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Foghorn, Fr. Serra’s Statue & Terrorist BLM

Guiding Light

Dear TIA,

It is a pleasure to share useful information with TIA.

You are all doing an excellent and blessed endeavor in keeping Catholics and others well informed in this struggle against the Revolutionary evils of our day.

Your site is a guiding light in this world of darkness and deception.

     God Bless,



Foghorn & Lighthouse

Dear Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.,

I want to send my sincere thank you for your writings on the Catholic faith, your book reviews, answers to questions that are posted on the TIA website and your lectures on YouTube. You are helping me to recapture the true Catholic Faith as handed down to us from Jesus through the Apostles.

We live in troubled times. I liken our age to a raging storm out at sea, with thunder, lightning, howling hurricane force winds, torrential rain driving sideways, along with enormous waves crashing on my boat. I'm on a boat, which is my life, and hear in the distance, a foghorn and see a light glowing form a lighthouse, being yourself and TIA, which, if I adhere to your warnings, I will avoid crashing upon the rocks.

I need to endure the storm, which, with you, TIA and God's help, I will pass through this storm into the bright light of day.

Thank you again,

     Dominus vobiscum - the Lord be with you



The Boy on the Omaha Beach


This is very special. Watch it all; it is worth the time.

Watch it here.



Junípero Serra’s Statue Toppled


This [news report below] is horrible! It is painful to see this statue of Fr. Serra so dishonored and shamed!

Next, the mob will start the iconoclasm of churches, smashing church windows, more statues, etc. This is sick and evil.

We have effeminate bishops and priests not willing to speak out forcefully. One of the mobsters has said that any image of Jesus as a white man should be attacked. Sick stuff.

By the way, the defunding of police will only lead to a weakened and corrupt police force like in Mexico. There will be kidnappings and other crimes that will increase. If anything, police funding needs to be increased.

Also, the Manhattan DA said they wouldn't prosecute protesters who broke curfew laws. So much for law and order.

When those in authority can pick and choose who they will arrest for broken laws, we are all in a lot of trouble. So if they agree with your cause, they won't prosecute, if they disagree, they will prosecute - we're becoming a 3rd world country.



California Bishops Fail to Condemn Tearing Down
of Saint’s Statue in Weak Statement

Martin Bürger

Fr. Junipero Sera Statue toppled

Saint Junipero Serra statue toppled in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

SACRAMENTO, California, June 23, 2020 – The bishops of California have issued a carefully worded statement on June 22 expressing their disapproval of the tearing down of several statues of St. Junipero Serra, who was canonized by Pope Francis in 2015.

The bishops failed to condemn tearing down the statue of a Catholic saint who made heroic sacrifices to advance the welfare of the indigenous people of California. They only asked that for this process of tearing down statues is “to be truly effective as a remedy for racism, it must discern carefully the entire contribution that the historical figure in question made to American life, especially in advancing the rights of marginalized peoples.”

In other words, as long as this criterion is met, tearing down a statue, and thus destroying public or private property, could be justified, according to the bishops of California, which includes the current president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles.

Read more here


Wake Up Call to Catholics


Last night, Monday, June 22, BLM and Antifa attempted to establish an "Autonomous Area" around the White House and attempted to topple two statues, before the police intervened.

However, Laura Ingram on FOX news, warned that information has been incoming that the "Rioters, BLM, Antifa or Marxists", not only in Seattle, but nationwide, are calling for the destruction of every picture, statue, crucifix and "stained glass window," as being "elements of White Nationalism" that need to be taken down.

People - eyes wide open now - this is a Marxist, Communist well planned revolution to destroy America and prepare it for invasion (in many prophecies). Now they are calling for the attack on all Catholic elements, statues, pictures of Our Lady and Christ, even to destroy the Stain Glass Windows - connection ??? tell me - next, or after the attack on the religious pictures, crucifix's, etc,, will be the priests and Catholics. …

This is also a wake up call to maintain security and protection at our Churches - with difficulty in our particular situation, as during the week it is unprotected. However, this call for the attacks on our faith and churches is not yet here - yet - but will be eventually.



BLM Hates God


Shaun King, a leader in the BLM terrorists, has called for toppling and defacing statues of Christ, Mary, and the saints.

Are we supposed to do nothing? Are Catholic men supposed to just step to the side and let these offenses happen?

The Church Militant doesn't seem to have any teeth right now.



The Example of Chile

Tradition in Action,

USA is awakening to the terrible reality of a communist takeover by communists after decades of pretending to ignore subversion in the classrooms of colleges and high-schools specially, plus the erosion caused by Hollywood.

Now is the time for the American people, Christians and believers to grab their guns to send to another dimension all these mentally of deranged losers !!!!

In my country Chile it is somewhat worse. This subversive uprising started the past October 18, 2019, but unlike in the USA, in Chile our president is a globalist traitor.

Our judiciary is also largely taken by the reds. Covid 19 had somewhat slowed down the revolution for now, but we know it is going to be a catalyzer after it passes because of all the poverty it is causing. For instance, I myself am living from the charity of my older siblings who have a more secure income.

Everything is very strange. Many things are happening in USA that happened 8 months earlier in Chile, looting and burning of supermarkets, destruction and profanation of statues of military heroes of Independence and external wars, burning and graffiti of many churches.

The military police hands are tied by Human Rights organizations in connivance with the treacherous government, the big mass media always helping the revolutionaries, downplaying their violence and destruction and exaggerating the "repression" of the police and military, even inventing tortures against poor "pacific protesters," afterwards proved to be fake accusations, but only when the damage has been already done, promoting anger and hatred among these misguided youth.

A full blown civil war lurking in our horizon before the end of the year, the military somewhat divided looking at distance, but mostly patriotic, as is natural, looking for when they may have to make a move.

As a general background, a very confused population, the Catholic Church almost inexistent, reduced to their minimal expression if not completely silent, churches closed and no sacraments for month after month since mid-March and general disbelief, nihilism, the product being promoted for many years by academia and cultural entities like ONG and universities, a philosophy of despair and deconstructionism, the public education in the hands of leftist atheists. The public bureaucracy become their spoils, where conservatives or Christians are not welcomed.

Deconstructionism is much worse than destruction, because the former implies that there is no need to rebuild something that has lost any reason to exist from the very beginning.

Most definitely the widespread dissemination of bad ideas and false beliefs causes dire consequences soon or later!!!!

Best regards and best wishes to all of you, our lives like always in the loving hands of God!

     F.C., Chile

Posted June 25, 2020

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