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Rose Parade, Frogs & Giving Alms

Corrupting the Rose Parade


Please, check this news report: Rose Parade Gay 'Marriage' Float Degrades Family Event, Say Conservative Activists

The public flaunting of sexual perversion by sodomites is a BIG TIME desecration of the Rose Parade. It was formerly a New Year's family tradition to watch this parade. Now, it is being used to promote a sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance, per Genesis 18 and 19.

It is a scandal that mocks the justice of God and of nature. Let us remember that God is NOT to be mocked!

     Gary Morella

Global Warming Stuck in the Ice


It is all too plain (save for those who still worship at the altar of the great G_D, AL GORE) that the man-made effects of global warming are grossly fictitious... Yet we see a ship full of ECO-FREAKS get stranded while on their way to the South Pole - to PROVE we are losing the ice pack.

The attached newspaper article dated January 4, 2014, subject line can be understood by reviewing MAIER's Law: 'If facts do not correspond to theory they must be immediately disposed of."


a cartoon satiring global warming


‘Saved Statues’ in San Francisco Earthquake

Dear TIA Staff,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

It might be of interest to your readers that the phenomenon of “saved statues” reported after the typhoon in the Philippines is not a new one.

I came across an article in the highly-reputed German missionary magazine Die Katholischen Missionen about the 1906 earthquake in the Bay Area. It was reported that statues remained undamaged in churches, chapels and homes in San Francisco. While the Jesuit church in San Jose was destroyed, the statues of the Blessed Virgin weren’t.

     God bless,


Desecration of Crucifixes


Look at this warehouse (below) with crucifixes left on the floor without any respect, as they were not sacred objects! Consider the complete desecration the reforms of Vatican II represented for the Catholic Church.

For the news report click here.


Desecration of crucifixes


A True American Hero


I cannot put into words adjectives that describe this man's attitude and life. This is the best.

If this doesn't make you proud...I don't know what will. Great story, of a great man. During his talk I never heard him blow his horn once but I heard him praise his fellow solders over and over.

To watch/listen to an excerpt of his talk, click here.


Passion Frog

Dear TIA,

A photograph of the Passion Frog
I just read your article on the Sand Dollar.

We see signs and symbols of the Redemption in God's creation. Here is an interesting species from Australia:

I would love to hear your commentary regarding this animal.

     Thank you.

     P.F., Australia


TIA responds:

Dear P.F.,

Thank you for sending us this picture and link.

To find those symbols on the frog’s back is really curious.

We would say that the frog, as well as the serpent, the bat, the rat and other such hideous animals, do not suggest a first thought toward Heaven, but rather are symbols of Hell and evil. However, it is interesting to see how even in these animals Divine Providence found a way to make us remember God and the redemption of Our Lord. Perhaps to re-affirm the victory of Our Lord over the Devil.

Urutu cruzeiro
The Australian frog you mentioned seems to be an example of this, as are some poisonous snakes that have crosses stamped on their backs. At right, you can see a snake that shows on its spine a succession of arches, each with a cross on top of a mount, a clear referral to our redemption at Calvary. This is the Brazilian Urutu cruzeiro, one of the most poisonous serpents that exist.


     TIA correspondence desk


Distributing Alms

Dear TIA,

Since I have left the New-Church, I have been forced to re-think how I should distribute alms for charity. I do not support any secular charities (mainly since I lack confidence in their moral accountability), and, after reading about how (among other things) several New-Church “charities” have, on numerous occasions, provided support for immoral organizations, I have also decided to completely avoid giving any sort of alms to these or any other New-Church group (although, I suppose, there are still certain borderline cases (e.g. hospitals).

At this point, I feel that the best option for me would be to only give alms to genuine “Christian” (meant in the very broad sense of the term) groups. To be more precise, I believe that this would involve only giving alms to Traditional Catholic charities to the exclusion of other moral, upright non-Catholic “Christian” charities (e.g. The Salvation Army).

What do you believe is the proper Catholic stance to adopt concerning this issue?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear T.B.,

If we have no discerniment to whom we give alms, we may have to give an account to God for promoting bad things or even heresies.

How can we give alms to Protestant charities when they take advantage of every opportunity to spread their heresies? How can we give alms to progressivist associations when they will use our money to promote the Vatican II apostasy and its consequences? How can we assist a hospital that performs abortion, euthanasia and kills the moribund to take his organs and sell them to the transplant business?

We believe your conclusion is correct: We should give alms to those who need more help, especially those who are defending the Catholic Church and Christendom in the present day crisis.


     TIA correspondence desk


Sede-vacantism, SSPX & TIA

Hello there,

I’ve just come across some great information on your TIA site refuting Theology of the Body. Thank you.

I’m thinking of recommending your site to some people but would like to know, first, are you sedevacantist or associated with or in support of the SSPX? If so in what way? This is important to me because the people I have in mind will want to know and may or may not be receptive to your information depending on your answer.

     Thank you for your time.


TIA responds:

Hello C.F.,

No, we are not sede-vacantists (see here, here, here, here & here) nor we are linked to the SSPX.

With the latter organization we have points in common - the defense of the Tridentine Mass and the Catholic Church as she was before Vatican II - and points of disagreement - they promote Distributism and have pointed out as a model for society the regimes of Petain in France and Franco in Spain. We do not accept these models. We consider Distributism and the two mentioned regimes to be socialist.

Also regarding Vatican II, we differ from the positions of Msgr. Lefebvre (here, here & here) and the SSPX (here, here, here & here) because they would agree with the Council if it were interpreted “in the light of tradition,” and we do not concur with this judgment. We think Vatican II should be declared null and void and we strive for another council to be convened in the future to continue the First Vatican Council at the point Pius IX suspended its meetings.


     TIA correspondence desk.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 9, 2014

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