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Nazi & False Right Vitriol

You Are Not Catholics for Not Accepting the Popes

You have a right to your own religious beliefs, but please make clear that you are not an orthodox Roman Catholic group, and your organization is NOT approved by the Vatican.

Orthodox Catholics recognize the primacy of pope and Vatican II.

Thank you.



You Are Heretics for Accepting the Popes

I sent you an email a while ago about a frivolous subject. Anyway, I don't want you to have the impression that I agree with you or think that you are Catholic. You are heretics who obstinately and publicly reject the truth about the Vatican II "popes" - that they are heretical antipopes leading a false sect. For that, you are despicable and not worthy to be consulted for advice.

You will go to hell for having rejected Catholic teaching unless you publicly change your position and work to remedy the damage you have done by deceiving souls.

I support Most Holy Family Monastery (website:



I'm Sick & Tired of Your Opposition to Hitler

Re: Nazi Propaganda Poster


I'm sending this email in regards to your story "Nazi Propaganda Poster", I believe this is false as Hitler was Catholic and shared Catholic values. National Socialism was against Communism, Globalism, and Freemasonry; it was not racist, but it did value their own people first, and the right to govern their own country without outside interference.

The Socialism part, was not a lower form of Communism as those with the New World Order suggest, it was true Socialism where Germans looked after each other socially. The Church had nothing against them at the time, with evidence of even the Pope being friendly with Hitler, it was only the Zionist Jewish Communists that were against Germany in WWI and WWII. Please see attachments.

I am getting sick and tired of all this false [bad word] against Hitler and the Nazis, especially those who know about the fake Sr Lucia.

God Bless you all in J+M+J



You Fell to the Big Investors

Dear Atila Sinke Guimarães,

By your article "RUSSIA'S PSY-WAR AGAINST THE WEST" it appears that you are being informed by the bought and paid for "news" from Western sources. Up to now, you and your co-workers have done a tremendous job defending the rights of God and His Church. But this "Psy-War" article is a real change for the worse in what information you have gathered and published to your subscribers.

In fact, it is quite unbelievable that a man of your reputation would fall for the controlled media sources; that which I've never noticed to appear on the TIA Website. Haven't you seen the news of the coup in 2014 perpetrated by our country which took out Ukraine's elected president in order to place "super hero Z" in his place? Didn't you see the reports of what that same replacement gov't has been doing in the east of Ukr because those regions did not want to recognize the new gov't? Haven't you been seeing the reports of the shelling and killing of those eastern people, including civilians? Don't you see the need for the big investors to provoke yet another war in order for their shares to give them a good gain!?

Pray for God's Light on these subjects because all of us who take sides will have to answer to Almighty God, especially if our choice of sides and our thoughts on it is shared with many others.

Holy Family guide you to the truth!!!

     Fr. J.M.


You Are Drunk with Contempt

Re: What about the Surprise Consecration of Francis?

I totally disagree with this “analysis,” there is a clear intent to muddy the waters by adding things that were never said nor implied at the town of Fatima during that time.

This guy Atila makes honour to his name and must’ve be drunk with contempt towards whatever this Pope does. And I say more the hubris of this piece to imply that this will make things worse is border line heresy...

This type of ideas brings nothing but division and polarisation where should be none, only time will tell on how many degrees the Providence chooses to act.

Please TAKE THIS POST DOWN it does not help to build anyone into the faith actually does quite the opposite.



You Are Caricature + Falseness

Re: When the False Right Becomes the Soviet Right

Dear Sir/Madam,

“EJ” is at least honest: "I admit I went through it without a careful reading.” The truth is, EJ obviously either hasn’t read the Archbishop's letter at all; or has poor reading comprehension skills. Almost nothing he says about the letter is true; and where it isn’t pure caricature, it’s utterly false.

The “editor” should have advised readers to read and judge it themselves.



Total Idiot

Re: When the False Right Becomes the Soviet Right


Whoever wrote the negative comments about Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano regarding Ukraine and Russia… knows nothing!! A total idiot!

To criticize someone who knows so much by someone who knows so little … you should not have posted that comment.

Thank you,



You Are Siding with the Illuminati

In respect to your very nasty attack on Archbishop Viganò words, I am shocked that you stoop so low.

I do believe that he was trying hard to show that regardless of your feelings about Russia or for for that matter Ukraine, that this is war, the US has entered by sending fighter jets attacking Russia without Congress approval, and that the One World Enemies running our lives are in their final mode by arranging and fulfilling this war.

Of course it will kill millions, possibly a billion people and all run from the top boys in the Masonic Illuminati. Preplanned.

Archbishop Viganò has helped many of us starving for a good leader in the church over the last couple of years. Truly helped us, in spite of your ugly comments to the contrary.

I am surprised that you wouldn’t have been pleased to see a a man, have a reconversion to the fullness of the churches teachings fighting against the ant- pope, and perverts in the hierarchy.

Sorry. I am very hurt by you as are many, many others. We have enough enemies.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 24, 2022