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Graceful America & Disciplining Children

How Graceful Was America Before…


It is almost painful to view the picture below. What a loss! How 'miserablist' everyone became in the United States, everything is 'miserablist' in Ukiah... everywhere.

Even the ferry has a gracefulness in design that is now totally gone. Look at the swooping deck lines. Not necessary even then. And how much more work to build! It could be flat and square.

Yet; they built grace into the ferry in the same way they build grace into objects, tools, houses, commercial buildings. Catholic architecture was still living... and clothing...

"Beauty is dead." Fr. Greenwell

     Thank thee,


Photo of a ferry


Assumption Poem

Wandering in Venice lost in the canals,
Trying to retrace my steps
In a maze where I was corralled,
When I stepped into a church
And Heaven seemed so near,
Weathered brick and mortar stone
Covering the veneer.
It was cool and open,
Light from candles shone,
Only I was standing there
Lost but not alone.
In the front a painting stood,
Vast, and wide, and tall,
The virgin being taken up
By angels in a thrall.
Titian's Assumption
Left it's mark on me,
Wandering in Venice
When I was young and free.




Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima !

I was saddened by the letter from your correspondent G.W. whose wife dressed immodestly. It is not easy for a man to be left to rear children.

I agree with him that all prospective husbands must be careful on this point. The leopard does not change his spots. A woman who is accustomed to dressing immodestly will not change. Women dress immodestly not to please themselves, as they would like you to believe, but rather to be attractive to men. They dress in this way to arouse passions in men. Such women therefore cannot be trusted to be loyal and faithful.

Your correspondent also referred to “battles” with his wife. A clear indication that his wife was not obedient and subject to him. A truly traditional wife will dress as her husband requires and indeed discuss her dress style with him. A wife must dress for her husband and according to his wishes. This is a very important element in the obedience and submission which every wife must give to her husband.

God bless you all at TIA and thank you.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Harm of Nano Technology

Greetings TIA!

I thank God for all you do and all you write, your site is truly a light in this deep darkness!

I think it is urgent to share this medical information everywhere. No one is safe from the nano technology, even the unvaxed.

It is truly a universal punishment permitted by God for the outrage of snubbing of Our Lady's multiple warnings this century.

     Lord have mercy on us all!

     St. Joseph's Rosary Parts


Should I Discipline My Children?

Good morning,

I tried searching your website for articles on Catholic ways to raise children. The website is a little hard for me to search for topics as I didn’t see a place to “Search”.

Just the same, I was hoping to find help in this regard especially concerning whether or not corporeal punishment is considered beneficial or problematic in the long term bond of children with parents.

Thank you in advance for any help!

     God bless,


TIA responds:

Good evening, G.H.,

Thank you for your question on raising children.

To assist you with navigating our site: You may find our Search engine on our Main Page in the third entry down from the top. It is also in both navigation bars on the very top of each page (second jewel from the right), as well as at the bottom of each page (third bottom from the right).

Regarding your topic, we have a whole section Formation of Youth and Children on our Cultural Page.

To assist you more specifically, we bring to your attention these articles that may help to answer your question:
  • A short article on the importance of discipline here;

  • Another on the authority of the father here;

  • The importance of disciplining children from the very cradle here;

  • A series on the moral instruction  of children by St. Alphonsus de Liguori who insists on the importance of parents forming their children well.
We believe that if you take the time to read these articles you will find a sound answer to your question. In case you need more help, we will be glad to assist you.

In times past it was understood that corporal punishment was necessary in the formation of children because of the effects of original sin on souls.

It was Liberalism and Freudism that distorted this accepted multi-secular practice to influence parents to think that their children would become resentful or repressed if parents exercised their authority and spanked or switched their children.

We can see the result of this modern approach around us today: Children are confused, depressed, revolted against authority, and generally unhappy.

It is not surprising since in truth children need discipline, when applied fairly with Catholic prudence and goodness, that is, with the aim of helping them form good characters to face this life and prepare for their eternal salvation.

Practical ways to apply discipline were learned by example and passed down from generation to generation. In the schools also, priests, nuns and teachers in general were stern but beloved, and maintained perfect order in the classrooms.

Sadly, most of this organic pedagogy flew out the window when the Church opened her doors to the modern world after Vatican II, abandoning her wise pedagogy and accepting the basic tenets of Freudism.

Scriptures advise parents: “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him” (Proverbs 13:24).

We hope you will be successful in forming your children well to be God-fearing and respectful, maintain their innocence and play their roles in the restoration of Christian Civilization.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted August 24, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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