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Greetings, Cross & Thank-You Cards

Secure Guidance


Merry Christmas and thanks for guiding me through these troubled times.



Accurate Instruction


Thank you for all that you do to help the faithful.

I appreciate the ability to check in on certain items concerning the Faith and feel that I can rely upon the accuracy of your instruction.

     God bless you.



Not on Board Yet


I have made a small contribution. It isn't much, but I hope it helps. I unfortunately cannot at this time spare any more as my husband is not on board yet. He doesn't yet see the revolution or the problem with the Novus Ordo Mass.

Please pray for his conversion for his own spiritual well being and that we might be able to support you further.

     Thank you,



Christmas for Overseas' Troops


I am sure you will enjoy.

Watch: Operation Holiday Express Delivers Christmas Joy to U.S. Forces in Syria

Troops overseas service
U.S. forces on overseas active service might be out of sight, but they are never out of mind, especially at Christmas. To that end hundreds of American troops based in Syria have received Christmas gifts thanks to Operation Holiday Express, launched by U.S.-led coalition forces from across the border in neighboring Iraq.

God bless the United States military, who work 24/7 365 & Merry Christmas! Semper Paratus

God bless those on active duty. This veteran wishes all of them a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

God bless all our military men and women and thank God we got a Commander in Chief who made US strong again. Oorah 2020 !!

     Gary Morella


Liberal, Modernist & Progressivist


The brief article linked here is an excellent and succinct treatment of the concepts that have been infecting the Catholic Church since at least the French Revolution and so-called Enlightenment.

In just a couple pages, it clearly explains how and why the catastrophe known as Vatican II and its aftermath occurred.

You scholastic philosophy majors out there will love it!



The Crucifix


I understand your need for symbols of your faith. Christians have them too (the empty tomb, the empty cross “robed” in purple linen, Christ standing at the Father’s right hand at the throne of heaven, or Him standing in the clouds calling His children home). Why though, do you promote the DEATH of Christ with your crucifix ? ALL (every last one) of the world’s religious leaders or founders of different faiths...DIED!!! What makes Christianity different??

The ONE TRUE Religion (Eph 4) is set apart, made HOLY, because Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ... AROSE from the grave & ASCENDED to heaven. WHY does your faith, LEAVE HIM ON THE CROSS???


TIA responds:


With the Resurrection Our Lord Jesus Christ proved He is God.

With His death on the Cross He, the God-Man, redeemed mankind from Original Sin and opened the door of Heaven to them.

Since we have no doubts that He is God, we celebrate His great mercy of giving His life for us. Christ on the Cross is the symbol of His mercy and of our salvation. As Catholics, we feel ourselves perfectly identified by the Crucified.


     TIA correspondence desk


Gifts & Thank-You Cards


I'm a new reader of your wonderful website Tradition in Action. I think I've read all the pages on civility and manners, and I have some questions.

I'm a 51-year-old lady convert (of 8 years) with a niece and a nephew. As a new convert, I'm afraid I haven't had very good training in civility or manners, and so I haven't been a good example to my niece or nephew, who are the only young people in my family (since I'm not married and don't have children).

How should I behave when they don't say thank you for a gift? Only rarely do I have the chance to give them birthday or Christmas gifts in person. They always thank me at these times. But my health prevents me from visiting them and I often just send them something in the mail - either a check or a gift card.

I'm inclined to teach them to say thank you but I don't know if it's my role as their aunt. When I've tried to influence them for the better in other ways I've been told by my sister, their mother, that I was out of place.

What are my duties in their formation, if any?

Thank you for any advice. God bless you and yours.

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


TIA responds:

Hello C.R.,

Thank you for your kind words and for placing confidence in our opinions.

There are many persons who are in a situation similar to yours: i.e. An aunt, uncle or other releative would like to encourage better manners among their nieces and nephews; they would like to ask the minimum required of good manners, which is for the gift-receiver to send a written thank you for presents; the parents of the gift-receivers are not supportive of this good effort and ask the gift-giver to accept the status quo situation: You are expected to give gifts but you cannot expect a thank you unless the children feel like making one.

When it is simply sated as above, we can see how erroneous the position of the parents is. These parents are not encouraging a good formation in their children by instilling any sense of gratitude or duty. In fact, St. Thomas Aquinas firmly states that gratitude is a virtue that falls under justice, the greatest of moral virtues because it disposes man toward good action not in himself, but with respect to others. Therefore, to teach children the obligation of giving thanks to the benefactor who bestows him favors is to encourage virtue.

This said, it seems that you would have the right to kindly tell your nieces and nephews who are old enough to write letters on their own that you would like to receive a thank you note. You can explain the importance, how it is a sign of good manners and gratitude, which is a virtue. Then, if they are old enough to be responsible for their own actions, you can tell them that gifts will no longer be forthcoming without such a thank you note.

Afterwards, you should follow the rules you set. You can still send a birthday card or call with your greetings, but, by taking this path of withholding gifts and/or money, you are showing them that you are not rewarding their lack of consideration.

We hope this will be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 26, 2019

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