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Soviet Right, Bugnolo & Ann Barnhardt

When the False Right Becomes the Soviet Right

Dear TIA,

Yesterday I received a newsletter from The Remnant reproducing a new declaration of Arch. Carlo Maria Viganó. I could not believe my eyes!

Indeed, Viganó defended nothing less than the following points among many others:
  • The invasion of Ukraine by Putin was the perfect thing to do in order to free the two parts of the Donbass that supposedly had wanted to be united to Russia for a long time;
  • The annexation of the Crimea by Russia was a good thing for the same reason;
  • The US and NATO are the ones to be blamed for the invasion and not Putin;
  • The reaction of the Ukrainian people to maintain their independence is Nazi;
  • The war photos of buildings being destroyed by Russian shells and missiles are artificial photos selected by the media to feed the Global Elite narrative;
  • Viganó ends by telling the West to stop the economic sanctions against Russia.
In the very, very long article I did not see words of praise for the heroic Ukrainians - I admit I went through it without a careful reading. I did not see any warning to Viganó's readers against the danger of the reconstruction of the Soviet Union by Putin. As a matter of fact, Putin recently confirmed Belarus and Kazakhstan as his "protected" republics. Some years ago it was Georgia and Crimea, now other parts or the whole of Ukraine. Is the rebuilding of the USSR not the obvious reality?

I cannot understand how a man of such prestige among conservative and traditionalists wrote a piece that could have been dictated by the Russian Communist Party or the KGB…

Certainly Viganó has shown his colors with this piece. How sad!

It is another disappointment to add to the long list of false-right religious Prelates. But now the false-right has become a soviet-right struggling for the restoration of the USSR.

     Best regards,

     In Christ Jesus,



Bugnolo on Ukraine


Brother Bugnolo seems to confirm Mr. Guimaraes' latest Column on the psy war in Russia, although I think he misses some points.

He shows how Putin is belling allowed to invade the Ukraine. He won’t stop with the Ukraine, then comes Moldavia, then the Baltic States. Then we will see Putin’s dream come true, re-establishing the Soviet Union, or Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. This will wildly increase his popularity and make him the new Savior of Russia, etc.

According to Brother B, the globalists are orchestrating everything, and Putin is in on the scheme.. He tells those who think Putin is the ‘orthodox savior of the West’ to wake up.

I think he misses one part of the puzzle - that this could lead to World War III instead of Russia taking over all Europe country by country.

He is right that all the governments of the West are buffoons. And right that all this proves the Consecration was not done, and the Immaculate Heart is our only means of salvation.

And I think he is right that we will see a ‘spiritual event’ never before seen in the world, which will close the Great Reset and begin the conversion of man.

What do think, in relation to your recent column?




Letter to Ann Barnhardt on Fatima & Russia

Dear TIA,

I sent a request today to Ann Barnhardt, who has a conservative Catholic blog, to explore the connection between Our Lady of Fatima and what we face today with Russia.

In so doing I brought up TIA's great efforts to expose the cover-up of the hierarchy per the Message of Fatima. It was the least I could do for your years of commitment to "The Resistance."

Thank you for your fidelity to Our Lord and His Church and Our Lady.



Our Lady of Fatima & Nuclear War

Hi Ann,

I may not always agree with you, but you do engage my mind with your thoughts definitely "outside the box." [Your article today on WWIII being a war of sodomy is mind-blowing, but it does ring true as you lay out your rationale].

Thank you for your courageous ministry.

To the Main Point:

It would be extremely timely to have you do an article on the reality that we are now on the cusp of "the annihilation of nations" predicted by Our Lady of Fatima if Russia was not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with the world's bishops.

Also, the Tradition in Action website has conclusively shown that there were diabolical machinations behind the cover up of the message of Our Lady of Fatima to the point that there were actually "two Sister Lucys"- the true Lucia pushed to the side (or killed) and a replacement brought in to undercut the Fatima Message and ultimately state that the "Consecration to Russia" had been fulfilled in 1984. [Facial analysis was done and can be seen on TIA to show this discrepancy].

This is an easily refuted lie as the bishops of the world were not enlisted in any relevant papal consecration.

Such an article would give honor to Our Lady- for Her Divine Son wishes to see Her revered by all- by showing that what we now face today is the result of failure-to-act by popes for several decades.

And our world has been brought to a nuclear precipice because the leaders of His One True Church did not obey the Blessed Mother of Our Savior.

God bless your apostolate.

     In Queen Mary,


P.S. - Tradition in Action has deciphered what is probably the 3rd Secret of Fatima which the hierarchy has never released- for it exposes the apostasy in the Church today. [That is another exposé that you could tackle, if you so wish].


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 8, 2022

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