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Music, Absolute Peril & Medical Association

Helping Home-School

Dr. Horvat and whomever else it concerns,

Thank you for all the good you have done for myself and my family with your website. I was a follower of your website Tradition In Action, long before I got married and had children; however, now with 5 children from 8 to 1, I see your website as even more of a valuable resource.

Thank you and God bless you all, in all that you do.

I could list all the ways I use your site in my homeschooling and personal life, but suffice it to say that it has become more of a blessing to us with each passing day.

Free resources cover a multitude of errors in schooling, especially with wonderful ones like your website to help us. Thank you again.

We will start including the intentions of Tradition in Action in our prayers, and realize we should have been already. Nevertheless, have a good day. We will be looking forward to new subjects to help us form better Catholic consciences all the way around from you all.


     Mr. & Mrs. M.G.



TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Was Jefferson Inspired by St. Robert Bellarmine?

Now it makes sense why a local parochial high school was named Bellarmine-Jefferson. The main building is a replica of the Independence Hall. Jefferson was anti-Catholic, so it doesn't add up.



Confused Music Teaching

Dear TIA,

I was thrilled to read "Obsessive Compulsive Controlling." I have been teaching music for about ten years, and I couldn't agree more.

In my college courses I was taught to teach music reading only from a certain book, which dissected the staff and reading to oblivion, and the child finished it still not being able to read. I was taught a whole bunch of preliminary songs to prepare the child for music pieces, which took the child two years to complete. The whole process put them back at least three years. Then there are some people who proudly teach "learning by ear," but their students can't play four measures together correctly. The excuse is they are developing ear training.

No one ever mentions the old European Catholic method of sight-singing as the basis of all aural skills, much less promote teaching it. I could go on and on with examples of how basic music teaching has become so complex that children are failing miserably. It is not their fault, though.

The methods and systems now in place (usually based on Rousseau, Pestalozzi, and gang) for teaching are causing the next generation to be completely ignorant and confused.

I finally jumped ship and went back to teaching counting, scales, and theory. The children are progressing very quickly and are now enjoying music.

     Best regards,



Immigration Policy


A lot of talk about Biden's immigration policy.

This simple cartoon says it all.

Enjoy it.


Registration for vote


Absolute Peril


You need to watch this video in which four high-ranked military officers speak out on the situation of our country. It is a sequence of that letter of 120 Retired Generals that TIA posted not long ago. That letter now has reached 210 signers.

The four Flag officers in the video discussionsigned the open letter in May to inform the citizens of the immediate danger that we will lose the constitutional republic. These men took an oath to defend the constitution. Their greatest concern is not military, but domestic infiltration and warfare. Their suggestion: “Local action can have a national impact.“

The video corroborates the letter and fills in some gaps, particularly the CCP unrestricted warfare on the US to make it a socialist country, which is our greatest threat.

They (the CCP/PLA) back engineered the virus to make it look like something in nature, not deadly but highly contagious. But there are other traits that resemble virus that are 10 times more dangerous. Covid19 looks like a practice run. Therapeutics were ignored.

Flynn is particularly concerned about enemy infiltration in all levels.


Absolute Peril

ABSOLUTE PERIL - The American Report - July 3, 2021

Click on the picture to watch


To the American Medical Association

- Open Letter -

Dear Sir and Madam,

I read with great disgust your "Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity." Seldom have I read a more destructive, divisive, and inflammatory document by a professional organization, and I have never been more ashamed of being associated with the American Medical Association at any time in my career.

The suggestion that our country owes anyone "equity" because of "past injustices" is revolting. My family arrived in this country in 1961. We have not been a party to any of the injustices that occurred so many decades ago, yet you hold my family, my colleagues, and me in the same light that you hold the cruelest slaveholder.

How dare you say that I, a person who is forced to answer on a census form as being white/Caucasian, but who on a different question answers Hispanic/Latino/Cuban, should be in anyway held responsible for those who traded slaves and the African chieftains who willingly sold their tribesmen and women to the Europeans 400 years ago?

How dare you say that I, and every one of my colleagues who have spent our lives treating the poor, minorities, majorities, and anyone else who may stumble into our emergency rooms, legally or not, without bias or favor, and without any chance of being reimbursed for our training and our efforts, should be thought of as members of an oppressive consortium designed to inflict evil or inequity to those who we selflessly treat?

How dare you join the countless number of camouflaged communists who furtively and purposely try to confuse those around them by conflating equity with equality? Ours is a nation built on the premise of equal standing under the law and only that. Everything else is to be achieved through excellence, dedication, training, and hard work.

Equity, on the other hand, is achieved by fiat, by taking from some and giving it to others at the point of a gun. Few better ruses exist for the state control of the means of production than through the illusory promise of achieving equity instead of equal standing under the law. This is a dangerous track you are entering from which you and the social system you seek may never be able to return.

You claim that we live in a land that was taken from Native Americans hundreds of years ago. That may be so, but you neglect that the same is true of all other civilizations on earth.

The Babylonians invaded Israel. The Norwegians invaded England. The Visigoths invaded Rome. Rome invaded Egypt and North Africa. The Turks invaded Constantinople. The Mongols invaded Europe. The Germans invaded Russia. The Russians starved their people. The Germans committed holocaust upon the Jews. The Calusas ransacked and sacrificed their neighboring tribes. The Caribes attacked and imprisoned the Taínos. The Mayans continuously conquered each other and tore their victims' hearts out while they were still beating. Mao starved 69 million people and the People's Republic of China killed millions with their latest virus.

Every single civilization, even those in Africa and the Far East, have conquered and been conquered. It is a fact of life and a staple of history. Your skewed and biased view of the events that took place between the Europeans and Native Americans, while ignoring every other injustice carried out throughout history upon the very groups against which you point an accusatory finger, is ignorant, hypocritical, and insulting to the 100% of us living Americans who played no part in the invasion nor were victims of the conquests.

You have abused your position as the self-proclaimed purveyor of the medical profession to promote a self-proclaimed social(ist) agenda against the will of so many of those whom you falsely claim to represent.

I will oppose you with all my being, all my strength, my intellect, and my voice. I will oppose you from here to the ends of the earth. I will oppose you because of your disgusting abuse of the great privilege that has been bestowed upon you, and because of the great insult you asperse upon me by suggesting that I carry anything other than love, charity, and good will towards every human being that I meet and have treated in my 30 years of practice as a physician.

There is a magnificent document whose signers pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to a cause much greater than themselves. Today, I pledge the same in opposition of you.

Here's to seeing the end of your filthy, disgusting, and vile organization.

     Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.
     Former Florida State Representative
     Former Congressional Candidate In Jesu et Maria, I.C.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 13, 2021

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