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Fr. Sardá y Salvany, YouTube & Bad Omens

To What Group Do You Belong?


I am a Korean Christian.

Please understand that the language may be awkward due to the use of a translator.

Actually, I am a Protestant, not a Catholic, but I am curious about this site and would like to ask a question.

I apologize if I was rude.

I heard from someone that this site denies the Second Vatican Council, but does not follow Lefebvre.

I know that there are traditionalist Catholics who deny Vatican II, but not Sedevacantism, such as the SSPX or MCSPX, but I don't know what kind of place this is.

Don’t most traditionalist Catholics follow Lefebvre?

What group does this site belong to and what activities does it do?

     S.T.M., Korea

TIA responds:

Hello S.T.M.,

No, we do not belong to Lefebvre’s Group.

We are Catholics as all Catholics were until the Conciliar Revolution started to turn everything upside-down.

We belong to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

If you want to know about our activities, just browse our website for a while and it will become clear.


     TIA correspondence desk


Sardá y Salvany’s Book on Dances

Dear TIA,

I read that one of your readers asked about the book Entertainment and Morals by Fr. Felix Sardá y Salvany.

It happens that I know where to find it. It can be read/download here.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Banned from YouTube

Note to the Reader,

Below is the snapshot of a YouTube communication to TIA removing one of our talks/videos from the TIA Media Channel. You can read the alleged reason for this on the photocopy of the communication below.

Here is another proof that in United States – the alleged land of liberty –  liberty of expression is quickly disappearing, being replaced by a dictatorship of media giants – Google, Microsoft, Meta, X – which forbid the circulation of anything that does not fit into their globalist agenda, under the false pretext of protecting science and health.

The same talk can still be viewed in Vimeo here.

     The Editor

Youtube warning

For a larger picture, click here


Holy Week as ‘Whoop-it-up’ Week in Mexico

Dear TIA,

Have you ever written on the topic of Holy Week as “celebrated” in modern Mexico? No one works not because it’s traditionally “vacation time” with everyone running off here, there and everywhere for beach fun, gambling in Vegas, “hitting the slopes” if there’s still snow in Aspen, etc. I think as I was told a couple decades ago by traditional Catholics in Guadalajara that it WASN’T like that before the “reform” of the Church.

I wish I had concrete examples.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

     In Jesus, Mary & St. Joseph,


P.S. A meme a friend in Guadalajara posted:

Semana Santa no es vacaciones


Sedevacantists Condemn Themselves

Dear TIA:

A certain sede-vacante web site has been featuring a major article to make the case for sedevacantism. They present the below paragraph, quoting from the future Pope St. Pius X, in order to support their thesis. However, if one reads this carefully, it actually is a condemnation of sedevacantism.

When Leo XIII was Pope and was celebrating 50 years of being a priest in 1887, Bishop Giuseppe Sarto of Mantua in Italy said to his flock:

"The moment has come to prove to the great Vicar of Christ our unchanging affection and fidelity. For us Leo XIII is the guardian of the Holy Scriptures, the interpreter of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, the supreme dispenser of the treasures of the Church, the head of the Catholic religion, the chief shepherd of souls, the infallible teacher, the secure guide, who directs us on our way through a world wrapped in darkness and the shadow of death. All the strength of the Church is in the Pope; all the foundations of our Faith are based on the successor of Peter. Those who wish her ill assault the papacy in every possible way; they cut themselves adrift from the Church, and try their best to make the Pope an object of hatred and contempt. The more they endeavor to weaken our faith and our attachment to the head of the Church, the more closely let us draw to him through the public testimony of our Faith, our obedience and our veneration."

[F.A. Forbes, Pope St. Pius X (Rockford, IL: TAN Books, 1987), pp. 34-35.]

     Frank Rega


Francis’ Bad Omens


I believe you and your readers would like to know about this omenous incident and these comments.


Francis’ Pontificate Filled with Bad Omens

Pope Francis with a fallen icon of Christ

The Icon of Christ the Redeemer falls to the ground during the Vatican Easter Mass

The fallen Christ the Redeemer in front of Pope Francis, what does it mean? Omens and alleged mysterious signs

Franca Giansoldati, Il Messagero [Excerpts]

April 2, 2024 = On Easter Day, during Mass at the Vatican, a powerful gust of wind caused the ancient icon of the Christ the Redeemer on the courtyard facing St. Peter's Basilica to fall ruinously to the ground. Two attendants immediately intervened to put back up the heavy support that had collapsed just a few meters from the Pope during the Easter ceremony. An anomalous and curious episode that has caused many many to find message, as if this fall could be a heavenly sign, able to unveil future events.

It is certainly an unforeseen anomaly that was inevitably viewed in relation to other signs that have occurred in recent years, coinciding with major Vatican changes. For example, the famous lightning bolt that struck the large iron cross located on the top of St. Peter's in 2013 on the very day that the then pontiff Benedict XVI renounced the throne of Peter to retire to private life on Vatican Hill. It was February, it was pouring rain, and that eerie image taken by the Ansa photographer on the stormy day immediately went around the world, symbolizing a historic, almost apocalyptic moment with a prophetic meaning for many.

Among the list of emblematic images captured by the lenses of photojournalists - but also by the cell phones of ordinary believers - there are some rather curious ones that, when viewed in retrospect with the distance of time, actually seem to warn of impending radical changes or important transitions. During the conclave on Vatican square, for example, a never-before-seen individual, barefoor and dressed in a tattered Franciscan habit, was glimpsed wandering through the crowd. The man stood praying motionless amidst the cold drizzle of those days.

Then, shrotly afterwards, there was the release of the dove of peace during an Angelus that was immediately attacked and mortally wounded by a crow and a seagull while in flight. And again, during a solemn mass in the square, one of the curial cardinals fell from his chair and ended up on the ground, becoming a symbol of a curia that would shortly be turned inside out by Bergoglio's draconian action. At that time he was preparing the reform to give the apparatus a new structure and revised rules, wiping out old secular privileges and resetting many customs to zero. A strong action that had enormous backlashes across the Tiber.

Then there were the doves that were released during the Pope's trip to Armenia on the Turkish border. The birds inexplicably returned. Francis was in the medieval monastery of Khor Virap, together with Armenian Patriarch Karekin II. To the surprise of those present, the birds flew through the air for a few meters, circled about, and then inexplicably turned back. They refused to cross the border. Peace with Turkey and the Azerbaijanis would never come; indeed, acts of war were being prepared even then.

Then it was the turn of the sudden collapse of the roof of the Carpenters' Church near the Capitol, a sacred building entrusted to the Jesuits and dedicated to St. Joseph who is the patron saint of the Church. Fortunately, the disastrous collapse claimed no lives, yet questions about the metaphysical significance were not long in coming on that occasion either.

Posted April 2, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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