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Columbus, CHAZ & Bishops on Racism

Lies about Columbus


Thank you for the great article highlighting the lies about Columbus.

Why is this ad, from Zinn edu project, to abolish Columbus, attached to it?




TIA responds:


Thank you for your compliments on our Columbus article.

The picture was used to illustrate the anti-Columbus propaganda being spread by the progressivists to belittle the Catholic Discoverer and destroy his reputation.


     TIA correspondence desk


Critical Protestants


After reading your latest Hate Mail and absorbing all of the negative thinking and criticisms of the Protestants, I'd like to tell them just one thing:

'Roman Catholics follow Christ on HIS terms... Protestants follow Him on THEIR terms.'



No Eternal Salvation out of the Church


In regards the comment you are agents of Satan the reader needs to consider Abbot Guéranger and his The Liturgical Year, in which he wrote it is impossible to know and love Jesus outside and separated from the Roman Catholic Church.



From Seattle’s CHAZ


Please, watch this video in which some people of CHAZ let us know their thoughts. Their anarchist/terrorist/communist convictions are quite clear.

To fight them is not a question of Racism; it is a question of avoiding Anarchy taking over our society.

These people are ideologically criminals who are infecting our youth and the Black Movement: Something much more dangerous than any virus.

I don’t know how to extirpate this plague, since our establishment allows these people to freely proselytize. The high schools and colleges are the nests were they grow. The teachers and professors are the ones who should be blamed.

When we allow corruption of minds as we do with our “freedom of speech,” how can it be avoided that the youth become communists and anarchists?

We should find a way to prevent this from continuing.



Police Stopped New CHAZ Areas

Dear TIA,

Here [below] is how the police are acting - like they always have: strongly, correctly and cutting to the chase. This kind of action stopped other “autonomous zones” that the Marxists were trying to multiply throughout the country.

I hope this will set an example for other police departments and stop this communist attempt to destroy the U.S.

     Best regards,


Protesters in Asheville, Portland, Nashville & Chicago
Try to Create Autonomous Zones

In an effort to replicate the “Seattle Autonomous Zone” in cities nationwide, protesters took to the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, Illinois, over the weekend. Warned by what’s happening in the “CHAZ,” though, police departments were quick to shut down those efforts.

In Nashville, the effort was over before it even began.

“Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee issued a warning hours before protesters are planning to take over an area outside the Capitol,” local news in Nashville reported Saturday. “Nashville autonomous zone ‘will not be tolerated,’ Lee said in a statement, citing that camping on state property is prohibited by law and it will be enforced.”

Occupying state property is a misdemeanor in Tennessee and despite organizers encouraging protesters to show up with “tents,” “food,” and other necessities, an autonomous zone never materialized.

In Asheville, members of law enforcement were on hand as demonstrators built their temporary lodgings on Livingston Street in the center of the city and dismantled the autonomous zone just hours after protesters declared themselves immune from the laws of the United States.

Original here.


Media Hiding a New Lockdown


Wow, look at this short 6 minute video on some major US cities. It seems as the lockdown is ending and the economy recovering.

Now the riots run by the Left are working to keeping the economy shut down again.

Do they have an agenda against Capitalism for this election year???




American Bishop Side with the Racism Lie

Hello TIA,

Here [below] we have the American Bishops giving their support to the lie that our police are racist. It is their way to promote Communism.

Well, let's not forget that Pope Francis is the one who first spoke against the supposed racism of our police force. He was wrong. The Bishops are following him.


‘Racism’ Replaces Abortion as ‘Preeminent Issue’ for U.S. Bishops

America’s bishops have been struggling to regain their balance ever since the lockdowns began. Financial ruin faced our schools, parishes, even entire dioceses. Catholics everywhere were starving for the sacraments. Recently, a brave few prelates dared to shed the onerous handcuffs imposed by their Blue State governors. Without the government’s permission, they announced that Catholics could return to Mass. They were surprised at the alacrity with which the authorities backed off.

Restrictions were slowly easing when George Floyd died a grisly death at the hand of a Minneapolis policeman on the 28th of May. Suddenly, our body of bishops, long anesthetized by the lockdowns, came back to life and embraced Floyd’s death as the inspiration for a renewed campaign against racism.

Read more here


Catholic Nuns Support Racism Hoax

Dear TIA,

Here is something for your Feminist Sisters section.

"Women religious in the United States are responding to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests engulfing cities by affirming the Black Lives Matter movement, acknowledging their congregations' history of white supremacy and personal white privilege, and calling for peaceful and concrete action toward racial justice."

 It is hard to believe. Isn't it?

The National Black Sisters' Conference issued a paper and declared that America's original sin was racial injustice. It is the first time these Vatican II sister-activists have mentioned original sin in a long time, but they got it wrong of course.

"If this country is to reclaim its moral stature, we must confess and atone for our original sin, or America will self-destruct as a nation," they wrote, listing concrete actions that "justice demands": for law enforcement to be held accountable for their compliance in racist activities and to be arrested and prosecuted when warranted as well as for the end of chokeholds and life-threatening forms of physical restraint during arrests and custody.

The conference also called upon Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul-Minneapolis and all bishops to denounce the violent hatred and racism:

The article notes that other congregations have circulated and affirmed the National Black Sisters' Conference's statement. The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, whose 40,000 members represent 80% of U.S. sisters, said in their May 30 statement that they "acknowledge our own complicity in institutional racism; we ask forgiveness of our sisters and brothers of color; and we pray for our nation's healing, and we know that is not enough."

It is especially sickening to see the Sisters embrace the revolutionary agenda, leaving off their noble missions and becoming social justice activists. That's why their ranks are so empty and they are becoming despised instead of universally loved and admired as in the pre-Vatican II days.


Posted June 23, 2020

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