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About TIA

catholicWhat Is the Purpose of TIA?
To defend the Church & Catholic Civilization

catholicWho Is the Official Head of TIA?
Here is the composition of our Board of Directors

catholic Who Is Marian T. Horvat?
Read a biography of TIA's President here

catholicWhat Are Dr. Horvat's Credentials?
Dr. Horvat has a Ph.D. in History

catholicWho Is Atila Sinke Guimarães?
Here is his biography

catholicWhat Is the Meaning of the TIA Seal?
It is a tribute to Charlemagne & the ideal of the Crusades

catholicWhat Is Your Website Background?
The background depicts precious stones from the Carolingian Renaissance

catholic Does TIA Publish in Spanish?
You can read our material in Spanish on the website of TIA Ecuador

catholic Does TIA Publish in Portuguese?
Yes. We publish daily on the website of the Brazilian TIA

catholicWhere Do I Send Donations?
If you don't use credit cards, you can make a money order

catholicIs TIA a Religions Congregation I Can Join?
A noble offer from a Pakistani reader

catholicDoes TIA Have Members?
TIA's members are all who are close to us in the counterrevolutionary fight

catholicHow Do I Become a Member of TIA?
It is by organic and informal means that one becomes a member

catholic Does TIA Distribute a Newsletter or Magazine?
We do not have a magazine, but you can subscribe to our TIA Daily Mail

catholicIs TIA Sede-Vacantist?
No, we are not. (We also answer questions about the 1962 Missal on this page)

catholicHas TIA Accepted Sede-Vacantism?
A false rumor

TIA Policy

catholicWhy Do TIA Books and Articles Lack an Imprimatur?
To request an imprimatur is no longer required by canon law

catholicWhy Are Some Articles Undated?
We try to include a date on our articles whenever possible

catholicWhy Are Some Articles Unsigned?
For a variety of reasons

catholicDoes TIA Publish Books in Polish?
No Polish translations are available

catholicAre TIA's CDs Available in Digital Format?
Currently they are not, no

catholicCan I Advertise on TIA?
No, TIA only advertises for its own books and CDs

catholic Where Does TIA Go to Mass?
Various Traditional chapels, but never the Novus Ordo

catholicWhy Does TIA Support Charlie Hebdo?
We most certainly do not support Charlie Hebdo

catholicIs It Possible to Donate Automatically Each Month?
Yes. We are grateful for our donors' generosity

catholic Why Are Your Saints of the Day Different than My Calendar?
The short answer is because we do not follow the modern calendars

catholicWhy Are the Saints of the Day Articles Incorrectly Dated?
This is to be attributed to the confusion in modern calendars, and not to us

catholicWhere Is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus?
We do not yet have articles for every feast day

catholicWhy Does Your Website Have "Pornographic" Photos?
There are no such photos on our website. To say otherwise is sensationalist

catholicCan TIA Please Post Pictures in Larger Formats?
We are studying the feasibility of this suggestion

catholicWhy Are All of Your Articles So Negative?
Catholics should be serious but have positive hope in the ultimate triumph!

catholicYou Have Poor Journalistic Standards!
This is an insulting allegation based on a false premise

catholicMay I Print Your Articles?
A reader who wishes to print our articles should simply contact us to ask

catholicCan TIA Create a Page for More Edifying Photographs?
Among our many potential future projects, this is one possibility

catholicWhy Waste Space on Hate Mail?
We post Hate Mail to prove our work is not in vain

catholic What Is TIA's Position Regarding SSPX and FSSP?
Both FSSP and SSPX are false right groups

catholicMay I Write a Book Review for the TIA Website?
Your contributions are welcome; simply e-mail your draft article to us

TIA Books and CDs

catholic Are Dr. Plinio's Organic Society Articles Available in Book Form?
Currently they are not, no

catholicWhat Are the Original Sources for Organic Society Articles?
The articles are adapted by Atila Guimaraes from Dr. Plinio's lectures

catholicWill You Print Dr. Plinio's Saints of the Day Commentaries?
This is a project we seriously desire to accomplish

catholicDoes TIA Publish in E-Book Format?
TIA does not follow digital novelties

catholicWhy Not Make a DVD About Our Lady of La Salette?
Currently we do not sell a DVD, but we have many articles about La Salette

catholicIs Dr. Carol Byrne's Series, Dialogue Mass, Available in Book Form?
Yes. The rearranged study is available for purchase here.

catholicIs Dr. Carol Byrne's Series, Dialogue Mass, Available in Book Form?
The series is not currently published in hard-copy, but it remains a possibility

catholicCan I Save the PowerPoint to My Computer?
We explain how to download a PowerPoint presentation posted on TIA

catholicWhere Is Volume 3 of the Admirable Life of Mother Mariana?
TIA's English edition of Admirable Life contains the entire manuscript in 2 volumes

catholicIs "No Crisis In the Church" Still Available?
TIA does not sell this book

catholicDo You Sell Holy Cards in Korean?
We do not see Korean Holy Cards, but we have suggestions for where to find them

catholicDo You Carry a Holy Card for the Queen of Angels Prayer?
You may purchase such cards at our bookstore

catholic Where Are the Other CDs in the Formation of Children series?
Unfortunately, the series is not yet complete

catholicWhen Will the "Formation of Children" Tapes be Finished?
At present, we do not know

catholic Do You Sell Your Talks in MP3 Format?
Currently, no. However, this is a request we will consider for the future

catholicDo You Sell Any Spanish-Language Books?
We do

catholicAre Your Articles Compiled in a Book?
We currently do not sell our articles in book form

catholicAre You Insinuating Equality With St. Paul?
A reader questions TIA's publication of We Resist You to the Face

catholicGiven the Opportunity, What Would TIA Demand of the Pope?
Refer to our position papers such as We Resist..., Quo Vadis, Petre?, etc

catholicDoes Your Bookstore Sell a Manual for Girls?
Not at the moment

catholicCan Other Laymen Sign Your Declaration of Resistance?
In theory, yes; in practice, it will most likely be ignored by the Vatican

catholicWhat Is the Meaning of Your Motto?
The meaning: "The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours".

catholicWhere Do I Send Prayer Requests?
Send them to us and we will be happy to share them with our readers
catholicWhere Do You Find the Artwork Used On Your Website?
From a variety of sources

catholicIs There an English Translation of the Manual of Civility?
Yes. You can purchase a copy of Catholic Manual of Civility here

catholic Do You Sell Statues of the Christ Child Crucified?
We do not, but we do have holy cards

Questions About TIA & TFP
(Tradition, Family, and Property)

catholicWhat is TIA’s Relation to TFP?
A thorough explanation of the strained relationship between TIA and TFP

catholicWhy Was Atila Sinke Guimarães Expelled from TFP?
It was an unjustifiable and cowardly decision. Read his Defense here.

catholicWhy Did Bishop Mayer Break With Dr. Plinio and the TFP?
Bishop Mayer was deceived by Orlando Fedeli and Fr. Fernando Rifan

catholicWas TFP an Anticlerical Organization?
A false accusation: "TFP were vocation-killers"

catholicDid TFP Refuse to Attend Mass or Disdain the Mass?
A false and completely stupid accusation

catholicWhat Do You Think about Roberto de Mattei?
See this series of articles

catholicWhat Others Groups Does TIA Disapprove?
Check our False Right page to learn about many other bad groups

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