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Secret Forces & Discipline from the Cradle

What Are the Secret Forces?

Dear TIA,

I have three questions for you.

Question 1: What are Secret Forces? What is their goal and why are they called "Secret Forces"?

Question 2: Where can I find a conservative doctor? ( i.e. an anti vax doctor)

Question 3: Before I discovered traditionalism, I had books on false religions. Should I keep them for apologetic purposes or should I dispose them. Should I get rid of books about aliens and E.T.?

     In Jesu et Maria

     R.B.R., Philippines


TIA responds:

Dear R.B.R.,

Thank you for your questions.

We will respond to them in the order you presented them.

  1. We call Secret Forces the ensemble of occult organizations that work against the Catholic Church and Christian Civilization. They include the following:

    1. Not only Freemasonry, but Rosicrucians, the Carbonari, the Illuminati, the Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones and other similar groups that exist in different cultural areas of the world;

    2. Semi-occult organizations such as the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, the Elks, the Knights of Pythias, B’nai Brith, which are tributaries or subsidiaries of the groups in Letter A or Letter C that may be included on this list;

    3. Important unknown organizations, which become noticeable only by their effects. This last type includes those oligarchies that control Judaism, Islamism, Buddhism and Hinduism, Theosophism and Satanism, as well other false religions.

    4. The oligarchies that control international finance and the great international industrial complexes.

    5. Those who control the media – the press, television and radio – and other newer means of communication – the Internet, Google, Facebook, etc.

    6. Those who control the film industry and the fashion industry around the world.

  2. We call them Secret Forces because they are either occult or semi-occult.

  3. You can find good doctors who resist the Covid/vaccine narrative among the Front Line Doctors. They may be able to point you to good doctors in the Philippines.

  4. We believe it is a good idea to keep the books of false religions and ETs for apologetic purposes.

     TIA correspondent desk


Uganda Criminalizes Homosexuality

Dear TIA,

May God bless Uganda for having the courage to stand up against the politically correct and anti-Christian regimes that support homosexuality around the world.

As reported here, on Tuesday, the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" was passed with the support of 398 lawmakers out of 400. Now, it's on the desk of President Yoweri Museveni for ratification.

The legislation states, "A person commits the offense of homosexuality if the person holds out as a lesbian, gay, transgender, a queer or any other sexual or gender identity that is contrary to the binary categories of male and female."

The bill further bans "promoting and abetting homosexuality as well as conspiracy to engage in homosexuality."

Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986, has described homosexuality as a deviation "from normal" and slammed the pro-sodomy West as "trying to impose their practices on other people."

Even though Francis himself has condemned laws criminalizing homosexual acts, Uganda is going ahead to try to maintain the morality and integrity of its citizens by forbidding acts against nature. It is the only way to protect the family, which is the first cell of society.

May Our Lady bless Uganda and bring this country into the Reign of Mary as a reward for its courage.



Deep State Stocks Clean Blood


No matter how intense the official propaganda is for us to take the vaccine, the Deep State itself does not trust the blood of the people who take it. Indeed, they are stock-piling blood of persons who did not take it in order to guarantee that they will not be contaminated in case they need blood for a transfusion.

This is at least what this news report says.

If this is true, it becomes crystal clear that those governors and politicians who posed for the media taking the vaccine were just pretending to take it. Most likely they received a dose of a harmless saline solution.

It shows how sincere our political leaders are…



'Discipline from the Cradle'

Dear TIA,

One of my work duties required me to visit Mother and Baby Homes from time to time. I was always impressed by the good order and quietness in such homes. One would expect to hear crying and demanding babies and infants, but, on the contrary, the babies and infants appeared perfectly docile and relaxed. I once asked one of the Nuns what the secret was and she replied “prayer and discipline” and continued on her way.

However on one of the days I was there, a school classmate of mine, who had entered the convent and was a Novice Sister, explained to me the routine involved. She explained that the Sisters and not the infants set the timetable. There were times for feeding and for changing diapers and of course, times for sleeping depending on the age of the infant child.

Crying, while not forbidden, was limited to the normal crying which babies do as part of their healthy development. However, when this crying became demanding and bullying, the Sisters would administer a firm slap on the back of the hand or the wrist, accompanied by a firm and loud “NO”. If the child cried again he received the same treatment. Sometimes, Sister told me, it was necessary to repeat this “medicine” several times in the space of a few minutes. However, all infants finally learned what they must do to avoid punishment.

The same applied when changing diapers. The legs had to be still and the infant docile while being cleaned and changed; otherwise the discipline was given again. Consistency, patience and perseverance were the key and in the end, all the infants came to realise they would be fed and would have their diapers changed but not when they demanded it, rather when the Sisters' timetable decided the issue. “Discipline from the cradle” is necessary, Sister stated, and I think this was the first time I heard that phrase.

I have subsequently read a number of books promoting the same methods. Strangely, most are written by Evangelical Protestants who seem to be stricter about child rearing than Catholics today. This is very sad because our convent schools and institutions were once famous for their discipline.

The virus of liberalism runs very deep within our Church and we must work hard to eradicate it and convince younger Catholics that the traditional methods of child rearing were superior to the liberal methods of today.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland

Very young children in an orphanage


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 28, 2023

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