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Hatred for Our Lady of Good Success etc.

A Deception from the Devil

Re: The second part of Dr. Horvat’s video on Our Lady of Good Success

dear Catholics, all this is a deception from the devil.....don't you know that he will say or do anything as long as it achieves his goals.....he will always mix truth with lies...…...don't let the vision's words upset you....God does not want us to fear....He wants us to know His true gospel and to trust Him....everything is still in His hands....btw, the true gospel is outside the cannot stay in that system and remain a Christian.



Helping the Enemy of Human Race

Re: The second part of Dr. Horvat’s video on Our Lady of Good Success

This Dr. Horvat is scandalizing people. She is helping the 'Enemy of the Human race' by creating hatred & distrust of the Catholic priesthood. This is a 'prison talk' given to one group of prisoners to go out and attack another group of prisoners.

If Dr. Horvat really wanted to help Our Lady, she would pray and offer secret sacrifice of herself like Mother Mariana did and like the Children of Fatima did, like the many thousands of good priests, bishops, religious and laity do everyday. Mother Mariana did not go on a speaking tour "dissing" and "hissing" against the Church authorities.

I fell for this garbage speaker a couple of years ago. The message of Quito is not garbage, but Mrs. Horvat's use of the message as a provocation is.


You Are Promoting a Fraud

Why I Comdemn the lady of good success

Re: The second part of Dr. Horvat’s video on Our Lady of Good Success

The lady of good success is a fraud for the following reasons... The new and novel idea of the “Victim Soul” originated here, having never appeared within catholic thought before the invention of this devotion. This wretched creature supposedly said that Jesus Christ desires to give Marianna de Jesus Torres, “every type of suffering,” in order to save souls... Reminiscent of the Fatima Delusion here, it reeks of the foul odor of the demonic.

Just as fartima supposedly predicts the future through the writings of Lucia don Santos, after it already happened, so we see similarities not only in the false doctrine of this devotion, but in its propagation as well... It would have us believe that it was telling of twentieth century, as it was being released in the twentieth century...! The stupid thing wasn’t “approved” until 1991...!!!

Whoever is responsible for inventing all the sensational and fascinating aspects of this stupidity obviously was following the example of prognostigators of Fatima... The creeps that authored this hoax did the same thing to Mother Marianna that the fatimites did to Jacinta Marto... The simple and plain truth of the matter, is that IT NEVER HAPPENED...!!! The little men who follow after this ridiculous fairy tale, do so because their intellect has been darkened through their rejection of Papal Infallibility...

Look, if you’ll believe this stupid [bad word], you’ll believe anything....!!! And indeed, they have. This is not saving faith. It is credulity...



Mary Is Wrong if She Says Papacy Can Decay

To whom it may concern.

Re: The second part of Dr. Horvat’s video on Our Lady of Good Success

Pride is Satan's sin. Claiming knowledge, discernment and superiority over the rightfully constituted Church is the same vainglorious folly of the Protestant churches. Sad.

There is but one Catholic Church, with the pope, the ONLY Vicar of Christ; the Church which has the SOLE and Infallible authority on matters of Christian faith. Of all of Our Lady's apparitions, none contradicts that. You cannot cherry pick on what you would want to believe. You are either Catholic or you are not.



Vade Retro Satana!

To whom it may concern.

Re: The Sadness of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito 2019

I won’t argue about your last article on Our Lady of Buen Suceso 2019.

When you meet such an amount of lies, calumnies, slanders, dextraction... Here’s the devil and his load of mortal sins.

If ever you have a bit of Catholic spirit and care for your own salvation: retract immediately the whole content of this outrageous text and apologize.

Vade retro Satana!

Do not use Our Blessed Lady for some peculiar interests. This is disgusting.



You Are Anti-Catholic & Proud

To Whom this concerns,

Re: TIA request for Fr. Ripperger to send a text of St. Thomas (here and here)

I heard that your website attack a priest publicly.

Reading the attack, I was very dishearten.

One.I found the debate, as it is called, more as a priest trying to defend the natural order of things that God Instituted.

Twp. I can understand why married women would take this offensive. Relations is a gift from God and two God . Because of that, it is blessed with grace to the point that the Miracle of human life, is giving.

Three. I find publicly exposing personal matters and attacking the dignity of a priest or anyone for that matter, unless it is of a grave matter, uncharitable and anti Catholic teaching.

Four. Challenging a priest publicly has to be one of the most prideful things I have seen yet on top of insulting his Integrity and knowledge.

Five. The last time I check, you where born because of your mother having relations. How can this be Accomplished with out marital relations and the miracle of birth.

Six. Reading the , so called debate has missing pieces. Where it is not clear on what the full Extent of the debate actually is. People who just click on this website are going to be confused on what is being talked about.

Seven. What I saw clicking on the content of this debate is a man who uses the debate Tactic of insulting the Character of a priest and his writing. To distract the readers from listening to his writing. Frankly that's a shallow move.

Eight. Pretty prideful to think, you know more then St. Peter

Nine. God made the priesthood Authority over lay people.

Ten. If your going to attack priest, why not attack the Pedophile priest and so on. Leave the few good priest we have alone. So, the faithful can have men of the cloth to look up to for Guidance. Allowing peoples minds to question the priesthood, we have enough of. Not cool Man!



You Are Misinformed or Liars

You are mi informed about Kolbe and Stein

I was following you, but I can't think that you would have not done your research about Maxamillian Kolbe, (Raymond Kolbe) or Edith Stein before writing about them? I hope that you were miss informed, because I do not want to accuse you od deliberate lies.

Maximilian Kolbe did not know whom he was dying for, and mr Franciszek Gajoownieczek was not a Jew, he was a pole, his first name should of gave that away (it is a Christian name) . The miracle that occurred was that the head of Auschwitz converted back to Catholicism before his death (act of God's great mercy) MAximillian Kolbe was beatified by Paul the IV. Second is that the concentration camps weren't only for Jews, they where for priest and Poles (The Nazis, if you did you research, planned to outlaw Catholicism after they won the conflict with Russia). To do that you had to remove the old testament. Form the old testament you would know that the Catholics are the new Jews.

Second, Jews people were converting on mass before the World War 2 broke out to the Catholic faith (that is the true great trategy), because of that only about 10% of the Jewish population in Poland new Polish, to prevent the conversions. that leads to Edith Stain, for one she was a Nun, so I will not even comment their.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 8, 2019