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Egalitarian, Sede-Vacantist & ‘Beato’ Condemnations

Arrogant & Sick
Re: Dos & Dont's

What do you think allows you to define what anyone wears? I mean, what gives you that power. Seriously, I believe that if something makes someone happy, then they should be allowed to do exactly that. Clothing defines nothing.

Clothing has nothing to do with who you are either, and also cannot change the psychology of someone. You all need to drop this, I'm guessing you back this because of religion? News flash, it doesnt exist!

Why the [bad word] can you believe that there is some almighty man above us that gave us free will, yet hates people for using that free will and choosing to wear clothing bisexually. You people are sick.


2 Sister Lucys
Re: Photos and facts on the Two Sister Lucys of Fatima

Yes, i don't see any resemblance between the 2 faces, at all... Your discussion of the Fatima controversies, especially with regard to 2 Lucia's makes me wonder if this 'cover-up' is where the Virgin Mary said 'Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph'?!!


Shamefully Uncharitable
Re: Sikh guru made papal knight in England

What matter if a Jew or a Sikh is bestowed with a papal knighthood? The honor is bestowed for their good works, not for their religion. Those of other faiths show more charity to others you do, or every will.

Hang your heads in shame and ask forgiveness from those who would preach peace to all men. Or perhaps you do not remember THAT message?


Furious French
Re: Refuting the Anti-Catholic Lies

“...the revolting uncleanliness of the 16th and subsequent centuries which, in France at least, has continued up to our own time."

With that one phrase you show your true colors. Shame on you.


Either Convert or Go to Hell
I talked to your secretary today over the phone, and she answered some questions I had on the validity of marriage by non-catholics. Thank you I appreciate it.

However, I must denounce TIA on the following points:
  • You continue to reject the sedevacantist position even though its the most logical position (Pau IV CUM EX Apostolatus)
  • You deny the salvation dogma by misinterpeting Pius IX. "Invincible Ignorance" is heresy
  • You allow the rhythmn method, even though it goes against Pius XI/ordinary magisterium dogma, the bible (Pius XII lost the office in 1951)
  • You don't demand fallen away "catholics"/protestants take specific abjurations after conversion, even though the church requires it
  • You don't declare Vatican 2 an apostate council, even though vatican 2 contains many apostasies
I recommend reading Richard Ibranyi's St. John The Baptist website. In it, you will learn what you need to save your soul, and avoid the broad road to hell, which is where you are headed as long as you hold the views listed above.


Curses of a Violent Devotee - II
Re: Curses of a Violent Devotee

Dear Sir/Madam,

I must take exception at being called a Violent Devotee and possibly even a heretic. If I were defending Mary I wonder if you would title me as such!

But because it is Joseph I defend you call me by these bad names. I suppose from your point of view, it is good to defend Mary's honor but it is bad to defend Joseph's honor, why, I honestly don't know.

But my guess would be that like a lot of those in the Church, and that includes the clergy, Joseph is a nothing and a nobody, and "let's not bother about Him as He is Worthless in our eyes", sort of thing.

Is it really so wrong to love the Virgin Father of God? He is, after God the Father and God the Son, the Best and Most Loving of Fathers, and I only defend Him as such.

He is above all angels and saints, and that includes being above St Michael the Archangel as Joseph is part of the Order of the Hypostatic Union. Even the Church acknowledges this.

I don't say all in the Church reject Joseph because that would be untrue. There are those who, like me, love Joseph very much and we hate to see Him slandered and maligned. We also hate to see Joseph belittled and berated and demeaned.

How do you think Jesus feels about people hating His Virgin Father? Do you think Jesus would think it was alright to treat Joseph this way?

How do you think Mary would feel about Her Spouse being treated with hatred, do you think she would feel it was alright?

Do you really think that this does not affect Jesus and Mary? Jesus and Mary love Joseph far more than I ever could and far more than those like me ever could.

Don't you think it wounds the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to see Joseph so despised? Joseph is Spouse of one and Father of the other!

How would you feel if someone you loved was being treated like this, wouldn't you come to their defence? If not, then I would question as to whether you really loved that person or not. It is only natural to defend someone you love.

How do you think it affects, more importantly, God The Father, who chose Joseph to be His Shadow on earth? Do you think that God The Father would choose a nothing and a nobody to be His Representative on earth? Is God The Father in the habit of doing such a thing as this?

The Church has long taught that Joseph was chosen in the mind of God The Father and the rest of the Triune Godhead from All Eternity to be the Virgin Father of God The Son and I am in wholehearted agreement with this. Yes, Joseph was chosen and prepared for this in the mind of God from All Eternity!

If I am a violent devotee and heretic as you say, then so are all the Saints that have ever written about Joseph, so I am in good company, especially with Saint Thomas Aquinas who believed in Joseph's Immaculate Conception.

Therefore, the Saints who wrote about Joseph are all Violent Devotees of Joseph and Heretics and you have counted me in among them.

I guess no greater compliment could you have given me.

So, I retract my initial statement of taking exception to you calling me a Violent Devotee and Heretic since I am counted in among the Saints who have loved Joseph so well.

As you have so kindly printed my other statement on your web site so I would like you to print this one on your web site as well. After all, it is only fair to do so!

I look forward to seeing this on your web site and I wish you well.

     Yours Sincerely,


Clarification: TIA notes that the subtitles on the pages of this section - Hate Mail - are  taken directly from the mail sent to us or simply describe the offenses against us contained in those messages. They are not, therefore, our reply to such offenses, as the author of the last letter supposes when he claims that we called him a heretic. We do not reply to hate mail. The Editor


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 27, 2012