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Pectoral Crosses & False Excuse for Nuns

Avenger Review

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your movie reviews (here, here, here, here, here and here). They are quite insightful.

I send them to my college age children.

Thank you! Keep them coming!

     God bless you



Marrying a Single Woman with Children


I'm a Catholic and I'm in a relationship with a girl who has kids outside of wedlock.

She doesn't wanna marry that man since she had a bad past with him. And he still makes threats that he will curse her if she doesn't come back to him.

My question here is since we love each other, is it a sin to marry her?

Please clear my doubt.

     Thank you.


TIA responds:


We do not believe that it is a sin to marry her, since you imply in your message that she was not married before. Quite the opposite, it seems to us that it is an act of charity toward her and the children, given that you will give the woman and her children an honorable situation.

However, your marriage should take place in the Catholic Church and you should commit to give these children a good formation.


     TIA correspondence desk


Bishops' Human Respect

TIA (from Facebook).

Re: Bishops Hide Their Crosses

It's tucked into the shirt pocket for the same practical reason that, on a cassock, the chain is looped over a button - because otherwise a heavy cross at the end of a long chain will tend to flap around wildly and possibly snap free.


West Point cadets
TIA responds:


This seems to us a poor excuse. The Bishops should show their Crosses to give testimony of Our Lord. And the Pectoral Cross is a symbol of this mission. The practical reason you and they allege for tucking it under their shirts or cassocks denies the value of its symbolism.

It is as if a military man were to hide his sword in his uniform because it hangs uncomfortably at his side.

The real reason for hiding their Crosses is that they are tired of being real Bishops and want to appear as being part of the world.


     TIA correspondence desk


Favorite Novena

TIA (from YouTube),

Re: Short video about the Novena of Our Lady of Good Success

This is my favorite Novena.

I have been praying it every year since 2011 and I cannot tell the innumerable benefits that I have obtained because she is my Merciful and Good Mother of Great Success.

Come to our assistance, and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother! Holy Mary of Good Success, I love you with all my heart mind and soul and I owe everything to you!



Child Jesus of Pichincha

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Every year I write a Christmas story for The Remnant, and I always look for an image on which to build the story.

For the second time, I found that image on TIA – the stunningly beautiful picture of the Child Jesus of Pichincha and the wondrous prayer accompanying it. I thought you might like to read the story. (Michael Matt usually publishes my work in the print edition, rarely online.). [TIA reproduces this story here]

I am so grateful for the work you do. You don't just write about tradition – you keep it alive, handing it down to those who have never known these things.


     Susan Claire Potts


Paul VI Hall – Satanic Sculpture


Re: Paul VI Hall

I've never noticed or made this connection before. [See photo below]

Now, it’s hard to miss.

Hope you're all well.


Satanic symbol at Paul VI Hall


Winona Satanic Connections

Dear TIA,

Re: SSPX Covering for Homo-Pedo Priests – Part 2

Good job, Patrick!

I am particularly interested in the phenomenon of the false right and the particular stubborn adoration of a few men by Catholics.

Some people worship Lefebvre, and think he could do no wrong. Others in the Novus Ordo sect worship JP2. I know one young man who tenaciously holds that Benedict is still pope.

This division seems a form of Protestantism. These people all must hold onto something that they can call the Catholic Faith, as if we can reverse time, when it is really in their hearts all along. We, through grace of Our Lady, must hold the Faith in this time of “corruption in the streets”, until the Reign of Mary.

Secondly, I am interested in the Winona connection to satanic and homo networks. I suspect it may have always been a center for satanic rites, and therefore a hub of the progressivist heresy and homo activity of the last century.

Retired Bishop Brom was from Winona, is very likely homo, and is keeping a low profile here in San Diego. Brom admitted to attending a satanic/homo ceremony in Winona (But said he stood in the back of the room) as part of the $200M CA sex abuse settlement in 2007 (which was the second highest settlement in the nation). Auxiliary Bp Flores uncovered too much and suddenly died of cancer.

I believe McElroy was sent in to learn the homo/corruption network from Brom, and to cover Brom’s tracks. Brom remains quite invisible except for a small prison ministry in the State big house in Otay Mesa near the Mexican border.



False Excuse for Apostasy


What a ridiculous excuse!

What a sham!

The nuns threw off their habits, put on pantsuits and became social workers after Vatican II.


Vatican women’s magazine blames drop in nuns on abuses

Nicole Winfield | AP

Jan. 23, 2020 - VATICAN CITY — The Vatican women’s magazine is blaming the drastic drop in the number of nuns worldwide in part on their wretched working conditions and the sexual abuse and abuses of power they suffer at the hands of priests and their own superiors.

Women Church World dedicated its February issue to the burnout, trauma and exploitation experienced by religious sisters and how the Church is realizing it must change its ways if it wants to attract new vocations.

The magazine published Thursday revealed that Pope Francis had authorized the creation of a special home in Rome for nuns who were kicked out of their orders and all but left on the street, some forced into prostitution to survive.

“There are some really tough cases, in which the superiors withheld the identity documents of the sisters who wanted to leave the convent, or who were kicked out,” the head of the Vatican’s Religious Orders Congregation, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, told the magazine.

“There were also cases of prostitution to be able to provide for themselves,” he said. “These are ex-nuns!”

“We are dealing with people who are wounded, and for whom we have to rebuild trust. We have to change this attitude of rejection, the temptation to ignore these people and say ‘you’re not our problem anymore.’’”

“All of this must absolutely change,” he said.

The Catholic Church has seen a continuing free fall in the number of nuns around the world, as elderly sisters die and fewer young ones take their place. Vatican statistics from 2016 show the number of sisters was down 10,885 from the previous year to 659,445 globally. Ten years prior, there were 753,400 nuns around the world, meaning the Catholic Church shed nearly 100,000 sisters in the span of a decade.

Read more here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 28, 2020

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