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Elections, Sex-Symbol & Feminists

Coming Elections

To my good friends at TIA,

It is obvious the California Primary election is approaching with television ads and mail boxes stuffed with half truths and lies. It is also very apparent that the Democratic Party is running against President Trump and Jesus Christ. Progressive candidates are proudly confirming their support for actions that break the commandments of God.

Where are the bishops of the Catholic Church?

This question was answered by Our Lady of Good Success in the 17th Century when she told Mother Mariana that during our time, "In the supreme moment of need of the Church, those who should. speak will fall silent."

     Homer Sweeney


Mother Shooting Robber


Please, watch this clip of a mother in Brazil defending her son in a school. She makes the point that parents and teachers should be well-trained in the use of weapons to avoid having children and college students exposed to terrorists or maniacs who can kill them.

The right thing to do is not to forbid people to buy weapons – the criminals always will have access to them – but to train the honest people to use them well to defend themselves and their loved ones.

The clip is here.




Sex-Symbol Priest in Portugal

Dear TIA friends,

While reading the News I found the story of the "playboy" priest, I am passing on the news report to you in the case you want to post it in " Church Revolution in Pictures" section.

     Thanks for your good work,


Ricardo Esteves, 35, is the parish priest in Caminha, Portugal. In his Masses he has achieved a great success among women. He has done this by publishing bold photos of himself. Although in his profession he shows a more reserved image, on his Facebook page he posts bold photos with his naked torso swimming or dressed as a pilot while enjoying a boat excursion.

Read more here

pictures of Padre Ricardo Esteves


Voice & Steps

Dear TIA,

One of Dr. Horvat's books – either Courtesy Calls Again or The Catholic Manual of Civility, I don't remember which – relates the story of Demosthenes, the ancient orator who was born with a poor voice, which he corrected and strengthened by speaking over the waves at the sea.

My question is, having read a recent letter sent to TIA on the What People are Commenting page, regarding how the voices of men today are increasingly effeminate, I ask how I might make my own voice more masculine. It seems rather obvious how I might do it, but thinking about it, I'm really not sure where to begin.

Is there a special book or tape that the esteemed staff of TIA might recommend on this subject, improving one's voice, admittedly rather peculiar. I also would note that I've been listening to two delightful little CDs I recently purchased from TIA - "A Catholic Way to do Everything" and "the Four Temperaments". So far, my favorite one is "the Four Temperaments" - I applaud Dr. Marian Horvat for sharing her knowledge with us. It inspires me to read more.

I thank you for your consideration.



TIA responds:

Dear M.J.W.,

Thank you for your kind words and the mentions of Dr. Horvat's books and CDs. We are passing your e-mail on to her.

It would demand one or two articles to give you all the reasons why you should have an affirmative voice and walk. We hope those will be forthcoming. But here, just to not leave you without an answer, we recommend these points to you:
  • Try to be very affirmative in your statements and speak in a clear voice;

  • To train projecting your voice, when you are by yourself, try to sing aloud some of the students and hunting German songs we posted on our website;

  • Walk with firm steps and a straight back. Here, dignified clothing helps to keep one alert to good posture and an upright way of being.
These are simple exercises you can do that may improve both your voice and demeanor.


     TIA correspondence desk


Feminists Attack to St. John Chrysostom

Dear TIA,

My admiration for Mr. Atila S. Guimarães continues to increase! First of all, kindly let me thank him for giving the warning that a necessary biology is necessitated in order for him to answer the objections to the issue of the single vocation. I am grateful that through my familiarity with the subjects of art and biology, I am not offended by his elevated and accurate treatment of the subject (here). In my opinion, only very sensitive and naive people might be shocked, while the rest of us merely blush at our own concupiscence.

Thank you, Mr. Guimaraes, for clarifying St. John Chrysostom for me. The Saint has been repeatedly been attacked by feminists, and sometimes his words they have quoted, have puzzled me. Explaining Eastern Catholic thought and manner of expression is very helpful.

It seems to me that these married "ladies" who claim to be traditional, and Rev. Fr. Paul Sretenovic, are being influenced by Pope John Paul II and his views on marital relations, though they do not believe they are. I find a lot of confusion, even among those attending Traditional Latin Mass for a long time. Adult catechism is seriously lacking. Many do not study and read.

I am grateful to Tradition in Action for providing so much rich traditional Catholic doctrine and culture. I have visited many sites, and those claiming to be traditional, such as FishEaters, (which provides much good information) often have shocking posts by those claiming to be traditional! (These posts are not reviewed nor censored). I am not trying to be "better than thou," as I am still learning myself. However, there is a serious lack of good Catholic education and this is very evident in the posts. So my heartfelt gratitude for the subject of marriage and the single life being clarified on TIA.

I fully agree with Mr. Guimaraes, that the subject is open for discussion, and that the possibility for a pre-Fall conception by Word and Virgin Birth, as being the ordinary means for bringing children into Paradise, is not only possible, but delightful to contemplate. As to human procreation not being an act of creatures related to animal pro-creation, why then, do farm children already know the human "facts of life" before their teenage years by witnessing the acts of animals mating and giving birth to their offspring? Of course passion rules the intellect in this aspect of life! That is why God channeled this passion to be contained in matrimony!

Well, one must read Mr. Guimaraes articles to have the correct information about the Sacrament of marriage. There is a great confusion about it, and I am glad it is being clarified. For too long the image of "the old maid" has dominated our society. I wonder if married women, and traditional women trying to be ladies, are not respected and honored by their families, friends and local Chapel as they should be, and this may be why there is such a strong reaction about their status as being second to the consecrated life, or the celibate single life of a Catholic.

The husband should be a loving father as head of the house, earning his right to be obeyed by his family, not a tyrant dictating to his family as his personal automatons, and aggravating them into rebellion! The traditional mother and wife is very dishonored by our society, and very attacked. Yet even the most traditional married lady cannot help but be from our perverse society, and influenced by feminism. We are lucky to have less of the ills of that society in our chapels. Rare, if not extinct, is the perfect Roman Catholic Chapel society with absolutely no modernism in today's world. We can only strive for perfection and fall into the Confessional so that we do not give up!

I must also defend TIA for their marvelous and valuable CD's and books on healthy families and the healthy raising of children. I hope many will search the catalogue and purchase the truly great materials offered. They are a treasure.

I cannot help but wonder if traditionalists are modifying their formerly strong stance against modernism as the physical (which includes legal) persecution of Southern Poverty Law Center and their allies increases. Who will stand before Madam Guillotine? My natural inclination is to run and hide and hope it all goes away! I pray to Our Lady daily.

     God Bless you, Mr. Guimaraes, and all the brave staff at Tradition In Action.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2018

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