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Indignant Transgenders & Homosexuals

An Upset Transsexual

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Dear people,

I am a post operative male to female transsexual, and I am deeply bothered by your stance against me and others like me. As someone who completed a four year degree in Christianity from a Baptist university, as well as someone with extensive experience in the Church, I can say without hesitation that I do not find your approach deeply compatible with either Scripture or my own experience.

You stand to harm many people who can, often, ill afford to be harmed. Please turn your efforts to loving others and stop condemning what you do not understand, something which literally can save the lives of those who are deeply transsexual.

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Stereotypical Preconceptions against Homosexuals

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I stumbled upon your website while I was conducting research on the internet. I can see that you are passionate about the issue of "homosexual brainwashing", and as a fellow Christian I admire the zeal that you have to whole-heartedly devote yourself to what you believe is right. You often quoted Our Savior from the New Testament, but I wonder how so many people seem to overlook the principle of charity which Christ spoke of as the greatest gift that we can obtain.

There is one irrefutable fact that I beg you to consider. There are many people in the world who believe different things than you. You can hate them, dissociate with them, teach your children prejudice against their abominable practices, make them feel like ----, or exterminate them. I promise you that NO amount of passion will make all the practices you personally view as sinful go away. If there is one thing that you should teach your kids along with all your own religious beliefs and propaganda,  it's tolerance.

Are you at all aware of the mass genocides that have taken place in the world because of people's lack of tolerance?

Your religion probably tries to make you feel uncomfortable about reading anything other than the Bible. Try picking up a history book, my friend. Please read what happens in the world when people like yourself are put into power. Adolph Hitler shared your same passion towards homosexuals. Some of the worst atrocities that have ever occurred in known history were performed by Christians... yes you!

The difference between those type of Christians and the ones that haven't brought about genocide is TOLERANCE. You don't have to believe that homosexuality is right. Please, by all means teach your children what you feel is moral. I will do the same. But teach them to be tolerant. My prayer for you is that you will one day truly understand Chirst-like empathy, that you will look for common ground and not differences, that you will learn that some of the people whom you judge so severely are some of the most admirable people in the world, capable of doing tremendous things. They are people dammit! They are your brothers and sisters. Your god has told you that.

From my perspective, it is so easy to see how your propaganda damages our society. It is so crazy to me how we both worship the same god, but internally our perspectives and opinions on his character can differ so much.

I am ashamed of the work that you do supposedly in the name of Jesus. I resent the misrepresented image that you give the world of my personal god and savior. A father that loves me dearly, and patiently carries me through my trials.

I ask you to please question your stance on Homosexuality. Look at it from another perspective.

Stop letting other people tell you who to hate and try to understand the reality behind our steriotypical [sic] preconceptions.

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Ridiculous Statistics on Homosexuals

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I wanted to comment on how ridiculous and selective your statistics are on your site. Why is it your [sic] so homophobic?

And yes, your stats are selective, isn't it convenient how you left specific points out of your quotes which would prove your stats to be incorrect? lol..

I guess you play the game of politic don't you?


"Everything in the universe is energy and energy can not be destroyed, it can be contained or transformed, but never ceases to exist."

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What Little People You Are

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I feel sorry to say it, in a way, and glad in another, but I wish you the best of all things. Thank *GOD* that there are people like you. But you are -- (and unfortunately you represent others as well) -- a strange, pitful and *little* person. I emphasize *little.*

God bless and enlighten you. Thank you for helping me understand the value of tolerance.

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A Confused Pro-'Gay' Complaint

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Sorry, but what do gay rights - for which we haven't Hitler to thank for yet the Nuremberg Trial's findings - have to do with molestation and why would anyone think that gay rights stand for the right anyone would have, particularly priests, to molest someone?

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You Are Idiots!

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I think that you people are idiots! I am a straight person, however, I am loving of all kinds of people. And you sick people are the type of people that spread hate around this world, instead of accepting people for who they are. I like how you only focused on homosexual statistics. Why didn't you mention all of the statistics against heterosexuals? The truth is that in this day and age there are many sluts and many people [bad word] around with many different people.

Think about all the straight people that are cheating on there spouses and sleeping with many other people. There is 70% of men cheating on their wives in this country. That alone is ... [bad word].

Where are your statistics about all the STDs that these slutty men and women have from sleeping around?

You say that you are concerned for the young children in schools, today that they will come home and say they are homosexuals. What about all of the girls coming home saying they are pregnant or have an STD. Those girls that are pregnant aren't getting pregnant from other girls, and there are many girls that get STDs from MEN not other girls. I want to see those statistics.

Think about that...

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Missing the Point…

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There have been many articles and letters on your site addressing the scandals caused by homosexual priests. I take issue with calling these males (they are not men) priests at all. A Catholic priest’s highest duty is to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily. This is his primary function, his raison d’etre. If a male is ordained to offer the Novus Ordo Missae, his ordination is invalid. (This assumes that the bishop is indeed a true Catholic bishop, not just another pathetic Vatican II whitened sepulcher.)

The Novus Ordo is a sacrilegious substitute for the true Holy Sacrifice. Any version of the Mass that violates the infallible dictates of Quo Primum invites the wrath of Almighty God. Were Jesus Christ Himself to appear in St. Peter’s in Rome, He could not overrule or set aside Quo Primum. He could not contradict the infallible words of His vicar, Pope St. Pius V. For Our Lord to do so would be a lie, and we know that is truly impossible. The Novus Ordo contains a change in the words of consecration that destroy the sacrament. No sacrament, no True Presence, no Mass. So all the ‘priests’ all over the world who were ‘ordained’ to celebrate this farce are the worst kind of shepherds. They are true wolves. Those who have fallen into the base impurity of homosexuality are infected wolves, figuratively and literally.

Do not deceive yourselves, you who abuse the word gay and think yourselves happy and liberated. And do not deceive yourselves by thinking that you are priests, let alone Catholic. If you really had a concept of what the One, True Faith represents, there would be no debate over rainbow vestments. Nor would there be a debate over ‘being inclusive’ to allow a lifestyle of debasing sin and perversion.

May Our Lady continue to restrain the mighty arm of Her Son. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 8, 2007

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