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Naked Natives, Aborted Children
& Art Work

Holy Naked People
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Dear TIA,

Wish you a blessed new year, and you bring a lot of true facts facing the so called Catholics. I remember the jealous parishioners against Mel Gibson, and I let them have it! Throughout history there have always been false teachers and even Popes, yet God will always be God. The miracles in my life are the bases of my faith because of so much controversy and lies.

Since life is just a test of will for God or against God, it is good in a way that the enemy shows its true colors so bluntly. Adjusting to the American Catholic Church has been a challenge, especially here in L.A.

The secular junk that some parishioners push in Church is the Anti Christ, and unfortunately most people don't have the guts to speak out.

Regarding the African natives I don't see a sin due to their culture, and as long as the Clergy doesn't see the naked natives in a sexual way, I believe it's clean - like a naked child playing at the beach. In life we can see perverts fully dressed, and holy naked people. It's the intent and perception that God fully knows.

I do like your site, and in regards to Fatima it hits home. I was born in Portugal and have always wonder why would any one reveal secrets forbidden by Nossa Senhora. Am still trying to figure out which stories to believe. One I tend to believe is certain, the kids saw the supernatural and the miracle of the Son. I also believe in Josyp Terelya's miracles of being saved by Our Lady in Siberia. The KGB claimed that he has yoga powers while his cell was warmed along with his freezing body.

If you know Mel Gibson, perhaps you can tell him to please read the book called Witness [the continuation of Fatima] which I left with his people at his Church. Am in contact with Josyp, and he is a true Catholic, even with Vatican II. I myself was born in the new [Church], yet a lot of old was still in place. My family was Cavalry "Order of Christ," during the monarchy and after.

One thing is certain, Satan is having a field day with so much division amongst God's people, and I sure hope that ma by in this new year we begin to gain back our Nation.

God bless you.



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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. M.V.,

Thank you for your greetings. We wish you and your family a happy New Year as well.

Also, thank you for sending us your opinions. We agree with some of them, and disagree with others. Regarding our critique on the Pope appearing with naked native women, you may be interested in reading an article we posted about the objectivity of Catholic Morals.

For your information, we don't have any relation or close contact with Mr. Mel Gibson.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Salvation of Aborted Children?
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Dear TIA,

In reading Dr. Plinio's excellent article on the martyrdom of the Holy Innocents, I was reminded of the Church's teachings on a "Baptism of blood." Surely, these innocents are in heaven, though not baptized in the usual way.

Why could not the same be said of those innocents who perish as a result of abortion? The aborted children are innocent, unbaptized (in the usual way), and victims of a bloody cruelty that is often compared to the Holy Innocents' fate. Why does the Church not teach that these guiltless ones are now in Heaven as a result of a baptism of blood?

I must also state that I reject the shallow and idiotic suggestion that if the unborn can go to heaven without baptism (in the normal way), more people would have abortions and/or less people would protest them. Surely, a sane person would realize that a deliberate abortion to insure the unborn's salvation is still a pagan and barbaric act. Also, only Catholics, or others who oppose abortion, would be interested in such a doctrine, and they would know that such an act is a grievous mortal sin (murder).

     In Jesus and Mary,


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TIA responds:

Dear J.B.S.,

Your position regarding children who died as a consequence of abortion is not clear to us. In the second paragraph of your message, you state that they should be considered as having a 'baptism of blood' and, therefore, saved. In the third paragraph you seemed to defend that they are not saved.

In any case, we would like to clarify that Prof. Plinio did not say that the children murdered by abortion are saved nor that they had a baptism of blood, as you seem to induce in your second paragraph. In his comments on the Holy Innocents he was very cautious to just repeat what Dom Guéranger stated about for canonizing them. Prof. Plinio did not teach any new interpretation of Catholic doctrine to be applied to aborted children. Quite the opposite, he deeply lamented that those poor children were deprived from receiving baptism.

Once this is clear, let us go on to say that we respect your opinion regarding the salvation of children killed in abortion, but we do not agree with it. We stand with the traditional Catholic doctrine which teaches that those children who die without baptism and without personal guilt go to Limbo.

Incidentally, we positively disagree with the attempt made by then-Cardinal Ratzinger to deny Limbo, which was recently repeated by a declaration of Cardinal Levada as prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. In this regard we are in resistance against such opinion, a public stand we have already taken on this website (please check here and here).


     TIA correspondence desk

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Art Sources for the TIA Website
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Dear sirs at Tradition in Action,

Where can I find the great Catholic art that you have on your website? Can you recommend a site to look at to find "Catholic art" that I can copy for e-mails to send to family and friends?

Have you thought of adding a "Catholic Art" section on your website?

Thank you, and may God bless your work with His Grace,

     G.T., Germany

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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. G.T.,

Thank you for praising the art work on our website.

We don't have any specific source on the Internet for art. When we need some illustration for an article we search Images on the Internet or look for pictures in our private library of photo-albums and journals, which is quite good. In the latter case we give due credit to the sources as long as the works are not public domain.

For non-profit purposes you may copy and spread among your siblings and friends the art work you like from our website. If you also circulate the text of the articles in which the art work is portrayed, we ask you the favor to give due credit to the author and the Tradition in Action website.

Regarding your suggestion to have a section on Catholic Art, perhaps you would like to visit this page, which is not as comprehensive as we would like because of lack of time and means, but is a already a start. We appreciate your interest.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 8, 2008

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