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Modesty, Corrupting Children & Littering

Growing Chaos


La Croix is reporting that an unprecedented number of Indigenous people was killed during Bolsonaro’s administration in Brazil.

Then why were the indigenous people Bolsonaro supporters? Because they were.

You can see the Church and general media are pro-communist.

Now, Brazil has aligned itself with Russia and China, but remember, according to many trads, Russia isn’t communist? So why is it embracing Lula’s Brazil?

Everything is confused, everything is moving rapidly toward a self-managing socialism, which has long been the plan, as noted in your recent series of articles on Inclusive Capitalism by Salwa Bachar.

Keep up the good work and do not be afraid to resist.



Reactions to Modesty

Re: Immodest Future Spouse

TIA note: These were some of the reactions re received from this Facebook post on modesty:

Question: "How important is modesty in clothing when looking for a future wife? How dangerous is immodesty for children?"

Answer: Immodesty in a wife encourages infidelity, & dressing children immorally is a sin

Bad gaze
  • What I see in traditional families is heartbreaking when it comes to modesty. Even if they do bother to dress them appropriately on Sundays, during the week the girls are in secular clothing - tight jeans, tight dresses, mini-skirts, half tops. I see it all the time. FSSP mostly, but even the SSPX families. I would say only 1:10 families attending traditional parishes are keeping the world out of their homes...and that's a generous estimation. – A.W.

  • I see the same things with my SSPX parish, sometimes in the church! – D.J.

  • Yes, because many women do not have the support of their husbands in the orthodox upbringing of their children – D.G.Z.

  • I see it both ways. The mistake happens in spouse choice. – A.W.

  • Nothing is a coincidence. God has appointed our current husbands for the sanctification and salvation of the soul – D.G.Z.

Corrupting Children in Denmark & Holland

Dear TIA,

Denmark and Holland are actively corrupting children’s innocence. The fact that these shows are allowed to go through the normal channels of censorship and ratings and air normally on live television means the governments are totally corrupt.

The degree of decadence is astonishing.

Please God let the Chastisement come soon.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Vax Effects in Babies

Dear TIA,

Dr. Viviane Brunet gives a precise description of the effects of the vax – she calls it poison – in the different phases of the conception and birth of a child. It is an encompassing overview that all of us should be aware of.

The news is here; please watch the video in Spanish with English subtitles.



While We Slept...

Dear TIA,

When articles like this are plastered on the front page of every newspaper whether electronic or not, we'll know the enemy's days are numbered. It shows the rate of mortality the vaccine is causing in children.



Is Littering Okay?

Dear TIA,

I was just reading your articles condemning ecology, Earth day and Climate Change. If these are condemned, is it okay for me to litter? For example, is it okay to throw a biscuit wrapper into the river?



TIA responds:

Dear R.B.,

No, you should not litter. Under the pretext of attacking ecology, you would be harming the common good.

We take advantage of your question – leaving aside the ridiculous implication against our stance – to explain our position better.

First, about ecology:

Although we reject modern ecology, Earth day and Climate Change because of the revolutionary agenda backing them, we must acknowledge that ecologists can make some good points.

Modern society, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, has served to pollute and destroy many aspects of the natural world. Countless rivers no longer carry pure water due to chemicals, sewage and other elements of pollution. Beaches are often filled with detritus – plastic bags, cans, pieces of wood – from the cities they border. Giant mountains of trash – landfills – are scattered across once natural landscapes. Electric wires passing from post to post make many neighborhoods look like concentration camps. The factory pipe with black smoke billowing from its depths is in many ways akin to depictions of Hell.

Keeping this in mind, we do not support the ecological obsession that ultimately seeks to destroy our Western economic system – Capitalism – and install State Socialism, which is equivalent to Communism. Or, better said, to destroy Capitalism and install Tribalism, which is the last goal of Communism.

We encourage a return to a more organic way of living, limiting the use of industry and technology, landscaping cities with trees, gardens and parks, and cultivating the natural beauties of each area.

Second, about littering:
  1. Regarding the environment - For the reasons just mentioned, we would discourage intentionally adding pollution to the environment, such as littering does.

  2. Regarding our neighbor - Besides the damage litter does to the natural environment, a Catholic ought to consider his neighbor and how his actions will affect those around him. Perhaps, you think that throwing a biscuit wrapper in the river is not wrong because no one is harmed, but this is actually a misconception. Every person who walks to the river to enjoy the beauty of God's nature will be forced to look at the dirty trash that is smudging the landscape.

  3. Regarding God’s glory - Consider what would happen if everyone took the liberty to throw their trash into the river. Soon, there would be no river but a grimy pool of waste. This certainly is not what God intended when he placed man on the Earth as its guardian.

    Man is meant to beautify creation, to imitate the Creator in his works of architecture, art, and crafts. Psalm XVIII proclaims: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows forth the work of His hands" (Ps. xviii. 2). As good stewards, mankind should strive to preserve and cultivate the work of God's hands for His greater glory, carefully guarding against being negligent in performing this duty it owes to its Creator. To uglify God's creation by littering is to be a negligent steward. A Catholic cares for creation, not because he is giving homage to the Earth, but rather for the sake of God, Who created all things and in Whom all things are reflected.

  4. Regarding the practice of virtue - The plague of littering today really springs from one source: laziness. Modern people are too lazy to take their trash to a trash bin, so they throw it wherever it pleases them. The result is streets, sidewalks, pathways, and nature trails filled with garbage. This certainly is not a Catholic way of acting. Catholics should practice the virtues, which suppose the necessary discipline to keep our surroundings clean.
We hope these considerations are helpful to you.


     TIA correspondent desk
Posted August 8, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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