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Agenda 2030, St. Joan of Arc & Tattoos

Stop Supporting Disney


Re: Insurance Changes & Satanic Disney

Sometimes you have to take a stand. One of my favorite series was the Star Wars/Clone Wars/Rebels series. It was good fun and they were well written. It was a fun set of series to enjoy and blow off steam. Such programs seldom exist anymore. But with Disney's evil, I had to stop.

I cannot support them. My lack of monetary support is not going to sink them... but sometimes you have to take a stand.

Here is one other point: I cannot guarantee there are not subliminal messages in these programs; there are in other Disney programs.

While I am sad that such a fun source of entertainment is gone, I have no regrets about stopping.

     God bless you!

     Fr. T.J.H.


God’s Perfect Time


Re: Wars and Rumors of Wars...

Betrayed by Rome. Betrayed by Washington. Betrayed by Bishops.

That's ok. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Dear Saint Joseph and Saint Michael and multitudes in Heaven know what is going on.

God will unleash Heaven at the Perfect Time for His Glory.



 Volcano in Iceland

Dear TIA,

As you can see – click here – the fissure volcano in Iceland restarted its activity with molten rocks spewing from its fissures.

It is food for thought…



St. Brigid & Ireland

Dear TIA,

Regarding the article, The Mantle of St. Brigid, I, too, am of Irish descent (Fitzgeralds of BallyPoreen). I remember the many tales my mother told in my youth of the Saints of Ireland.

At 76 years old, I have read many things in my life, but I have read little as well written as this article by Hugh O'Reilly. May God bless you, Sir! And may you write many more fine pieces on the Catholic history of Ireland.



European Farmers Protest against Agenda 2030

Dear TIA,

Today (Feb, 12, 2024) I received from a friend in France this short video showing the protests of farm owners and workers all over Europe against the Agenda 2030 of the European Union, which is trying to destroy the whole class of farmers..

It is worthwhile watching it to see how Socialism is being imposed from the top in the E.U.

Keep up the good work.



Pants for Women & Tattoos

Dear TIA,

The articles on your website are most interesting. I kind of cringe at the ones on dress and tattoos. On one hand, I can see why they think that the change in dress is the creeping in of Satan: from long dresses and skirts etc to more masculine dress for women and likening it to trans men wearing female clothing.

But also, didn't Joan of Arc wear men’s clothing and lead an army into victory in the name of God?

Also there are so many special operators and members of the military who have tattoos... I know for some is it a sin to be friends with them or even love and laud them? And what of undercover police and the like? Is it a sin for them to have tattoos as a form of disguise?

Is it a sin to admire or love a sinner? I am a sinner, I know this. I am a little crumb compared to God, but without love what is a crumb?



TIA responds:

Dear W.D.,

We are glad to hear that you have profited from our website.

We will try to answer your questions:
  1. In regards to St. Joan of Arc wearing men’s clothing, she was an exception to the rule. God chose her to lead the armies of France because she was just a simple maiden of humble birth apparently unfit to do so. He chose the humble girl to give a lesson to the proud knights who were reluctant to fight for the legitimate King and to show them God’s will.

    Further, she did not desire this, but rather resisted the call for many years. A quote from St. Joan to a soldier, Jean de Metz, reveals her womanly desires: "I must be at the King's side ... there will be no help if not from me. Although I would rather have remained spinning [wool] at my mother's side ... yet must I go and must I do this thing, for my Lord wills that I do so."

    The Maid of Orleans was not like the modern feminist women who wear pants and join the army to prove that they are equal to men. In fact, St. Joan of Arc did not always wear the garb of a man. Although she wore armor to protect her during the battles, as soon as an opportunity presented itself, she returned to her woman's attire. Evidently, she was not wearing man's attire simply because it was fashionable, as is the case with today’s women who wear pants.

  2. There are ways to have a tattoo that is not permanent, as long as the process of implanting it does not perforate the skin. Hollywood uses them for movies, and removes them after the footage is done. Supposing that an undercover police would need to appear with a tattoo, he could have recourse to one of these provisory types.

  3. In regards to your final set of questions, it is not wrong to love a sinner as long as you do not admire his sin, nor are complacent with it. God Himself loves sinners not as such, but as those still able to repent and abandon sin. In like manner, you may love those who have tattoos; however, you should not condone their sin. True love consists in desiring what is best for the other, which is the attainment of Heaven. For this reason, if you have true love for persons who have tattoos, you should earnestly try to convince them of the dangers of their tattoos and encourage them to have the markings removed.
We hope these considerations are helpful to you.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted February 13, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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