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Inclusiveness, Sudden Deaths & Muslim Customs

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Re: St. Joseph Humiliation Article

That was very interesting. Thank you

It has come to me praying the rosary recently that if they were at a residence and not in a cave, perhaps Herod would have found them.

     God bless,



Truly Diverse & Inclusive

Dear TIA,

In response to the excellent article by Rita A. Stewart on the moves to make the Catholic church more “inclusive” and “diverse” I would comment as follows.

The Catholic Church is a Western Church and Catholic Civilization is the very height of Western Civilization. The mission given to the Church was to go out and preach the truth to all nations. This is what our missionary Priests, Brothers and Sisters did. Therefore our Church has always been inclusive and diverse in the real sense of those words. No one, no matter how different, was excluded provided they were ready to accept and obey humbly the teachings of the One True Church.

If being inclusive and diverse means accepting other so-called civilizations as being equal to Catholic Civilization, then that is simply not possible. Our missionaries did not encounter civilization when they travelled those far fields. On the contrary they encountered cannibalism, babies left in ditches, little girls thrown away, women as slaves, no schools, no hospitals, no work ethic.

Idleness, the mother of all the vices and the friend of Satan, ruled these communities. We do not of course blame these poor heathen people. They had been separated from God, never encountered the Grace of God and were doomed to perdition were it not for their missionary saviors.

The same applies today. The worship of nature can never be accepted by real Catholics. We see the hand of God, of course, in all nature, but we must never substitute the worship of God for a misguided heathen practice. Our eyes should always be turned Heavenwards, out thoughts on the next life and our labors in this world focused on saving our Souls.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Sudden Deaths Escalate

Dear TIA,

Check this list of the last few days of people who died suddenly and “inexplicably” after taking the vax:

  • L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Dies After Suffering Medical Emergency While Driving (here)
  • Chief Operating Officer of Twin Cities Largest Law Firm Dies “Suddenly” (here)
  • 'Vibrant' young Scots woman dies suddenly as heartbroken colleagues pay tribute (here)
  • Family's CPR appeal after 'beautiful, charismatic and funny' young footballer dies of cardiac arrest (here)
  • Husband dies suddenly in sleep as wife pregnant with child (here)
  • On Camera: 32-Year-Old Man Dancing At Wedding Collapses, Dies (here)
  • Award-Winning Chef Suddenly Dies at 48 - Emotional Tributes Show How Well-Respected He Was (here)
Does anyone still believe that it is just a coincidence that they were all vaccinated?

     Keep up the good work.



Trans-Women Empowered in Fashion Industry

Dear TIA,

This [below] is a trans-woman, that is to say a man who violated nature and God’s law and made his own decision to be what he is not. Not strange that the feminist movement ultimately would end in transgenderism for ultimate empowerment.

So very, very sick!

Please, Our Lady, send the chastisement soon so your Son will not be offended like this any longer.


transgender miss universe

'New Era of Global Women's Empowerment' To Be 'Run by Transwomen

The new transgender owner of the Miss Universe Organization declared at the event over the weekend that the new global era for women’s empowerment would be led by trans people.

Biological male Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, CEO and biggest shareholder of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited, bought the organization for $20 million late last year from Endeavor’s IMG.

“It has been 70 years that Miss Universe Organization run by men. But now, time is up, is the moment really, for women to take the leap,” Jakrajutatip said. “Welcome to the new era of the global women’s empowerment platform. Welcome to the Miss Universe Organization. From now on is going to be ran by women, owned by a trans woman, for all women, for all women really around the world to celebrate the power of feminism.”

Read more here


Muslim-style Postures

Dear Tradition in Action Representative,

Blessed be the Most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph! - and Compliments of the Holy Season!

Thanks for sending out recently, different categories of articles and that of Hymns & Songs. It was very easy to go through them all in one place to select appealing items: Formation of Children and Youth, Forgotten Truths etc. I enjoyed the 'O Antiphons' and was exposed to other hymns/carols from different countries. I am sorry I have not made a donation but I do want to do so when I am able to more easily!

Now I perused the unusual 'Muslim-style prostrations' articles (here, here, here). I live in Buffalo, NY and I had first seen an older woman adopt this posture instead of the usual double genuflection and head-bow before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, before getting into her pew, at one of Fr. Nicholas Gruner's Fatima conferences in Toronto, Canada.

I was edified as that was exactly as the Angel of Fatima had taught the Fatima children to do before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and this lady had no human respect in imitating this posture in public. I see another gentleman do it regularly in Buffalo and now I do it as well before getting into the pew.

I also saw a gentleman walk backward when exiting the church with the Blessed Sacrament exposed. I never forgot it. I saw one person at a Polish adoration chapel (YouTube) do the same. These are very few, perhaps one in hundreds!

Now here is what Sr. Lucia writes in her second memoir (1937) about the Angel of Peace: "Kneeling on the ground, he bowed down until his forehead touched the ground, and made us repeat these words three times: 'My God, I believe ...' Then rising, he said: 'Pray thus. ...' ... From then on, we used to spend long periods of time, prostrate like the Angel, repeating his words, until sometimes we fell, exhausted."

So I see that the posture is pleasing to God. Thus the muslims seem to have the correct posture but the wrong God! Seeing a Catholic in such a position may at least sow a good seed in a good-willed muslim's heart and mind.

Now, regarding most of the rest of the critique, I quite agree. The Novus Ordo not being God-centered has to employ marketing techniques to attract and keep attendees. Shia LeBouef made the same point in his interview with Bishop Robert Barron regarding the new mass. The discipline of quiet time with God is necessary, I think, in order to begin to know Him.

So thanks again for your good news!

     Yours in the Most Holy Rosary,


TIA responds:

Dear W.C.,

Thank you for your support for so many pages of our website and for your gentle objection.

We distinguish two fields in which the posture you mention can be discussed.
  1. The religious field

    1. You could have also given the example of some Filipino ladies at traditionalist Masses in in Los Angeles and Orange County who take a similar position in Church, carrying out a habit that seems common in their original country. We respect their local peculiarities and devotions. Their position, however, is different from the Muslims because they do not sit back on their heels, like the Muslims. Sometimes they touch their forehead on the floor; other times - also different from the Muslims - they kiss the floor or the step of the Communion rail.

    2. Further, before the Vatican II changes, there were also some religious female congregations whose members would take their meals during Lent in the refectory on the floor seated on their heels. They would eat from their plates that were placed on their scapulars, which were spread out on the floor in front of each nun. This position was a penance, even more similar to the Muslims than the first.

    3. There is also the precedent of the Angel in Fatima whose posture was imitated by the three little shepherds, as you mention.

  2. These postures in religious life or in the Mass can be understood and respected, although they clash with the normal way of worshipping in the West among lay people. It is comprehensible that in the United States or Canada, countries with a great variety of immigrants, these uncommon postures can be more tolerated.

    However, the rule for religious customs as well as civil customs is “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That is, when someone immigrates to another country, it is expected that after some time of adaptation, he will adopt to the normal customs of the country, and not vice-versa.

  3. The cultural field

    1. In the cultural field we are witnessing the aggressive introduction of strange customs that come from Eastern false religions, which are influencing the West to accept those beliefs. We refer principally to Yoga practices, presented as good ways to keep the body and mind healthy, as well as to some Muslims customs.

    2. Here, we will leave aside the enormous influence of Hinduism and Buddhism in different cultural fields.

    3. We address only two Muslim cultural habits that are being introduced everywhere and preparing minds to accept that religion: The first is the new Western fashion of taking off one's shoes when entering the house and leaving them outside the front door.

    4. The second one is the cultural/religious habit of kneeling on one’s heels and bowing to touch one’s forehead to the floor. Although this is more often seen in churches, it also has been enforced in some places, in universities and high schools outdoor classes, in children schools as we pointed out with the Children of Hope movement.
We hope you will see that it is not good to adopt a Muslim custom given that their cultural and religious influence is disrupting Catholic customs and deviating people away from the Catholic Faith.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 24, 2023

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