, without causing my children to lose faith in the general teaching authority of the Church on all other issues.

My questions are these:
  1. How do I discern which saints to emphasize to my children? For example, is there a date before which all canonized saints are "safe" to venerate?

  2. How do I explain to my children that we as a family should not venerate newer "saints" without damaging in their minds the infallibility of the Church?
This second question could apply to broader issues, not solely to saints.

Thank you so much for your hard work. You all are such a bastion of light for those of us trying to raise the new generation of Catholics amidst this confusion.

     Kind regards,


TIA responds:

Dear R.M.,

Thank you for the kind words about our work.

The problem you raise – the confusion about true and false saints nowadays – is just one fruit of a large tree. It is the infiltration of Progressivism inside the Church, whose main landmark is the victory progressivists had at Vatican II. This victory is due mainly to the action of two Popes – John XXIII and Paul VI – and its enforcement is due to the Popes who followed: John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I.

So, to understand what is happening with the processes of beatification and canonization, you should put things in perspective. You need to know the background into which the new progressivist saints are inserted. To do so, it would be good to study Vatican II and its fruits, and then, teach your children accordingly.

Now, the answers to your questions:
  1. You will be able to discern which saints are good or bad if you acquire the background mentioned above, what you can do by studying the Collection Elli, Elli Lamma Sabactani? on Vatican II. As a point of reference, the Saints beatified and canonized up to and including the pontificate of Pius XII are true blesseds and saints.

  2. You may criticize and resist the progressivist Popes firmly but with respect. The position of resistance, as we explain here, here, here, here and here, does not harm papal infallibilit; you can read when and how it is present here, here, here and here.
We hope these answers may help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Example of Bad Behavior

Re: Decorum in Discussing, Interrupting, & Responding

Hello TIA,

I read this latest posting and links.

I was linking to Randy Engel and followed the Cardinal Wright topic. He was a prelate in my lifetime, what a rabbit hole! Looking up Cardinal Wright to get a visual on his face I found this article relevant today.

It helps to understand how this wickedness and those involved harm/harmed Holy Mother Church and countless lives through their double standard of hypocrisy and diabolical sinfulness. So much repair, prayer and reparation needed.

Regarding the piece on children and good manners, recently while grocery shopping I overheard a child's voice ask out loud, 'Are you a man?' I turned to look in that direction.The question was asked of me! A young girl with her parents and other sibling were near me. The father said, 'No she is a lady.' Possibly an embarassment for the parents of this negatively precocius child with little manners.

With the disorientation being taught and promoted universally, it puts the state of confusion into the minds of the young. Now with 'medical' alterations that make men look like women and women look like men, it is indeed a fearful mixed-up world and society we are living in. It makes our task all the more urgent to counter this insanity with good Catholic teaching.

I too witness various forms of aberrations as clerks and checkers are filling positions in stores these days, astonishing as it always is as legislators, celebrities, athletes, and others are jumping on this wagon headed for the netherworld. The brakes must be applied firmly. As you can imagine what I am referencing. I need not say more.

Thank you for your site and all you do! God bless you.

     In Our Lady our help and our hope,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 26, 2019

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