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We Armed Taliban & Mandatory Vax

A Celibate Rose


I was reading about St. Rose "Lay Celibate by the wish of Our Lady." She's one of my favorite saints. I decided to name my daughter after her.

I love her story and the fact that she made a little hermitage in the garden. Also, the story of how her name changed from Isabella to Rose. Anyway, she's a great saint and also a Dominican Third Order. …

     OK, God bless.



Growing Tyranny in the U.S.

Dear TIA,

Check out this excellent self-explanatory cartoon.


gagged justice


Let Us Not Forget: We Armed the Taliban


Things are happening so quickly that this most important news report can seem like old news for many idiots.

Thank you, sleepy Joe Biden.

He's already back relaxing (hiding) at Camp David.


August 16, 2021, Associated Press - Built and trained at a two-decade cost of $83 billion, Afghan security forces collapsed so quickly and completely — in some cases without a shot fired — that the ultimate beneficiary of the American investment turned out to be the Taliban. They grabbed not only political power but also U.S.-supplied firepower — guns, ammunition, helicopters and more.

The Taliban captured an array of modern military equipment when they overran Afghan forces who failed to defend district centers. Bigger gains followed, including combat aircraft, when the Taliban rolled up provincial capitals and military bases with stunning speed, topped by capturing the biggest prize, Kabul, over the weekend.

A U.S. defense official on Monday confirmed the Taliban's sudden accumulation of U.S.-supplied Afghan equipment is enormous. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and so spoke on condition of anonymity. The reversal is an embarrassing consequence of misjudging the viability of Afghan government forces — by the U.S. military as well as intelligence agencies — which in some cases chose to surrender their vehicles and weapons rather than fight.

Read more here


Sad Consequences of the Two Shots


Time is short before more people wake up and realize the deadly consequences of taking the jab.

Like my wife's hairdresser - two shots and not long after - both heart valves leaking, heart inflamed and might lose a finger or two from blood clot and eventually the possibility of 'death'.

Read this acknowledgment by a CDC director of an increased risk of diseases for the vaccinated.



Mandatory Vax: Opposition Increases

Dear TIA,

I am sure you are following the good positions taken by Dr. Peter McCullough. But I did not see you showing to your readers the growing network of sites that are acting against mandatory vaccines.

Below is a short article that reveals this network. I hope it is of assistance to your good work.

     Kind regards,


Agony at the End of an Experimental Hypodermic Needle

Dr. Peter McCullough

Aug 7, 2021 - We are at an apex of emotional agony and social crisis as the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its dominant mutant strain, Delta, is bearing down on the US in a bona fide outbreak curve and to the underestimation of many scientists. Despite being a less virulent form of the COVID-19 infection, Delta is impacting hundreds of thousands of Americans.

As announced by the CDC on Aug 5, 2021, the reason for this is that Delta can be acquired, carried, and spread by a fully vaccinated patient. Phones have been ringing off the hook as patients who are now even more activated on early treatment are pressing doctors and midlevel providers for monoclonal antibodies, HCQ, IVM, antibiotics, steroids, colchicine, and blood thinners.

The message of early treatment has gotten through to Americans. The websites provided by modern-day American hero groups are being heavily utilized, including, FLCCC, AFLDS, Frontline MDS, Myfreedoctor, and SpeakWithAnMD. Only with more primary care and medical specialists can this outbreak be crushed as it was done in India.

Meanwhile, the menacing vaccine agenda has been advanced, and a pile-on of employers have mandated the failing vaccines on their workers who have no desire or interest to take a gamble on vaccines with the worst safety record in history. The next few months may be the most important to Americans and to civil liberties in modern history.

This week, we have a great show with a special guest Dr. Hector Carvallo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a national hero and pioneer in the use of IVM for the treatment of COVID-19. He outlines a very similar suppression of early treatment from the government and academic stakeholders in order to promote mass vaccination.

In addition, we have Dr. Paul Corona, who has the most appropriate name for this time in history. He will introduce three books on psychology, psychiatry, and behavioral disorders that are unique in that they are readable for doctors in training well as patients and families. Paul also gives us insights on mass psychological disarray and neuroses that have settled in like a grey cloud over the earth as the pandemic has unfolded and extended its grip on the world.

So let’s get real, let’s get loud, on America Outloud Talk Radio, this is The McCullough Report!

The McCullough Report: Sat/Sun 2 PM ET Encore 7 PM – Internationally recognized Dr. Peter A. McCullough, known for his iconic views on the state of medical truth in America and around the globe, pierces through the thin veil of mainstream media stories that skirt the major issues and provide no tractable basis for durable insight. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on Apple, Android, or Alexa.


Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 26, 2021

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