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Furious Pro-Unwed Mothers &
Indignant Dolan Fan

You Are Demented & Sinful

Re: Unwed Mothers: The Calvinist and the Catholic Answers

"The Catholic Church does not look down on such a woman or expect her to bear the mark of her guilt upon her person, like a cursed woman. But, at the same time, the Church does not deny that the woman must still bear the consequences of her action after Confession, even if she made a perfect Act of Contrition, and would thereby be worthy to enter Heaven if she should die that very moment. "

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Stop making our church look rotten! She expects the MAN TO bear the consequences and take responsibility for leaving them -- and I don't mean the pocket change that the courts are now ordering. A big misconception among sexist, traditional Catholics is that premarital sex is a bigger sin than walking away from the fiduciary duties of a child that affects her/ him his whole life.

Insensitivity is a bigger sin than premarital sex. Pointing your finger injury dementia of a woman who is alone with a baby is unconscionably sinful. Not opening your wallet, and working to pass laws that force men to keep her home with this one-parent child is hugely sinful.

Her sin: totally made up for in 9 months of carrying the child. His sin: unassailed -- and if you're traditional you know what that means.

Please take this down for the babies, this sexist judgemental abuse is what started abortion in the first place and still causes it in many cases.

We're on the same side just a few feet apart.



Idiots in Every Way

Re: Stats on Homosexuals

You guys are idiots in every way. Ashamed to see such writing come from an educated person with an (MD) level!

Your hate only fuels more hate within.

     God bless.



Anti-Marian Sede Vacantist

Fatima is fake.

We Roman Catholics are not obliged to believe in any apparition.

Why is there such a big fuss over Fatima?

"The Dogma of the faith will always be held in Portugal" Well that's such a blatant lie by Sister Lucy.

Portugal is a leftist secular Vatican 2 novus ordo dead end like every other former catholic country.

Secondly many of the "predictions" were written in the early 1940's by Sister Lucy.

Sister Lucy as a child was very well known as a liar and embellisher. (Acting out plays and singing in public,claiming an angel visited her and 2 friends 2 year's before "Fatima".)

What is your take on this very questionable event?

The new novus ordo tennis racket temple in Fatima is proof there is no catholicism in that country.



Arrogant Pharisees

Re: Don’t Call Protestants Christians

I have read a lot of articles from groups like yours that are so ultra traditionalist they are wacko, but never have I encountered anything so arrogant, so Pharisaical, as this. How dare you presume to play God and get inside the mind of our Protestant brothers to look down on them and accuse them of not being Christians?

You should repent of this pride from the enemy - this is the source of it - ask for humility, and rededicate you life to Jesus Christ. He is waiting....



You Are Promoting 'Prurient Smut'

Re: Card. Dolan embraces the Rockettes


Blessed be God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Since about 1977 I have done all I could to cooperate with God, and His will for me, even to the point of embracing St. Benedict's Rule, and living in community for a long, long time.

A friend sent me a link of the Rockettes and Cardinal Dolan. The pictures in that link were far from the racy thrillers that you determined to be of such prurient smut. He is the Archbishop in the most populous city in America. NYC has all sorts of theaters, and many, many dancers that will go a whole lot farther than the way the Rockettes are posed. I myself have not seen it, but there are dens of iniquities where there are naked men dancing with other naked men--on the dance floor!

But I have a question for you. Why do you suppose that the entire Catholic Church is corrupt and bound for hell? Every link on your web site foretells gloom and doom. I will agree with you that satan is a ravening lion, seeking whom he may devour. But Cardinal Dolan is a pious individual whom I am not fit to judge. AND NEITHER ARE YOU! All have sinned, and all fall short of the glory of God! That includes YOU!

Please back off, and let God, who knows all of Cardinal Dolan's sins AND YOURS draw him to Himself.

I am praying for you.

     Pray for me!

     the unworthy monk B.D.

Note from the Editor: When you mention naked men dancing with other naked men, it is not clear whether this happened in the presence of Card. Dolan, as the context of your message implies. If this were the case, TIA would appreciate having proper documentation of this fact to pass it on to our readers. A.S.G.


You Are Not Charitable

RE: Atila Guimaraes' thoughts on Pope Benedict XVI, What People Are Commenting, October 6, 2015.

Mr. Guimaraes is offering an opinion that has no logical connection to the question at hand. A reader asked about the radical mafia group that worked to oust Pope Benedict XVI so they could put in Francis. However, Mr. Guimaraes' reply reflects his apparent belief that because Benedict was a progressivist, then that is all that he is, and that's all that he will ever be.

Therefore, should Benedict be portrayed in a positive way, then it would certainly be wrong because only he would stand to gain from it. Now, we need to ask if it is charitable to share negative thoughts about another person that are based only on biased conjecture.




You Are Always Repeating Falsehoods

Is Suor Cristina giving a Masonic handshake?

No, she is not. No woman can become a Mason. I've told you all that before.

“Freemasonry has different handshakes that allows their members to recognize one another.”

No, it does not. You've been told repeatedly that there is NO SUCH THING as a Masonic handshake.

Why do you keep on repeating these falsehoods.


Women Freemason


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 7, 2016