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True Friends, Confidence & Humility

Our True Friends Are the Saints

Dear TIA,

Re: Why '6 Feet Apart'?

Thank you for your kind notification that my email about the 5G towers was posted.

I actually was at the computer when I saw the latest TIA Daily Mail come to my Inbox, so I immediately went to read and therein noticed, to my delight, that the information I shared from the good doctor will be able to reach and alert many!

Thank you for all you do! Let me say how much I appreciate the articles with commentaries by Prof,. Plinio on the Saints. The most recent one on Saint Catherine of Alexandria (November 25) touched me most deeply! I read it twice, visualizing everything and letting it sink into my heart and soul. Ah, these are our true friends, these friends of Jesus!

My Confirmation name is Catherine. I chose at the time of my Confirmation, Saint Catherine of Siena. Yesterday, upon reading with great emotion the story of this other Catherine from ancient times, I asked Heaven to grant me the joy of the patronage and spiritual assistance from both of these remarkable women, realizing there is no jealousy in the heavenly realm! :)

I also sent the news around to a few friends by email, hoping they would pause and read the link of the Saint's life and death and be similarly touched by her illustrious conduct and inspired by the equally great commentary you provide to make it all come alive and rejoice, so that indeed, Catholic tradition may be known, cherished and embraced for a fruitful imitation!

After all, we are called to be Saints - nothing less! And in this striving, we must be informed well!

     Take care,

     God bless you,



Do Not Honor Heresy

Dear TIA,

Re Bible Worship?

Thank you for your reasoned explanation of why the way this Bible service was conducted in a Catholic Church comprised giving honor to heresy and a profanation.

I can recall being scandalized even as a naïve 16-year-old when the novus ordo was introduced in 1969 and the Protestant concluding ‘embolism’ to the Our Father was ‘crowbarred’ into the text of the Mass.

I thought I was un-shockable after all these years but priests seem to find new ways to torment us.

     Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.



St. Francis of Sales on Confidence & Humility

Dear TIA,

I believe you will enjoy this magnificent text of St. Francis of Sales, so applicable for our times.


“Let the storm and the tempest come; you shall not perish; you are with Jesus. If fear seize on you, cry out: O Savior! Save me! He will reach out His hand; grasp it, and proceed joyfully, without philosophizing on your mishap. So long as St. Peter had confidence, the tempest could not harm him; when he feared, he sank. Fear is often a greater danger than the danger itself.

As for me, there are times when it appears to me that I have not strength to resist, and that if an occasion presented itself, I should succumb; but I only place my confidence the more in God, and hold as certain, that in presence of the occasion God will support me with His strength, and that I shall destroy my enemies as so many little lambkins.

When you feel that, on account of the multitude of your imperfections, confidence is wanting to you to have recourse to Our Lord, let the superior part of your soul rejoice, using some words of hope and love to Our Lord, with more earnestness and more frequency than usual.

Be very careful not to become disturbed after having fallen into any fault, nor to yield to compassionate emotions over yourself, which proceed from pride; but humble yourself promptly before God, with a sweet and loving humility, that will lead you to have recourse confidently and immediately to His goodness, being assured of His assistance to you to amend.”

The Consoling Thoughts of St. Francis de Sales. Gathered from His Writings and Arranged in Order by the Rev. Pere Huguet (7th edition, 1877)


Going to Mass & Confession

Dear TIA,

I am hoping we can have a 'fruitful polemic' as there are things I am unsure about and unsure of what the right thing is to do...

I found my way into Tradition from the Novus Ordo, really a few years ago now. I currently attend the SSPX parish in my city.

I recently listened to a youtube where you are discussing on TradCatKnight the FSSP and SSPX and the host was saying that the integrity of faith is higher than the good of receiving the sacraments, which I know to be true. I haven't heard anything contrary to the faith at the SSPX Church. (I have been watching/reading things about the True faith vs Conciliarism and have studied Thomism at a Conservative Novus Ordo Institute in the past before I rejected the NO and I plan to read the Popes Against the Modern Errors).

I do not think my faith is in danger at this SSPX Parish, but I have qualms about the official 'New Orientation' of the SSPX accepting "95%" of Vatican II in light of Tradition and I do not want to be part of the Conciliar Church.

If I don't go to the SSPX or FSSP I have no way of accessing the sacraments or going to mass. I think it is too big a leap for me not to go to mass and confession at all at this point. I know of no independent chapels with a priest who rejects Vatican II and the New Mass to go to, unless I venture to the SSPX Resistance, but I am wary of the Resistance at this point, and honestly, don't know where their chapel is or if it is accessible by public transport . ( I don't drive).

I do not attend indult masses, with very few exceptions. I occasionally resort to confession in the Novus Ordo with priests of Opus Dei, a conservative Novus Ordo group but whom I can hopefully trust to be validly ordained.

I really wish I could find an independent priest like you did to hear my confessions and offer mass at least on Sundays and first Saturdays, but honestly don't know of anyone in the whole of my country. I understand that in order to be in 'good standing' with the Church, a priest has to compromise by agreeing to never preach against Vatican II and the New Mass, both of which I reject.

I have some health issues, but at this point am still venturing travelling some distance by public transport to get to the SSPX.

I'm wondering what advice you might give?

     May God bless you,


TIA responds:

Dear C.S.,

We have dealt with the questions you ask in some detail on several pages in our Questions section under this heading: Novus Ordo Mass & Sacraments

More specifically, we answer your question here. under the title Danger of the Fake Traditionalism.

Clearly, these are very difficult times; it is a pre-chastisement time when God seems to be already punishing His Church for the lack of fidelity by sending a great confusion over all Catholics.

It seems to us that you doing your best to receive the Sacraments.

In order to be faithful, remain vigilant and do not swallow a pacifist or compromised attitude in Dogma or Morals in this fight for Holy Mother Church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 29, 2022
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