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NEWS: May 3, 2024
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
SLIDING INTO CHAOS & WAR – Analyzing the international panorama, we realize that many boundaries of the constituted order are rapidly vanishing and the world is sliding into chaos. I will give some examples:

The Sovereignty of Nations – The modern day international order – the one born from the Enlightenment/French Revolution – is based on the notion of the sovereignty of each nation: A nation is sovereign when it is autonomously governed, independent of any foreign power politically and economically, and has well-defined and well-defended borders.

As a consequence, to trespass on the borders of a nation is an aggression against its sovereignty and an offense to the international order. Situations where one nation crosses the borders of another would generally have grave consequences, such as a rupture of relations or even war.

Now then, recently we have seen many cases of violation of sovereignty that have had no consequences:

    One of the targets hit by Iran’s attack on Pakistan in January 2024

  • Some months ago Iran launched a missile attack on so-called anti-Iranian groups in Pakistan without requesting permission; the next day Pakistan retaliated by sending missiles and fighter jets to attack so-called anti-Pakistani groups in Iranian territory. Both countries violated the international order by not respecting each other’s borders. Was war declared between the two countries? No. The situation continued as it was before.

  • Israel has habitually entered the airspace of Lebanon and Syria without requesting any permission under the pretext of attacking terrorist groups, which in their turn are also making missile strikes on Israel. Did Israel declare war on these two countries? Not officially. Did Lebanon or Syria declare war on Israel? No. These two countries are de facto living in a climate of strong hostility against Israel, but these hostilities have not led to a de jure war.

  • In Yemen, the Houthis are attacking ships in the Red Sea that they consider to be supporting Israel. In retaliation the U.S. and the U.K. flew their jets over Yemen and destroyed those missile launching bases. Did Yemen declare war against the U.S. and U.K.? No. Did the latter nations declared war on Yemen? No.
I could cite many other cases, but I believe these three examples suffice to make my point: It has become habitual to disregard the borders of nations. The concept of sovereignty is no longer taken seriously. It is fading away without being noticed.

Mistrust in the Representative System - We all know that the last elections in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru were rigged and that the presidents of these countries were not chosen by the people. The system of electronically counting votes in these countries permits the secret bosses who control the computer systems to determine beforehand who will win. Today everyone knows that this is the reality. It is the Secret Forces who dictate which of their puppets should govern. The consequence for those who speak this truth, however, is that they are labeled “conspiracy theorists” and persecuted.

Regardless of the aim of the Secret Forces, the result is that the democratic/republican system has almost completely lost the trust of the people.

The rigged election in the United States – mainly after the violent attack of the left against those who fell into the January 6, 2020 trap – has divided the country in two. The legal persecution the left is making against Trump has only amplified this division. It is a scenario that makes the hypothesis of a civil war become more probable with every day that passes. Civil war and the end of the established order are synonymous.

Besides of the failure of the Executive body, the corruption of the Legislative, and the politicization of the Judiciary – judges who are no longer impartial but follow a party line – are causing the death bells to toll for the Modern State; the State that issued from the French Revolution 235 years ago.

Immigration & Identity Loss - The massive ongoing Muslim immigration in Europe – 44 million by 2010 – is causing the countries of the European Union to lose their identities. New racial types, different religions and diverse customs, added to the much higher birth rate of Muslims compared to Europeans, project a completely new future for that Continent.

In France the ongoing war in Gaza and the surging pro-Palestine protests by students may find an echo in its 5 million Muslim immigrants and set, once again, the country on fire.

Something similar is happening in the U.S., which counts with more than 11 million illegal immigrants. The open-border policy of the Biden administration is making this number grow exponentially. The fact that many immigrants are armed when they enter the country reinforces the hypothesis that a civil war is being prepared.

Mexico - Cartels

For a larger graphic click here

Guerilla & Narco 'States' - The two main sources for drugs are Mexico and Colombia. In Mexico, cartels are taking over the government of entire cities like Culiacán and exercise enormous influence in several States. Reports from the United States Northern Command estimate that Mexican cartels now control 30% to 35% of Mexican territory. Due to cartel infighting and their assaults against the population and police, the death toll is 30,000 persons killed each year since 2018.

In Colombia an analogous situation exists with the narco-traffic controlled by the guerillas. The FARC – Revolutionary Armed Colombian Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionárias de Colombia) are so powerful that they “elected” as president a fellow guerrila Gustavo Petro. A split-off group from FARC rules the entire province of Cauca in western Colombia and keeps its population in a constant state of fear and panic.

Both Mexico and Colombia are already living in a regime of terror that has rejected the constituted order. An official government still exists in both countries, but each day it is increasingly controlled by the guerilla movements and organized crime. Haiti, where criminal gangs have taken the whole country into a permanent state of chaos, seems to be the final end toward which Mexico and Colombia are heading.

Proxy Wars - In the meantime, we are witnessing two proxy-wars being waged simultaneously: the Russia-Ukraine war in East Europe and the Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East.
  • Without the recourses and arms offered by the United States and the European Union, Ukraine could not resist the Russian invasion of its territory. Although the Ukrainians provide the troops to fight the Russians, the real contenders in this war are the U.S. and Russia. Sooner or later, the transparent screen that separates the proxy-war from the real war will disappear and we will find ourselves in WWIII.

    Russians used chemical weapon in Ukraine

    Ukrainian soldiers in chemical hazard drills near Kharkiv in February 2024 - Sophia Gatiova/Reuters

    We have seen that the Russians have added the use of hypersonic missiles against Ukrainian cities, which upsets the balance of fighting power used so far in the Russia-Ukraine war. Did this oblige the U.S. and the NATO to enter the war to restore the balance? No. It did not. This week the Russians used chemical weapons against Ukrainian troops. Does this imply the U.S. will enter to punish Russia for another violation of the international treatises? This happened just a few days ago. Let us see what the reaction will be…

  • Similarly, on the Middle East front, despite the arrogance of Israel, were it not for the support of the United States in this war – as well as in all its wars since 1948 – Israel would have succumbed. The reality is that in the Middle East the U.S. is already at war with Iran and its allies albeit it is not an openly declared war. Will a non-proxy direct war ever be declared or has the international order already been so entirely dissipated that the declaration of war has become an obsolete formality?
The different topics I addressed in this overview show us that the whole international panorama is rapidly changing from a relatively stable order to an increasingly chaotic scenario in which international and civil wars are shaking nations that are simultaneously afflicted by criminal gang riots and fighting.

This scenario is not so different from the picture depicted by many Saints who have warned Catholics of the start of the chastisement that God would send to punish the world for its many crimes.


Blason de Charlemagne
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