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Matrix’ Producers, Infertility & Coming 6G

God’s Beautiful Creation

God bless you, TIA.

I was sorry not to attend your recent Event Will God Allow Transhumanism to Succeed? God willing and if my health improves, I will be at the next one.

Attached is a picture of the ocean floor, I hold my breath in awe and wonder at God’s creation.

     In Maria

     J.S., Ph.D.

Beautiful picture of the ocean


Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia


I am looking for your book entitled Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia and it appears that it is out of print. Could you please let me know if it is available somewhere other than the online used book sellers (who are offering it for $67-$200)?

     God bless,



TIA responds:

Hello R.M.,

Thank you for your question.

This book has sold out. But, since we do not plan to reprint it, to attend to your request we will post it soon in our Library in PDF format. Please watch for our notice of its publication ion our Updates page or in our Daily Mail post (Sign up here to receive our Daily Mail).


     TIA correspondence desk


The Matrix Producers Changed Sex


Re: The Matrix series of films

I recently re-read on TIA's website the excellent analysis of The Matrix film series from the Catholic point of view, and how they are simply a modern Gnostic fable to serve the Secret Forces. The article piqued my curiosity to know more about the films from this point of view, especially because I had heard that there would be a new film in The Matrix series.

To my great surprise or not, I came to know that the anti-Catholic authors of that film series (two brothers with the surname Wachowski) had gone through the plastic surgery for a supposed "sex change."

This is something that gives even more emphasis to what is said in traditionalist Catholic milieus and that is sometimes received with laughter: That the current wave of acceptance towards sodomite sexual perversions are instigated by the social elites who belong to Gnostic and alchemical secret societies that see in the inversion of sexuality an attack and a "liberation" against God! And whoever made that series of films should be very knowledgeable about the occult.

     F.T., Brazil

The Matrix produces are now transgenders


Musk's Complicity in the Great Reset


Millions of MAGA pseudo-conservatives have been paying lip service to Elon Musk for months now, claiming that his buying Twitter really inferred some goodness in him. In forums across the internet, they deride anybody who is suspicious of Musk's true intentions. They always refuse to believe any evidence of his transhumanist goals.

Lo and behold, news is now breaking that Musk's freshly appointed Twitter CEO was a "top NBCUni ad exec" and is currently a "World Economic Forum taskforce chair."

How much more evidence must mount before people drop the pretense that Musk is on our side?



Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda


"Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity." This has been the second guideline of the Georgia Guidestones since 1980, and it comes right after the first guideline to reduce the world's population.

But who presumes to determine one of the most fundamental decisions of young women to give birth to a child? The following documentary Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda, a co-production of film maker Andrew Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy and Children's Health Defense, gives alarming insights into the World Health Organization's work. For 20 years, there has been research on a vaccine that is supposed to lead to miscarriages due to suppression of the pregnancy hormone.

It was administered in Kenya as part of a tetanus vaccination, to which the pregnancy-damaging ingredient was added. Only through the tireless efforts of courageous doctors did this crime came to light.

See and hear for yourself from the persons involved. They share obvious facts and evidence of this criminal action of the WHO. Since its international health policy is still influenced by private donors such as Bill Gates who is - a proponent of eugenics and population control - the time is now for this evil to change.

Therefore, please help to spread this documentary worldwide.



The Coming 6G

Dear TIA,

Someone sent me this news report [below] on the coming launching of 6G – the 6th generation of the computer revolution.

I believe you and your readers would like to know this. It fits in with the theme of TIA’s latest biennial on Transhumanism

Thank you for alerting us to the technological nightmare we are entering.

     In Jesus and Mary,


Top Biden Officials Discuss Rollout Of 6G, But Admit It Could Be Used By ‘Authoritarian Governments’ To ‘Control Their Citizens’

Jacob M. Thompson

April 24, 2023 - Last Friday top officials from the Biden administration convened to discuss the rollout and implementation of 6th Generation technology (6G), even though 5G is still not widely and truly implemented and put to use currently.

Officials from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) met at an event hosted by the National Science Foundation on Friday, April 21st.

Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information at NTIA, provided some opening remarks about 6G and how it will affect all of society and industries, namely hinting at the idea that 6G will be integrated with people, unlocking new senses and interactions with our environments.

Davidson also warned, however, that in the wrong hands 6G could be used by “authoritarian governments,” to oppress their people with more surveillance and “control of their citizens.”

"It is so important for policymakers to look ahead to this next-generation technology and how we can harness the innovations it will bring.

"To start, 6G will be deployed at a time when mobile connectivity has become centrally important in our daily lives. But in a 6G world, our phones may not be the most important device we carry.

"The possibility of ubiquitous connectivity with 6G could enable the ability to sense the environment, people and objects. This could usher in a new era of situational awareness as well as sustainability and sector efficiencies. But it also raises questions about how authoritarian governments could deploy this technology for further surveillance – and control — of their citizens."

Davidson said.

6G indeed will truly usher in the dawn of cyborgs, as 6G technology, unlike it’s predecessors, is designed to merge man and machine together into one singularity. For example, last year at the annual meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the CEO of Nokia discussed how that by 2030 smart phones will be fully integrated into people themselves.

"It will definitely happen. I was talking about 6G earlier, which is around 2030. I would say that by then definitely the smartphone as we know it today will not anymore be the usual kind of the most common interface.

"Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies."

CEO Pekka Lundmark said.

Or earlier this year the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) said in paper that 6G Has The Capability To ‘Leverage The Human Body For Energy.’

Posted May 23, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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