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Orchestrated Homosexual Frenzy

Re: The movie review of The Hours

I read you review and had a good laugh. Thank you so much, you sad intolerant women. I now know why i appreciate my “modern education” so much. I am more enlightened, happy and peaceful than you will ever possibly allow yourself to be because of you heart full of anger.


Your Vile Website
Note from the Editor: From here to the end of this page the reactions are against the article Everyone Should Know these Statistics on Homosexuals by Dr. Frank Joseph

I would like to say that I came across your website today and am absolutely sick to my stomach. I cannot believe that our world is full of such hate-filled and ridiculous people. The way you talk about the homosexual community is absolutely disgusting. God loves all of His children no matter what sexuality they are. Who cares what two people do behind closed doors?

What business is it of yours? Absolutely none. If you preach hate, your words aren’t anointed. Shame on you and your vile website. I hope that one day, you can find love in your heart for your fellow citizens and realize how foolish you are.


Cretins & Idiots
You people are cretins and in case you don’t know what that means - it is an idiot with the mental age below three years.

There is nothing wrong with the Church welcoming lesbians and homosexuals. They are PERSONS with HUMAN DIGNITY, and we should treat them as such, as the Pope is teaching. I guess you are above the Pope. Why don’t you get with Church teaching instead of preaching outdated doctrine.


You Jerks
That’s It. You are jerks, and considering how obsessed you are, probably latent homosexuals.



Please take this inaccurate HATE ARTICLE down from your website.

Makes you look INGNORANT and a BIGOT.


Well if you look at the facts you listed on the website, you must realize that a large number of the priests in the catholic cult are homosexual pedophiles.

Funny how your god worked that out for himself ( maybe God is really gay) I would much rather have one of my children be a homosexual then turn into a religious homophobic imbecile like your ilk.


Homo Profanities
Go [bad word] yourself and than suck my [bad word], you jesus loving delusional piece of [bad word].



You site is sick, far from the truth. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


“We’re Queer”
We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!


Horribly Hateful
Hi there,

I just saw one of your articles concerning some ridiculous statistics of homosexuals and their trends.

I’d just like you to know it was disgusting, and I’ll be telling as many people as I can about it, and your horribly hateful site. We’re not living in the 50s anymore.



Hi. Gay guy here,

Just been sent a link for your homo stats, thanks, i had been looking for a good laugh! Its amazing to think people as backwards as you still exist!! [bad word] hilarious!

Must dash have 20 to 106 partners to off and [bad word]]



P.S God still loves me anyway


Catholic Bad Boys
It’s interesting your organizational website mentions participating in Latin mass. How do you explain the high percentage of gay clerics in the Catholic church? They supposedly profess belief in God; are they bad people unworthy of equal rights?

Just curious,


Ignorant & Insane

i am an 18 year old girl from Australia and am currently doing a major assignment for school about homosexuals. So i came across your website on my search for statistics. I have a friend, he is the most kind-hearted, lively, generous, kind and wonderful person i know. He has so much potential in life. His parents are Christians.

So one day he sits his parents down for a serious conversation, he wants to come out to them, a major turning point for him. His parents are shocked, they tell him it discusting and don’t talk to him for weeks.

How, i ask myself, can people with so little flare or creativity, people who have no artwork hanging on their walls, no books on their shelves nothing but [bad word] Austar to entertain them have the right to look down upon this talented, vivacious son of theirs and not accept him as their own? THEY SHOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE HIM AS A SON!

You ‘statistics’ are a downright lie. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and have plucked these numbers out of your head to suit your narrow-minded, ignorant, uninformed and insane views. You have the complete wrong idea. People do not decide to be gay! They are born gay! And who are you to say that they can’t be who they were genetically made up to be.

Rethink your view, please, it’s just an opinion that has been shared by a powerful person to easily influenced minds that has been passed down for generations. There are many examples of this. Nazi ideology is a very good one. Hitler took on antisemitism views and went a step further. He persuaded millions of people that Jews were the scum of the earth. So much so that they all should be exterminated. His view polluted millions, as wrong and immoral as it was. He created downright lies to spread this atrocity and people believed him!

I think people like you are comparable to him and i am not alone on this. I’m not an out there hippy either. I live in a middle class area, am straight with married parents. These statistics of yours need to go, it’s plain [bad word].


     L.H., Australia

Pharisees & Hypocrites
To whom it may concern,

I think that it’s disgusting the way that you have dealt with the issue of homosexuality on your website and hope that you decide to un-publish immediately! Before you delete this e-mail, at least listen to my reasons as I have listened to yours!

HIV risk is now not a lot more in heterosexual persons as it is in homosexual persons due to the fact that sexual behaviour is changing in both categories; more heterosexual couples are taking part in anal sex now and more homosexuals are receiving the education for safer sex, using protective methods e.g. oral barriers and condoms.

Even if there are more homosexuals who have HIV and are treated for it, raising health insurance premiums or affecting the National Health Service (UK), then what does it matter?? You claim to be an organization that wants to fight for justice in the biblical sense but, you have implied that you would like the homosexual population of the world to be wiped out; read John 3:16 my friend, whosoever believe shall not perish but have eternal life!!

More homosexuals are likely to commit suicide or turn to alcohol or drugs. I can see this totally but, this is happening in young people of all sexual orientations! It isn’t just the gays that are ruining your wonderful world as I’m sure you think! It’s your perfect, head of the celibacy club daughter with blonde hair and blue eyes, cheerleading, kids who are doing this too!

“33% of homosexuals ADMIT to minor/adult sex”, I just can’t believe this is true, what kind of sensible human being would admit to committing a crime, especially one that would not only be punishable by law but one that they would be stigmatised forever in prison!

The fact that the majority of homosexuals are heavily employed in professional areas may have been true when the 1990 census was taken (the census you have quoted) but, it is certainly not true now and, if it is, it isn’t true in the United Kingdom. There are people who are homosexuals in good places of work for example, Doctors and Nurses, Lawyers and Politicians but there are just as many and if not more who are involved in unskilled work levels for example, shop assistants and cleaners!

You hold yourself to be a biblical organisation saying that gays aren’t even “smart enough to listen to God” and quote passages from Romans 1:22. I however find you a Pharisee. You ‘holders of the law’ condemning the actions, beliefs and thoughts of others! GET BEHIND ME SATAN! Matthew 7:5; “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”.

I wish you well and the evil spirit within you will be in my prayers, I pray for your healing!

     Yours sincerely,

     S.J., United Kingdom

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 16, 2013