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Well Dressed, WW III & TIA’s Stances

Dressed Well in Battle

Dear Tradition in Action,

I recently went to see Christopher Nolan’s movie “Dunkirk” and I had to share with you and your readers something that might have gone unnoticed but shocked me.

My aim here is not to analyze the movie, and I’m not talking about the heroism of the Royal Navy and the yachtsmen in their “little ships” who risked their lives to save the trapped British soldiers on the Dunkirk beach. But what struck me was: the clothing.

I was struck by how well the civilian men depicted in the film are dressed.

Mr. Dawson, the yachtsman, and the two young adults who sail with him to Dunkirk to rescue British soldiers are all finely dressed. Mr. Dawson, the owner of the yacht, wears dress trousers, a white shirt, vest, tie, and blue sweater. The young adults are nicely dressed and appropriate for their late teenage, early 20s age, though they are not wearing neck-ties. The British RAF pilot who is shot down and rescued by Mr. Dawson also is wearing a neck-tie. And even after the RAF pilot is pulled aboard the yacht, soaking wet, he does not even loosen his top button or his tie.

This astonished me, because, here we have 3 civilian men, going into battle, maybe to their deaths, to rescue British soldiers and they are smartly dressed. And I image if they went to Mass what they wore to battle wouldn’t have been appropriate to them.

I might not even have given the clothing a second thought if it wasn’t for your Cultural Page and various articles on manners, customs, and clothing. I’m working on raising my awareness on proper clothing, dress, and matters but the movie Dunkirk showed me how much has changed within our society since the progressives and the revolution took control of our culture.

     Dominus vobiscum – The Lord be with you



A Well-dressed Cristero

Good day to you all,

I am eternally grateful for the short articles taken from the Allocution of Pius XII to the International Congress of High Fashion (here, here, here, here and here). It is a topic that interests me very much and I think is gravely ignored even in the Traditional circles and communities. I found the articles truly edifying.

Where can I find the full transcript of the speech? I've searched the internet with no success.

God bless you all for the magnificent work you are doing defending the Good, True and Beautiful, and an apology for butchering your language.

     Greetings from northern Mexico!


TIA responds:

Good day E.G.,

We have the text of that speech in Portuguese. If it can be of some use to you, send us your address and we shall mail a copy to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


North Korea Provoking Nuclear War

Dear TIA,

We are in the brink of a World War III. It is not hard to reach this conclusion when we watch/listen this speech of the North Korean Foreign Minister at the U.N.

Interestingly, we are also entering the month of October, when the 100th anniversary of the miracle of the sun took place in Fatima. Then Our Lady was warning us of an apocalyptical chastisement. Will it be coming at the centenary of that warning?

Let us wait and see. Let us also pray to be prepared for it when it comes.

     In Christ through Mary,


Kim Jong-un H-Bomb

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un inspecting an H-bomb


Trying to Justify Petain’s Double-Stances


Petain was not an admirer of Hitler. That's a slander

I could read the comment on TIA entitled "Petain an admirer of Hitler".

Petain was in a very delicate position when the French army, having to undergo the wholeness of the Nazi shock due to the coward and infamous Soviet-German Pact that made peace temporarily between Germany and USSR, was defeated.

Once an armistice was signed with France in June 1940, half of France was spared being invaded by the Nazis, but Petain was obliged to govern permanently with a knife on his throat. So he had to play a dangerous double game. For example, he strived avoiding sending the quotas of Jews required by the Germans to the death camps.

The Jewish journalist Eric Zemmour acknowledged that only 12 per cent of the French Jews were arrested during the 4 years of German occupation while 80 to 100 percent of Jews perished in other occupied countries.

In the same time Petain ordered the French troops that were free in Northern Africa to secretly prepare for taking the revenge once the occasion would be presented.

Indeed this occasion presented itself when the US armies invaded Morocco and Algeria. After a few days of combats against the US troops, in order to show the Germans that France strived to resist the invasion, an armistice was signed, followed immediately by the official "Clark-Darlan agreement," a treaty between the US and free France that immediately made all the French armies of the non-occupied France in Northern Africa and other French colonies, being at war against Germany at the sides of the Allied Armies. Admiral Darlan was secretly backed by Petain to sign this agreement: "You have ALL my confidence" was the message Darlan received through a coded channel the Germans couldn't read.

A few months later, the French army, once heavily armed by the US, were ready to take their revenge against the Nazis during the battle of Monte Casino, Italy.

See the preamble of the "Accords Clark-Darlan"

     J.D., France


TIA's Stances on Putin & Pope Bergoglio

Dear TIA,

I am a long-term commentator on Catholic affairs (most often with the name of The Great Stalin - yes, it's a long story); very much on the "integralist" Traditionalist side.

In fact, I am too Traditionalist even for the likes of The Remnant and One Peter Five, both of whom have banned me with - in both cases - a strong and very deliberate degree of resolution.

The reasons for those bans are partly that the character The Great Stalin proved so popular that the owners of those two blogs felt threatened (one of them admitted it in a private email); but more so because my criticism of these two sites' party lines could not be tolerated.

What were these lines that could not be crossed?
  1. In the case of The Remnant, my opposition was to its line of a year or two ago that Putin is the "savior" of the West; a real Christian who will ride to the rescue. I lived in Russia for around 12 years and know the reality of that country, which is wholly at variance with the fantasies of the American Traditionalist Catholics' vast ignorance and naivety.

  2. One Peter Five has rejected my opinion that Bergoglio may well be the False Prophet. None of us know for sure of course. However, it is certainly my contention that the (online) Traditionalist is more or less at one with the Novus Ordoites: they seem incapable of seeing reality for what it is or of using plain logic so that joining even obvious dots together is impossible.
Where is TIA in all of this? With Bergoglio's assaults on the Faith increasing with every month, where do you think we are at the present moment - and my question specifically refers to the events foretold by St. John in the Apocalypse as well as the reports of many seers and mystics.

     Best regards,

     Benedict Carter


The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. Carter,

TIA stands for ideas and principles – the Catholic principles – not for this or that party line or label.

Regarding Putin, you and us seem to be on the same page, since we think his purported “Christian” new-look is nothing but another artifice of the communist propaganda.

Regarding Pope Francis, we believe he is a heretic on many different accounts, but still a Pope. We do not subscribe to sede-vacantism. Whether he is the False Prophet, the Anti-Christ or just another apostate progressivist Pope is a task that the future will be better qualified to establish than us. We do not need to know the epithet of an enemy to fight against him to the best of our capacity.

     Best regards,

     Atila S. Guimarães


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 28, 2017

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