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The History of the Tie - IX

Disappearance of the Necktie in Public & Professional Life

Kaede Lira
Today I end my illustrated necktie series with pictures of public and professional life, past and present. In order to evaluate the shock of the revolution in clothing, I thought I would place old photos alongside new, back to back. This is a change in format from the previous articles, but one that I hope will be more expressive of the present day corruption in dressing.

What I found most interesting in these photos is how people in the past maintained their dignity when travelling, working and even playing, perhaps for hours on end. Contrast it with today’s egalitarian styles, which are devoid of any and all sacrality.

I invite my readers to see for themselves the disuse of the necktie – a longtime symbol of hierarchy and sacrality – and the disastrous consequences in the following photos.

Selling street food then...               and now

Street food - contrasting historic and modern photographs

A buffet street carriage in Hatvan, Hungary, 1910       People in line at a food truck in Florida, 2013

Fruit vendors - contrasting historic and modern photographs

Fruit vendors in downtown Los Angeles, 1920s           A fruit vendor in New York City, 2016

Food shop workers - contrasting historic and modern photographs

Food shop workers in London, 1941     Food shop workers at Borough Market, London, 2017

Traveling then...                                    and now

Travelling then and now

A train station in Brazil, 1935                          Passengers in a train in California, 2012

Aboard a flight then and now

         Passengers aboard a flight, 1960s                              Passengers aboard a flight, 2013

Working and playing then...                   and now

Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt at a press conference, 1932

Above left, Presidents Hoover & Roosevelt at a press conference, 1932;
right, Presidents Obama & Putin at a press conference, 2013

dressing for work then and now

NASA Committee, 1958                  New York Tech Startup, 2010

Journalists then and now

A BBC newsroom, 1960s                          A CNN newsroom in Georgia, 2013

Playing marbles then and now

  Boys playing marbles with a North Carolina senator, 1924       Boys on a playground, 2014


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 11, 2018

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