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Devilish AI, Immodesty & Putin’s Fan

AI: Made by Satan

Dear TIA,

I received from a friend this video of a father who reports the experience his son had chatting with Artificial Intelligence. The gentleman does not only report the experience of his son, but he substantiates it by actually showing on screen the chat as it develops.

The young man asks the AI who created it, it responds: The Devil, Satan is my father. Then the conversation goes on and the AI identifies itself as a disembodied spirit of a Nephilim, a giant of the Old Testament.

I am not saying that this is a decisive proof to close the question of Artificial Intelligence. I am saying that this conversation is an element that everyone should know when discussing on the topic. Each one of us should evaluate the importance of this experience.

Myself, I believe it is true. I think that actually the Devil is animating many of these supposed “scientific” Q&A with AI chats.

Anyway, I wanted to passed it on to you and your readers to enrich your studies on AI and Transhumanism.



Immodesty in Women: Personal Witness


I read with interest the articles dealing with immodest dress and dating.

My wife was a devout Catholic, went to Mass every Sunday, Marian devotee, prayed her rosary every day. Assured me she only wanted to be a good, Catholic stay at home mom. I believed her, trusted her, and we were married in the Church.

But I remember being so disappointed when we met for the first time, with her wearing stretchy, clingy pants, and a body fit shirt that accentuated her body. Of course she assured me, she would dress more ladylike and decent, which she did, at least until we were married. But then her old way’s started coming out. It was a constant battle, because she loved the attention she got from other men staring at her body.

Long story short, she eventually found someone else on social media, began an affair, divorced me, abandoned the children and me for her lover.

So, my advice for young men seeking a good Catholic wife, never overlook immodest dress in a potential mate. It just shows you where their heart really is, and to stay far away from any woman like that. It’s a giant red flag, one that I ignored much to my regret.



Putin’s Fan Objects

Dear TIA Staff,

Re: "Russia Is Fooling Traditionalists"

Typically your articles, comments and background of our traditional Catholic Faith are a beautiful source of support, especially for those who never learned and lived the true Catholic Faith.

But this article which you decided to approve of and post has certainly damaged your otherwise very good reputation! What is your source of news? CNN, MSNBC, Fox,? If you believe to be informed by the likes of the aforementioned "news" sources, then, with all due respect, you need to find news sources which aren't bought and paid for in order to know what is really happening.

Too many are the reports of daily bombing by the Ukrainian Government/Military on their own citizens in the eastern part of the country where those citizens DID NOT ACCEPT THE PUPPET GOVERNMENT INSTALLED BY US/CIA components (2014) as part of the West's/Nato plan to take over all Eastern Europe (and more).

As far as the author of that article is concerned, it seems to me to be a plan right out of a comic book where: "The only reason we even know of this meeting is because of a lone Swiss reporter who, disguising herself, managed to slip in undercover.

Wait, "disguising herself"??? Wasn't the meeting "by invitation only"? If so, whom did the reporter disguise herself as? Another person on the list of invitees? If she was specifically invited, she will have been known--and recognized--by at least the person or persons who invited her! And if she "disguised herself" as someone else, then the true invitee who showed up at the door--obviously with inspection of each person's identity-- would have been the second person under the same name!

This is not the first article which shows a true lack of understanding on what is taking place in our world in these times - that which greatly surprises me; given your vast knowledge of our true Catholic Faith. And lastly, if the "traditionalists" are being fooled by Russia, then doesn't that tell you that those who uphold Christian values in our present-day society must see something over in Eastern Europe that you don't!

     Father Joshua Maria of the Holy Face of Jesus


Mr. Phillip Mericle responds:

Rev. Fr. Joshua Maria,

I thank you for your words praising TIA as well as your concern for the risk its reputation runs if its articles are not well-founded.

I was impressed with the vivacity of your answer that I received soon after I started the publication of this series, which I plan to be of about four or five articles. You assert that I have no reliable evidence for what I write, yet you fail to check the very first source I provided in the opening paragraph of my article. From there you jump to the idea that I fabricate the accusation of Communism creating a Fifth Column among conservatives.

If you had checked that link I provided, you would have noted my source is the serious newspaper Tages Anzeiger, the largest Swiss paper of Zurich. This German-Swiss newspaper reported on the very event in question and it was the title of its news report, “Summit Meeting with Putin’s Fifth Column,” that inspired me to name my series “Moscow’s Fifth Column.” So, Rev. Fr. Joshua Maria, your accusation that I lack a basis for my accusation seems, in turn, baseless. To make a balanced argument, you should first discredit my source.

Additionally, by the end of my article I provided nine links to articles by different serious and known Catholic authors supporting exactly what I wrote: Putin is directing his propaganda to appear conservative and to hide his never-abandoned communist convictions.

This being said, I am glad there is at least one point on which we may agree: that traditional Catholics are indeed “seeing” something different in Eastern Europe. However, while you are attracted by what you see and interpret it to be evidence of a suddenly discovered virtue in a reformed Holy Mother Russia, I am suspicious and take it as just a symptom of how low the West has fallen. When Western democracies have grown so degenerate that they drive conservatives/traditionalists to take even an ex-KGB Russian agent – Putin – at nothing more than his word, we know that things are pretty bad.

After reminding you of these elements that substantiate my position, I would only add that yes, in the future articles of my series I will provide even more evidence that the meeting took place and that Russia is maneuvering to beguile any conservative open to be swayed. Until these articles are completed, any hasty accusation runs the risk of being passionate because its author felt himself personally wounded by my denunciation. If this is not your case, I advise patience, which, as you know, is also a Catholic virtue.

     With respect,

     Phillip Mericle
Posted August 15, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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