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Jung, Avengers & Brexit

Jung Was Gnostic


Re: Sigmund Freud vs. Carl Jung

While it is true Jung believed religion to be a good thing for some people, he himself, while claiming to be a Christian, was actually a Gnostic, as even a cursory examination of his life would show.

Many Catholics have been seduced by Jung’s favorable comments on religion, only to learn that he harbored far different beliefs about God and man than those taught by the Church.



Luminous Mysteries


I love and have bookmarked your page.

Thank you! Deo gratias!

Please consider "completing" your page for the v2/JP2 crowd with the Luminous Mysteries as "IV". That would be very consistent with Mon-Wed still being I-III, but would also reflect that it's new and not traditional.

I obviously think a good case could be made that the Luminous Mysteries were not one of JP2's errors.

It might also be nice to insert after each mystery title its traditional and modern days of the week, appropriately delineated.

If they are already looking for the Rosary and Latin, even if they do Luminous on Thursdays, they are probably 80% with you.



TIA responds:


Thank you for your kind words.

Regarding the Luminous Mysteries, please read this analysis that expresses our position on them.


     TIA correspondence desk


Great Work, Good Analogies


Re: 'Avengers' encourages revolt against God

Thank you I shared it to the Tribunal and Kevin Annet and Father Vladimir Chripko.

Great work really good analogies.

     Respectfully yours in Christ and Mother Mary

     Sister C.P.


Convincing the Youth


Re: 'Avengers' encourages revolt against God

Thank you.

I have been trying to express to my 14-year-old son my gut feeling about how these movies do not fit our Catholic way of living. He has never accepted how I tried to convey until I read this article to him.

He asked me to send the article on to him so he can share it with his catholic friends.

     God bless,



Are Humans ‘Animals’?



I have a burning question for you.

I just listened to a talk by a Catholic scholar, philosophy professor, Dr. Robert George, from Princeton. He is also a pro-life champion and politically conservative.

However, what concerned me was that he kept saying that human beings are animals, that we are “human animals,” and that we are mammals. Isn't what he is saying evolution, that bogus and dangerous theory that drags human beings down to the level of apes?

I trust your opinion. Is it correct to say that humans are “animals,” “human animals,” and mammals?

FYI the talk is here

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Hello S.T.,

We checked the video you sent us, and it does not seem to us that the speaker is treating man as a mere animal. He admits we are rational animals. When he calls man an “animal” he is emphasizing the material aspect of our being for the purposes of his talk, which is to refute Gnosticism, which denies the goodness of our bodies.

Although it may appear a little rude to call us animals, it has a legitimate philosophical meaning that should be distinguished from the same word applied as a socially offensive epithet.


     TIA correspondence desk


Was Pius XII Conservative or Progressivist?

Dear TIA,

Why did Pius XII convene the Commission on Reforming the Liturgy in 1948?

I hope you will be able to fill me in on the above problem which I have never been able to get out of mind, and yet did not find adequate answers when I was looking over the years. It seems to me that a Pope like Pius would not be the one to whom changing the Holy Catholic Faith would ever be acceptable, let along sought after!

I know there was a Preparatory Commission which even Archbishop Lefebvre was summoned to for a three year period while he was in Africa – but I keep feeling that this was a very odd thing for such a priest as Pope Pius XII to think of, let alone do! Bad enough to tap Annibale Bugnini for his commission, but to plan for the alteration of Mass prayers, etc., does not seem to fit this Pope's background or goal – whatever was he after, pray tell?


TIA responds:

Dear J.E.,

Pius XII played conflicting roles as a conservative and as a progressivist, depending on the spiritual director he had.

During the time when his spiritual director was Fr. Robert Leiber, S.J., he was conservative and attacked the Nouvelle Theologie.

After that, he chose as spiritual director Fr. Agostino Bea, S.J. and became progressivist. He died under this influence. This explains why he invited Bugnini to reform the liturgy.

For a more detailed analysis of the role Pope Pius XII playing in the pre-Council Liturgical Reform movement, we suggest you read the excellent series by Dr. Carol Byrne starting with Chapter 12,


     TIA correspondence desk


Brexit & Our Lady of Good Success

Dear TIA,

Thank you for the Child Jesus of Pichincha cards which I received safely, and especially for the free booklet on Our Lady of Good Success and the little piece of relic cloth. These gifts are very much appreciated. We have been praying to Our Lady of Good Success that we may be completely taken out of the godless and corrupt European Union, and our prayers are at last being answered.

We officially left on January 31st 2020, but there is a ‘transition period’ until Dec 31st 2020. Hopefully, our government will stand firm during this transition period and resist any attempts to let the EU continue to control or subordinate us.

Then we will continue to ask Our Lady of Good Success for the conversion of our country. There is already a glimmer of hope in the darkness:- An important event is taking place this year – the Rededication of England under the ancient title of ‘Mary’s Dowry’. The official website for this event is here.

The rededication of England as Our Lady's Dowry starts with a 33 day preparation from February 21st to March 25th and they are recommending that this book is used.

Alternatively, you can find the more traditional St Louis de Montfort 33 day preparation before total consecration online here. This is the version that we use.

After this, there is a three day period of prayer from March 26th – 28th when a Litany to the Saints and Martyrs of England is prayed each day, which can be found here. And then the re-dedication is made on March 29th and the rededication prayer is here.

The rededication is going to be made at the National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham, and in all Cathedrals and as many parishes as possible, and by as many groups and individuals as possible. Hopefully, Our Lady will take pity on us and many graces will be won for our country. We certainly need them.

God bless you all and thank you once again.

     Our Lady of Good Success, Ven. Mother Mariana and the Founding Mothers of the Conceptionist Convent, pray for us!

     K.R., England


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 11, 2020

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