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Card. Newman Recognized as a Homosexual
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In reaction to the request of Catholic Prelates to civil authorities for permission to transfer the body of Cardinal John Henry Newman from the city of Rednal, England, to a place in Birmingham Oratory church, recent breaking news revealed that Cardinal Newman was an alleged homosexual. He was buried in Rednal alongside his lover Ambrose St. John at his express will. In its August 22, 2008 issue, National Catholic Reporter, another credible source, confirms that information.

Since Benedict XVI has promised to beatify Newman very soon, Catholics should be prepared to offer public devotion to an alleged homosexual, presented to them as a saint, that is, a man who is in Heaven and whose life was above all reproach, one who should be imitated by all.

Below, the photocopy of the news item in National Catholic Reporter (p. 4). The part highlighted in yellow confirms the information from the ENI site mentioned above.

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Posted on August 23, 2008

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