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Anarchist, Jewish & Protestant Reactions

Abominable Comments

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You wrote [in After the Chastisement]:

"A truly Catholic society would, I believe, be one where power and authority would derive from one's nobility and position in society, one's education and one's wisdom.

"The lower social orders would not be in positions of power or influence. There would be no social welfare but Catholic charity would abound. This would entail the re-establishment of many of the great charitable institutions of the past, such as the workhouses for the poor, industrial schools for delinquent or illegitimate children and convent laundries for immoral girls and women."

The comments above are abominable. This joker views himself as elite and privileged beside us lesser mortals. I am relatively poor; on the brink of becoming homeless because of many years of the usurious economic system and lack of employment opportunity to supply a living wage that has been implemented in Scotland and elsewhere by the Jew World Order.

Gee whizz buster, it must be very self-satisfying to know that you are financially solvent when idiots like me can end up in the poor house and you can continue to pontificate with pedantic platitudes that show a complete lack of Catholic charity. Wishful thinking on your part for the return of the workhouse displays what a complete moron you are.

You are no better than the perfidious Jew who would welcome the return of the workhouse from which he could profit by the sweat of others.

I pray with all my heart to God that you become insolvent, are humbled, and learn a very valuable lesson.

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Repulsive and Pretentious

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I'd like to express my joy and gratitude that the individuals running this site are mere commentators on the Church's steps in Ecumenism and not big hitters for the movement. The caption that especially repulsed me was by Margaret C. Galitzin on her Praying with Heretics... "... presented as equals, acting as equals..." Incredible.

The wonder and awe you inspire is in no way the kind that the Catholic Church teaches (except for those unfortunate years regarding the Crusades and the Inquisition). There are a great number of books out there that you might read to help put some flexibility into any wayward thoughts you might have:

The Gospel of Matthew
Summa Theologica
Mein Kempf (what not to do)

If these don't help, you should take a trip to Nigeria, and instead of taking a box of crucifixes and pocket-sized New Testaments, go with some bread to share and a desire to learn.

I just got the chills thinking of your site.

You are a group of dangerous individuals (primarily to yourselves) who are tightly wrapped up in your own ideas. If scripture (or Vatican I) are any canons worth trusting, we know that God is limitless and unknowable except through Christ. So if you perpetuate the thought that you do know God, you put yourself on par with limitless perfection. If you know him through Christ then the content on your site would surely be either different or not there at all. Let's find some humility.

Never visiting your site again,

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Anti- Semitic & Millennialists

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Dear TIA,

Thank you, I did not know that he [Fr. Gommar De Pauw] had passed away. The Catholic Church surely needs more like this man who believed in the rapture, which the Catholic Church denies.

More blasphemous, heretical and shameful teachings which the Catholic Church promulgates are a millennialism and replacement theology. Both are rooted in and based on hatred for the Jewish people started by Origen. Imagine denying the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth! What blasphemy! Imagine saying God has no future for the Jews or Israel as replacement theology teaches. What blasphemy!

Is it not ironic that the Vatican says that anti-Semitism is a sin against God and man??? Please look into these blasphemous, heretical and shameful teachings that the Catholic Church promulgates to this very day. The Catholic Church has a lot of answering to do when they meet God at the Bema Seat Judgment.

Thank you for your time, TIA.

     Most sincerely,

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So what's with the Jewish breastplate on all your web pages? Y'all must be crypto-Zionists! (Hey, if you can deal it out, you'd better learn to take it too!)

Go back to sleep, you saw nothing. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

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Intolerant and 'Closed Minded'

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I think you are very intolerant and closed minded and represent everything bad about Catholicism. I am Catholic and offended by your story on Hinduism.

You probably would like to bring back the Inquisition.

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Oppressive Saints

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Dear Sir or Madam,

… It seems to me Catholic Christians could learn a lot from Protestant Christians in many ways, including: preaching, mission, and a spirituality centered on Christ and the Bible. My life of religion improved greatly when I put aside the "science of the saints" (though not, of course, their development of doctrine) and stopped trying to be a "saint."

It is better to aim at being a good, humble Christian brother or sister, as the Protestants do (who are not oppressed by the saints). I know of several incidents which suggest that certain Catholic saints were not really very good. To my mind, there is no difference between reading the spirituality of St. so-and-so (whose spirituality may or may not be good) and the spirituality of C. S. Lewis or any other brother gone before.


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Ignorant Bigots

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Pathetic. Read some of your nonsense. Ignorant bigots!

As far as the slurs go, I am sure you and your popish followers know all about paedophiles. You have enough of them in your church. Idiots ...

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Lutheran Obsession

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The Great Dr. Martin Luther was used by Almighty GOD to purify the corrupt APOSTATE roman anti christ organization.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 21, 2009

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