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catholicAren't You Destroying the Church by Criticizing the Popes?
To denounce Progressivism in the Popes follows the strategy of La Salette

catholicIs Resistance Included in the Condemnation of Aeternus Patris?
No, we resist the Pope's bad teachings, not his powers to govern & sanctify

catholicResistance Must Be Carried out Inside the Church. Is this Correct?
Yes, it is. We should resist progressivist authorities inside the Church

catholicWhen You Resist the Pope Don't You Disobey the Magisterium?
No, if the Pope denies dogmas, by resisting him we defend the Magisterium

catholicWhen Does a Heretical Pope Become Invalid?
When his authority loses its effectiveness before the Church

catholicDo I Owe Blind Obedience to the Pope?
Fr. Somerville lists reasons to resist when the Pope teaches error

catholicWeren't All Councils Infallible? So, Vatican II Could Not Err
This is not true; here are two examples of councils that erred in the past

catholicWasn't Vatican II Infallible? So, How Can You Call It Heretical?
No, it was not infallible. We do not call it heretical, but ambiguous

catholicWas Vatican II Heretical or a Manifestation of the Holy Spirit?
It was an ambiguous Council that represented the victory of Progressivism

catholicHow Many Bishops Resisted Vatican II?
To our knowledge, only Msgr. Ngo Dinh Thuc refused to sign its documents

catholicWhat Is the End of the Conciliar Church?
A Pan-religion to serve the socialist unification of the world

catholicDoes TIA Agree that We Have Popes Materialiter but Not Formaliter?
We believe they are Popes before the Church, but not before God

catholicHow Can I Convert from Protestantism if the Church Has Heresies?
Convert, enter the fight & help us to expel those heresies from the Church

catholicIs It the Corrupted Clergy that Causes the Crisis in the Church?
No, the bad clergy is a consequence; the cause is Vatican II & its errors

catholicI Am Being Ostracized for My Opposition to the N.O. What Should I Do?
We suggest that you read the book We Resist You to the Face

catholicWhy Don't You Publish the Good News So We Aren't Depressed?
Follow our Daily Updates; TIA posts many ‘positive’ pages

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