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The Quarantine Is Unconstitutional &
Will Make Us Another Venezuela

Cosme Beccar Varela, Argentina
Quarantine is an imprisonment dictated by decree against 40,000,000 people, the entire population (of Argentina), and with the threat of imprisonment for up to two years for those who leave their homes for a cause other than those specifically listed by the government: food, health and official business, plus some other exception that are strictly necessary for the sustenance or health of the home inmates. The police are launching into the persecution of the violations and, according to the press, there are already more than a thousand summons against the "criminals."

Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez, Socialist President of Argentina, is using the virus to act like a new Hitler

Never in the history of this country or, to my knowledge, of any other government – not even that of the most autocratic monarch – was such a fierce measure imposed upon the entirety of a people, who have been imprisoned without being accused of any crime. The right to be first accused and then have the offense duly proven, respecting all the legal guarantees, has been completely disregarded.

In other words, all this is absolutely and blatantly contrary to the National Constitution. How is it possible that the Law Academy or the jurists have said nothing about this unprecedented scandal?

Worse still is the clergy. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires and all his Auxiliary Bishops published their decision to close all the churches in Buenos Aires, and even suspended the precept to hear the whole Mass on Sundays, claiming that they must follow the government's decisions. In other words, it is an open confession of the heretical doctrine of the inferiority of spiritual power compared to temporal power.

And more serious still, it is an implicit apostasy insofar as it implies denying the infinite power of God Who can overcome any virus and protect those who invoke Him. Instead of closing the churches where the Blessed Sacrament is kept, they should have filled the churches with the faithful presided over by Bishops and priests to ask for forgiveness for our sins and protection against the plague. But they closed the churches instead, and it is almost impossible to find a priest.

Cardinal Mario Poli

Following Pope Francis, Card. Mario Poli closed all churches & suspended the Sacraments

We have already spent 10 days in this overwhelming situation and today the media announced that the government intends to extend this quarantine until after Easter, that is, 13 more days. To make this derogatory and insulting decision, once again violating the Constitution, it has called on a group of infectious disease experts and businessmen to analyze the consequences of this abuse. But it has not summoned the Bishops or the jurists, despite the fact that unconstitutionality and spiritual damage are more serious than the danger of contagion.

Furthermore, the severity of the plague has not been proven. Of 44,000,000 inhabitants, 745 have been infected and 19 have died in the 15 days since the disease appeared, with most of the deaths due to complications from other diseases. Is this a plague that justifies extreme government actions? In the 19th century we had a yellow fever plague in Buenos Aires and no quarantine was declared, and the porteños de bien [the social elites of Buenos Aires], on the contrary, acted as volunteers to help the sick and bury the dead.

All this is clearly an abuse of authority by the leftist government under which we suffer. There are many unanswered questions:
  1. How many died per day in our country of different diseases and sicknesses before the hysteria of the “coronavirus” began? It is a population of 44,000,000, and it is very likely that there were thousands, but this is ignored to maintain the panic that justifies this arbitrary action. There is a constant risk of death in life: Does the government intend by this hateful quarantine to make men immortal?

  2. The government was weighed down by its own incompetence and an unpayable debt. This plague has taken it out of that morass and has turned the inept President Fernandez into a kind of thaumaturge who is obeyed against all reason and justice. Is it good for the country for this individual to have achieved this amount of power while the population has lost all critical spirit in the face of his arbitrary actions?

  3. Alexander Kerensky

    Alexander Kerensky, principal leader of the provisory government that delivered Russia to Communism

  4. Industry and commerce (except for food) are closed. Employees and workers are at home unable to work and the employers must pay them their wages or, rather, they should pay them, but often they cannot because they have to get the money somewhere and they can't collect their own bills. What will be the consequences of this paralysis for the country's economy, already seriously damaged? Can the many medium and small-sized companies that have gone bankrupt be recovered?

  5. I have written several articles in this column denouncing [past President] Macri (mysteriously silent during this destructive crisis) as a "Kerensky" whose lousy government favored the return of Kirchnerism, which, in turn, is leading us to a situation like that of Venezuela. It is known that this country was economically destroyed by the Marxist policy of Chavismo. Are we not experiencing a similar phenomenon here, that is, isn't this same government leading the country into bankruptcy, which will result in the same kind of unemployment and hunger afflicting Venezuela?

  6. Won't the consequences of this paralysis of the country be similar to the loss of freedom cause by a Cuban invasion and the consolidation of its tyranny, all much easier to impose on a hungry people without work?

    I remember that years ago, Venezuelans heroically resisted, going to the streets by the millions, filling the enormous avenues of Caracas. Since then, things have changed: Five million Venezuelans went into exile and there are no longer marches against the government. In that same period, hunger gripped Venezuela, the false opposition leaders extinguished all the pockets of resistance, and the armed forces – bribed, corrupted and trained by Cubans – became the strongest supporters of the regime. After this mortal process, Venezuela will not free itself from tyranny except by the military intervention of friendly countries, something that the "democrats" of the entire world hypocritically condemn.
Return to slavery

The Coronavirus is giving Western governments a pretext to transform free citizens into slaves

Is there a way to stop this drift towards ruin and slavery?

The first thing would be for Argentines to stop being so gullible, so submissive and so fearful. The educated classes, beginning with the highest, should mobilize to demand an end to this national imprisonment and paralysis, instead of acquiescing to this situation with a conniving silence. They should be the first to set the example of accepting the possibility of getting sick and even dying, rather than allowing the country to lose its freedom at the hands of Marxism through contrivances like the quarantine, which is operating with destructive effectiveness.

Won't they die someday anyway from this or that disease of the many that threaten us or on the Cuban ‘paredón’ [Castro’s infamous wall where thousands were executed by firing squads]?

Let us ask the Blessed Virgin to give us the courage and wisdom that we lack and begin to resist before it is too late.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 3, 2020

Cosme Beccar Varela first publish this column on
his website La Botella al Mar on March 29, 2020

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