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Impurity, Climate Change & Porno Internet

Wholesome Recreation

Dear TIA desk,

Re: What do you recommend for wholesome recreation?

Thank you so much for your well thought out answer. These thoughts will certainly be a great help to me.




Impurity Leads to Hell

Dear TIA

Re: Immodest Future Spouse

Ave Maria Purissima !

The primary purpose of marriage is procreation. This is achieved through the union of husband and wife in the “marriage act.” For this to happen, it is usual for the passions of the husband to be aroused. The wife achieves this through her body, which is designed for this purpose among many others. We can see therefore that the body of the female can arouse passions. While this is necessary and right in the bedroom, for purposes of procreation only, it is certainly not right in the public domain.

In public the female body should be covered and its shape concealed. A modestly dressed girl or woman will display no flesh, save her hands and face. Indeed in times past, women would don a hat and gloves when leaving their home. This would be the ideal today.

I am not suggesting all girls and women must wear ankle length dresses or skirts. Mid calf length would also be acceptable but only if a pair of non fashion stockings are worn to cover the remainder of the legs. Long sleeves and a modest neck would not be negotiable as far as I am concerned.

Girls and women today are simply regarded as sexual objects by many men and, sadly, women are largely responsible for this. When in public, we must learn to dress for ourselves and not to attract men. There is no excuse for immodesty today.

We know what Our Lady has said on the subject and also the Fathers of the Church, through the ages. We know also that many souls go to Hell through impurity, both impure thoughts and actions. If we are responsible for this, be sure we will go to Hell also.

God bless you all at TIA.

     Yours faithfully,

     C. P., Ireland


Another Scientist against Global Warming

Dear TIA,

The list of competent scientists that denounces climate change or global warming as fake is growing.

Recently Dr. Judith Curry, former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, affirmed in a conference that the entire climate “crisis” was “manufactured.”

It is another proof that Pope Francis – who is in constant panic over this “crisis” but not over mortal sins – is a puppet of the Secret Forces.

Keep up the good work.



Polish Family Beatified


What do you think of this?

The parents are magnificent Catholic heroes, but, is this martyrdom? If I saw someone being attacked, intervened to save the person's life, and then was killed by the attacker myself, by Rome's thinking - according to the example here -  I would be a martyr. How many soldiers killed in battle would fit into Rome's definition?

And one does not have to be a "Feeneyite" to be confused at the beatification of an unbaptized newborn. How about a situation in which a Muslim mother is being attacked in childbirth and the father intervenes and fails, with all three being killed. Is that martyrdom, too? And why not, by the Vatican's standards?



Porno Internet Plaguing the Youth

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I am writing with hope that what I share might help save someone, especially in the traditional movement, from seeing their young sons corrupted by the many sins involved with viewing and consuming pornography.

Several months ago, my daughter shared that in one of her introductory psychology texts, it was cited that 2/3 of young men between the ages of 12 and 18 are addicted to porn. As if that weren't bad enough, in many cases, school children were initially exposed to it shortly after the massive installation of computers into the public schools was accomplished. No controls against porn websites installed on those computers, thus leading so many curious young minds into the hands of the enemy.

One young man, age 20, from a traditional Catholic family became exposed to porn as a 12-year old after having heard someone talking about it at a Catholic function. Out of curiosity, he went home and looked it up. Unfortunately, he remains addicted.

Again and again, it must be recognized that Our Lady was not kidding when she said many souls will go to hell because of impurity. One of the most difficult aspects of porn is that the addiction can be easily fed via access to the internet and cell phone. In one case, an addict said, "There's no way to prove either guilt or innocence [with this addiction]. Only my word." (This from an addict who lies by omission in most cases for years, or by commission to keep his constant "best friend" -- his addiction.)

Well, from my perspective, there is one very weak way -- to remove the internet-accessed computer, and the cell phone from the addict, but this is a pitiful attempt to hold back the ocean of porn. Who doesn't have a cell phone? Who leaves it off their body or allows someone else to constantly monitor their calls or browsing? How many addicted will give up their phones? Hardly anyone.

With the touch of a button, browsing histories can be easily cleared after the fact, removing any proof of guilt. Hence, this is the perfect addiction. It's so easy to come up with "no proof". Only God and the heavenly court will know. Temptation is present 24/7. No let up. O how easy to capture the minds and souls of the youth! Give them a cell phone with access to the internet!

In contrast, perhaps Our Lady is working to pull young ladies under her mantle. When one young woman read the statistic I shared above, she went to a place where she could be completely alone and cried for a half hour, with the thought that all young men should be thrown away. She has little interest in trying to find a young man, out of fear he may be addicted to porn. One of her friends has had three relationships destroyed by the young men's addictions to porn. She will not involve herself in any kind of pursuit of marriage if the suitor is addicted, which is totally understandable.

My greatest hope is that Our Lady will use this dreadful time to call more young ladies to help lead the young men of this generation out of their sinful lives by leading lives of prayer and sacrifice, even if it's not within the confines of today's convents. Perhaps there is no other way.

I must ask, however, are there ways of making reparation to Our Lady for so many sins of impurity, aside from her tried-and-true rosary? Surely, those of us who understand what is going on should do what we can to help our fellow man assuage so many offenses to Our Lord and Our Lady.

Trust in my prayers for all at TIA, their readership, and their families. May Our Lady guide and protect all of you as you try to navigate your lifeboats through the rough waters of life on present-day earth.


Posted September 21, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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