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Communist Bile & Feminist Slur

Communist Fury

Hate Mail
[On TIA criticism of Ho Chi Ming].

Your website is a piece of [bad word]. Your mind is foolish.

While your Nixon and Johnson goes around and bomb women and children, you accuse of someone being a tyranny because he was a communist.

Well listen [bad word], unfortunately this communist wasn't doing a good job being a tyranny because he should have killed the CIA and POW trapped in Viet Nam.

[bad word] you dumb minded [bad word] brain.

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Just Plain Stupid

Hate Mail
AT WYD Pope Benedict called us all to live our baptismal vocation, no matter what our state in life, completely given over to the work of the Lord in this crucial hour. We do that when we choose to live at the heart of the Church for the sake of the world.

You weren't there and didn't experience the vibes of Christ's love and energy. What does it matter what we wear? Our hearts are alive and filled with love for Christ and neighbor. This is what the Pope felt and why he calls it a great success.

Since the Second Vatican Council in the Catholic Church we have been constantly reminded that the Church is by nature missionary and that every baptized Christian participates in her missionary activity. The New Evangelization means taking this truth to heart and living differently. It requires an authentic renewal of the Church so that she can undertake a new missionary outreach.

I believe that we are at the beginning of a great resurgence in the Catholic Church precisely for this mission. You could sense this at WYD.

Wake up, don't close your hearts or mind to Christ and the Church. Your stance is unenlightened and just plain stupid.

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Ridiculous Religiosity

Hate Mail
God created mankind in his image;
in the image of God he created them;
male and female* he created them. Genesis 1:27

Now go out and join a soup kitchen and help the poor and stop with your ridiculous religiosity – which serves to do nothing positive.


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Horrible People

You are horrible people

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You Are Jealous!

Hate Mail
I read your article about Kath Hepburn. I must say, the jealousy was hard to hide.

Hepburn was not perfect, no human being is, but, she was courageous and untraditional and never allowed herself to be pigeonholed into being an ordinary woman. She did it her way, which, I would imagine, irks many people who are threatened by strong, independent women. They do exist, and as time moves forward, more will exist as women become more and more free to live the lives they desire, and not what society dictates.

Family life and children are not for all women. To view a woman as only being able to achieve happiness in family life, is simply untrue. Many women are miserable in the role dictated by society, and many have the courage to sweep such nonsense away, and be whoever or whatever they want.


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Hate Mail
Dear TIA,

Aren't we being a bit hypocritical in failing to comment about the plunging necklines of these "Marthas" who you hold up for our admiration?

Perhaps this is a way of making the short-skirted Fatima apparition a little more legitimate?

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Silly Non-Sense

Hate Mail
It has to do with Muslim-style Adoration for Catholic Children , by Margaret C. Galitzin.

AH, just to inform you, Muslims have taken that posture of adoration from Christians/Jews.

Also recall when the Angel of Portugal appeared to the children at Fatima, He prostrated himself before the Blessed Sacrament and the children followed his example.

The Community of Brothers of St. John the Apostle, often during adoration worship that way. This posture of adoration is one of humbling oneself before the Lord Most High; there is another one were one completely lays on the floor with arms outstretched in a cruciform manner. Men who are to be ordained do this as well as Cloistered Nuns.

St. Dominic Guzman and many others have done both postures.

Please do some investigation before writing such silly nonsense.

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Hate Mail
So saddened to read your article.

I came across your article on homosexuality. I am not aware of your organisation, but who ever you are I hope you do not profess yourselves to be Chrisitians for I read no true Christian understanding in that article.

Are you professing that all schools that teach Muslim history, pagan history (which is where the majority of Christian celebrations orginate}.

True Christians beleive they should follow the 10 commandments yet I found no evidence of love thy neighbour there. I did though find lots of judgement about people who save lives, keep order and do not require acceptance by you or anyone else.

I really beleive mock Christians (who believe they are so high and mighty) will have a suprise on judgement day, because guess what, they will not be going upstairs." He" made us all sinners, no one is perfect and I mean no one, no one has the right to judge lest they be judged.

I really feel and pray for people who have such judgemental opnions. They need to glance inwards.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 8, 2011

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