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Progressivist & Apostate Annoyance

Idiot Dinosaurs

You are an absolute homophobic idiot. The world needs to rid itself of dinosaurs, like yourself, to become a better, more passionate and honest society.

Go and crawl under a rock. Idiot.


Pro-Homo Saccharine

Re: Your Praise of Uganda’s Anti-Homo Law

I am very sad for you all. Uganda/Nigeria

With your good intentions, you do not realize you are pushing people away from God. People that are isolated from their families, their government and their communities. Who needs God more than them? Who did Jesus minister to? Who did Jesus lift from the ground and protect?


You Must Create a New Blog

Re: Card. Tauran pays homage to a Hindu idol

Friends you need to just focus on Francis, please open a new blog because you Webpage has been discredited

Friend, This one example many Catholic will deny the truth, because it is presented in the bad way. You needs to change strategy if you want to capture the attention of Conciliar Catholic Like me

     May God bless you


Pelvic Catholics

You dopes are pelvic Catholics, can’t see past one area of the anatomy when determining political affiliations or church concerns.

And hey, I’m in good company. Pope Francis also recently referred to the “obsession” of certain clergy with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. In a recent interview, His Holiness was asked what it means to “think with the church.” Francis said it did not necessarily mean “thinking with the hierarchy of the church. The church is the totality of God's people.”

The Pope calls for an inclusive, compassionate church, not a hierarchy that excludes or judges or advises how “good Catholics” should vote from the outset, Pope Francis has chosen to refocus the global spotlight on the church's mandate to serve the poor and marginalized.

Undoubtedly, recent congressional proposals diminishing food stamps and other programs that assist with the truly needy are contradictory to Pope Francis' call for compassion. Likewise those that discriminate against the homosexuals and marginalized. You’d do well to follow his wisdom and example.


You Have Feudal Fashions

Re: Don't show your thighs

You have as much as called the First Lady a whore, but with your pomposity, arrogance and desire to lady it over others in a feudal fashion, I am not surprised. It is comforting for me to know that like other barbs thrown at her she will be graceful enough to ignore yours.

As for the men that might look upon her with lust, at least they can only look as men are wont to do and they don't belong to a pedophile enabling cult.



Re: Why Shouldn't the Pope Apologize for the Inquisition?

The well documented and physical evidence of atrocities committed by the Catholic Church during the years of the Inquisition are without question.

Those party to the atrocities and those who sanctioned same are all guilty of crimes against humanity. Why should the Pope not apologize? Or should the world fear the Catholic Church as an extremist that would weld force over others to its own ends again?



Please take those inaccurate HATE COMMENTS on the humility of Pope Francis down from your website. They were made an year ago. 

Makes you look INGNORANT and a BIGOT.


You Belong to a False Religion

Re: Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians article

As a believer is Christ Jesus I agree that Protestants are not Christian, but catholic is a completely false religion, so you people should probably not mention this subject.



Testimony of an Apostate

I just read the document titled "Don't call Protestants Christians" and felt the need to comment. I was a devout Catholic for 49 years and followed all the teachings and traditions of the church. Like most other Catholics I believed only Catholics were correct and was taught not to question.

Five and a half years ago, I decided to read the Bible and quite honestly was shocked to realize so much of what the church teaches was man-made and not written as truth in God's Word. I am a Born again Christian in the same way Jesus told Nicodemus it was necessary to be His follower. I do not call myself a Protestant nor do I follow any other denomination that exist. I am a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ.

I can find no scripture that supports the idea of papal succession through Peter. It was centuries after The Resurrection that the Catholic Church was established. So were the believers in Jesus' day right through to the establishment of the RC church also heretics? According to what I just read, in the church's opinion that would be true.

Where in Scripture does Jesus speak about a man having the authority by God to be considered Holy above other believers and be allowed to receive praise and devotion as the Pope does? Clearly, it isn't there. Scripture says do not call anyone other than God "Father". In addition, Mary the mother of Jesus is not raised in adoration or as a mediator between believers and Jesus. We are told by Jesus to confess our sins to one another and that salvation is a gift that cannot be earned or worked for. It is a gift called grace that we receive when we surrender our life to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. That is written In Scripture.

Salvation, justification and forgiveness of sin occur when we believe, follow and obey what Jesus said not by what any human being says. We are to love one another as He loved us. We are forgiven by Jesus's death and resurrection. The true church is the body of His followers with Jesus as it's head. Following tradition, being only a Catholic, purgatory or any other man made traditions do not determine one's eternal destiny. A relationship with Abba through Jesus Christ is the only way.

My heart and my life is completely changed, I am a new creation and His daughter. If you judge me, you bring judgment on yourself. Read the Bible and see for yourself. I promise you will be grateful you did. It was the best decision I ever made because I touched the hem of his garment and He changed my heart.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 6, 2014