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Homo Deus, UK Deaths & Porn Addiction

Antichrist Rulers

Dear TIA,

Re: Holy Family Statue

I saw the Statue on your recent emails...

Truly, the Luciferian agenda has been using media and all art form to glorify the sex act and encourage uncontrolled lustful behavior.

It's a known fact, the Cabal Anti-Christ rulers corrupted all Christian Nations, eg Berlin, Germany in the early 20th Century with pornography to transgenderism...and saw the ill effects were powerful to destroy Christianity.

The tragedy is we have seen every form of blasphemous art continuing outside and inside Our Church, starting in the Vatican to Christmas cards.

The very sensual art of Joseph and Mary is clearly depicting a man and woman reduced to their passions for each other rather than pious lives with their love and obedience to Christ, Our Lord.

Thank you TIA for your clarity and wisdom!

     Always in Jesus & Mary,



Harari’s Homo Deus


Have you read the book by Harari, Homo Deus? Please share this book review with your readers.

Happy feast day of the true St. Francis of Assisi.



UK: Vax Related Deaths


Please read the article here about mass death in the UK. It verifies conclusively what many already know. Here is a small part of the findings:

In a recent interview, Edward Dowd, formerly a hedge fund manager at BlackRock, now founder of Phinance Technologies and author of Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022, found, in a new 22 page report, looking at the UK that adjusted cardiovascular excess deaths in the UK are up in a signal that cannot under any circumstances be ignored.

“We observed 13 per cent increase above normal trend line in 2020, 30 per cent in 2021 and 44 per cent in 2022.” Anything above 3 standard deviations is a signal — a 3.8 standard deviation is the same as you getting hit by lightning once in your lifetime. When I say ten standard deviations this is an improbable event from the norm. Ten [standard deviations from the norm] is crazy.”

“These signals are so large that there has to be a reason why. My thesis and your thesis is that it is the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines…and this is an enormous cover-up. We are seeing signals like this across all different databases all the time.”

“Sure enough, signals. At this point I’m just mad because we are talking into the wind.”

It ties directly in to what I wrote in Cross the Rubicon, under Chapter XXIII, Best Laid Plans, pages 110-113.This reference is a perfect example of weaving facts into a novel.

     Nick Flue


Salesian Corruption

Dear Direction of Tradition in Action,

There is an absolutely awful and devastating situation on the official internet site of the Catholic magazine Note di pastorale giovanile (Notes on Youth Ministry) that is an official magazine of Salesian priests of St. John Bosco in Italy. At the following link on this official internet site you can read a free article written by Raffaele Gobbi and published on the magazine Note di pastorale giovanile in 2010 (you can read "NPG 2010-05-60"): here

First of all, as you can read, there are the words: "Educare l’amore. Percorso per fidanzati" that in English language means: "Education to love. Path for engaged couples." At the end of this article after the section with the title: "Timore e tremore" (Fear & Trembling) there is the other section with the title: "Ide-azione" and at the end of this section only a film is recommended for this path for engaged couples with the words: "Vision for a mature and aware audience" and the film is "Eyes wide Shut" directed by Stanley Kubrick.

About this film you can read at the following official links the sections "SEX/NUDITY" in which it's written that there are sex scenes with oral sex, full frontal nudity and much more with three women:
  1. on the official internet site [Warning: graphic descriptions]: here.

  2. on the official internet site here.
How many films with sex scenes and nudity have been recommended on the magazine Note di pastorale giovanile? I don't know.

How many engaged couples have seen the film "Eyes wide Shut" in Salesian parishes? I don't know.

Thank you for your attention.

     Yours sincerely,



Help for Porn Addicts

Hello A.N.,

Salve Maria!

Re: Porno Internet Plaguing the Youth

My name is N. and I am working with TIA to build a Catholic men's apostolate called, "The Knights of Elias." We are a modest apostolate right now but we are hoping to expand soon. I am in a transition between jobs and will soon start work again to build a platform for young men to grow in holiness and to flesh out their counter revolutionary vocations. I sympathize very much with the pain you feel at all of the men currently addicted to pornography. I offer you some guidance in case you have anyone who is looking for help quitting this awful habit.

First off, this is not something that is easily beaten. In many instances with addiction, a simple change of scenery or friends will help. If you move out of a town where it is easy to access drugs, you'll be less likely to stay addicted. If you stop seeing friends who spend their time getting drunk every night then you will find it easier to stop drinking. However, as you've pointed out, pornography is accessible anywhere and at any time.

On top of this, it is an addiction that has no cultural boundaries and is not unique to anyone. While certain ethnic groups or people may have a proclivity for a certain type of addiction like binge-drinking vs gambling, all men have the potential to be addicted to pornography in the same way. If there was one vice that unites all men, it is the vice of pornography.

The main way to beat any addiction is the same: go to confession as soon as possible when you relapse, pray the rosary every day (explicitly asking to be freed from pornography by Our Lady), and receive the Eucharist often. You'll either give up prayer and penance or you'll give up the addiction.

However, with the formula so easy to comprehend, why are so many young men still struggling? It is simply because the addiction is just that strong. It is so incredibly difficult to break men from this addiction because Our Lord gave men a sexual drive that is extremely strong in order for them to have the strength to build families and strong societies. This drive, when properly controlled, will help men become capable to lead and keep their communities safe.

When this drive is diverted into pornography, the chemical nature of men starts to change and they get a constant stream of pleasure hormones that continually weaken their will to actually grow and lead as men should. As they get more and more accustomed to this constant stream of pleasure and view hundreds or even thousands of naked women every day, they require ever increasing levels of debauchery until they find themselves wasting hours of every day on filth with no thought of planning for their future or taking the time and energy to grow. I have seen pornography destroy men's lives and it is horrific to watch.

You are correct in saying that there is little hope in correcting the situation since we all have phones. A man can put on apps that will prevent him from accessing certain websites but if he's addicted enough he will simply restart his phone or computer and go into his settings and remove the app for the time that he needs to get his addiction satisfied. Barriers like these will never help: it must come from the will of the man since it was his will that led him there. If a good Catholic man truly desires to beat this addiction, he will find a way. Our Lady is here and willing to help but the man must be willing to endure all of the time and pain required to beat it.

I'll give you a personal story. I desired to beat this addiction and only after I began praying 15 decades of the Rosary everyday did I start to have the strength to do it. It is not enough to pray one set: a man addicted needs all of the graces of the full 15-decade rosary or he will relapse again and again because the images and temptations are too strong to resist without incredible spiritual help.

If a man has no experience praying but desires to beat this addiction in a Catholic way, he must begin by praying one-decade a day for a week and then one full set of mysteries, or five-decades, for at least a month. If he can make the jump to a full 15-decade rosary after one month, then he should. Otherwise he should wait until he can handle a full set and keep at it every day. With Our Lady's help, he will win but he must keep enduring no matter how many times he relapses.

For me, I started praying five-decades everyday for 6 months and still relapsed multiple times a month. Then I discovered from TIA that I should be praying a full 15 decades every day, meaning a full rosary. So I switched to 15 decades but I was still relapsing. However, I was only relapsing once a month. After 6 months of praying 15 decades a day, I finally beat the addiction. It took me an entire year of prayer and penance before I finally beat it.

After my last relapse was when I experienced the worst temptations and found myself on the brink of relapsing again almost every night but I used the same formula: run to Our Lady of Good Success and ask for her success in beating this. I would continually plead with her until the images and temptations faded away and then I would quickly find something to do.

It took me about 2 months after my final relapse before I started to stop feeling temptation as badly and even then it still comes back every now and then but I just keep running to Our Lady. This addiction is going to last for a long time and even today, years later, I still need to run to Our Lady to free myself from the temptation almost every week but as long as one keeps up the 15-decade rosary and a good confession life, they will have the strength to endure.

In summary: go to confession as soon as you relapse, pray the rosary every day, receive the Eucharist, and keep running to Our Lady when temptation comes back. There is no better formula. Do not attempt to use software to help as it will be hard to maintain self-control if you constantly need to rely on technology and techniques like this instead of developing the will and spiritual life to resist.

After you succeed, never stop. You must continually maintain a good prayer life or you will relapse again. It's either sin or the rosary, Our Lady will not let you be devoted to her if you are sinning.

I hope this has given you some hope. I am open to speaking to any young man in need of help and want them to know that they are not alone.

As for young ladies who are in despair, pray for these young men and never compromise. If he is currently addicted, a young lady should not even entertain marriage. If young ladies lament the current state of men, I encourage them to pray to Our Lady that they find a good man because they do exist and Our Lady absolutely desires strong marriages for her coming reign. Hope. We must never lose hope.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Posted October 5, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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