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Augustine’s Glory, Harari & Babylon

The Enemies' Hatred: A Great Mark of Glory

Dear TIA,

Here is something interesting I read in The Golden Legend about St. Augustine. It shows how he fought against heresies without ceasing.

“This holy man confounded right valiantly the heretics, insomuch that they preached openly that it were no sin to slay Augustine, and said that he ought to be slain like a wolf. And they affirmed that God pardoned all the sins to them that slew him, and often times they awaited him to carry out their schemes but were not successful. And when he went into any places, they set spies, but, by the grace of God, they were deceived of their voyage and might not find him.”

Also, he received a great praise from St. Jerome, who was not free at all with his praises, but usually critical. From Bethlehem, St. Jerome wrote the Bishop of Hippo these words:

“Honor to you, honor to the man whom the raging winds have not been able to overthrow! … Continue to be of good courage. The whole world celebrates your praises. The Catholics venerate and admire you as the restorer of the ancient faith. But what is a mark of still greater glory, all the heretics hate you. They honor me too with their hatred. Not being able to strike us with the sword, they kill us in desire.” (Hieron, Epist cxli at. Lxxx. in Dom Gueranger’s Liturgical Year)

What a great honor if the progressivists would say about us what St. Jerome said about himself and St. Augustine - “What is a mark of still greater glory, all the heretics hate you.'"



Harari Confirms Many 'Conspiracy Theories'


Thanks so much for sharing the videos of your Fourth Biennial Event. It is good to be reminded that in the end Our Lady shall triumph and that God will not allow AI and transhumanism to proceed, just like he used the Deluge and the fall of the Tower of Babel to stop evil from overtaking his creation and from defacing mankind from His image and likeness.

Have you seen this video about Harari, and would you please share it with your readers? [Be aware of bad language]

Keep up the good work!



Global Boiling


Re: Your recent article on Global Warming

Just to let you know that the head of the unholy United Nations stated that it's not global warming anymore, it's GLOBAL BOILING.

So please get it right next time....

God Bless You and Your Work....



Lisbon: Reconstruction of Babylon?

Dear TIA readers,

An alert by me on the WYD in Lisbon. I hope you find it interesting.

What many people at the World Youth Day in Lisbon (2023) did not notice is that the main building of the event is a reconstruction of the two main buildings of ancient Babylon in Iraq. I am referring to the  blue "Colina des Instrados" building (see figures 1 and 2).

The blue Colina des Instrados, Lisbon

The blue Colina des Instrados with the park

Look at the following two figures, they are archaeologically based reconstructions of the Ishtargate (figure 3) and the temple of Babylon the Ziggurat (figure 4).Draw your own conclusions about the hidden meaning of this blue building.

The blue Ishtar Gate of Babylon

Blue tower of Babylon


     F.M., Holland


Pax Te Cum Filumina

Dear Miss Marian,

A very rich and gratitude filled Feast of St. Philomena to you and all at TIA!

I just left the V. family in the vineyards, near the olive grove, under the redwoods. I delivered a small vase of flowers and card from the Abbot to Señora V. He told me, "Today is her birthday..." !! Yes! Today. August 11. The Feast of St. Philomena is the birthday of a founder of Pax Te Cum Filumina Secellum! I did not know that! What next?? What a surprise!

Well, there is a 'next'! Señor V. told me that he and his family had fallen away from the NO ("There is no Holiness there!") and for a period had no place to go. They discovered St. Philomena and would pray to her often. They found their way to Mt. Tabor six months before I came. Then Mr. and Mrs. K. received your book and all read it. The new Secellum is named after her as a result!

I told them I had a birthday gift for Señora: Dr. Horvat had given me a contact for accessing, hopefully, a valid St. Philomena relic for their family, and possibly the altarstone at the new Sacellum, and that I would be pursuing this privilege today from the Ukiah nightmare library. I am there now. And will contact Miss X, who you suggested, after this email.

It has been nine years since the liberation and feast of the famous St. Philomena statue in E. Cleveland carved by Margaret Sanger's sculptor "father" below "Irish Hill" in Corning, NY in the 1890's. Beautiful memories of the liberation and all of that, and your help. And your book of the statue during the tiny, but powerful feast, at which three were kneeling when the old bell tolled at the ruins of St. Philomena Church at 3 pm...

I continue to give out copies of your Transhumanism series. The first page of your presentation is a jewel of summarizing the post Catholic world as an abortion resulting from Vatican II, Modernism, Progressivism, Protestantism, etc. etc.. I copy it  and give it out.

I am reading Mr. G's "lightning bolt' for the third time.

     Thank you,


Posted August 29, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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