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New Saint of the Day
Saint Benedict the Moor – April 4
How the Church loves all her children independent of race
Phillip Mericle

Feast Days of Our Lady
Our Lady of La Salette - September 19
Our Lady of Las Lajas – September 16
The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady – September 15

The Necktie: The Symbol  of a Counter-Revolutionary Man
Hierarchy & sacrality vs. egalitarianism & vulgarity
Kaede Lira

Church Revolution in Pictures
Francis' Miserablist Crosiers in Colombia

Feast Days of Our Lord
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross - September 14

Saints of the Day
September 22, St. Thomas of Villanova
September 21, St. Matthew the Apostle
September 18, St. Joseph of Cupertino
September 17, St. Robert Bellarmine
September 17, St. Hildegard von Bingen

Stories & Legends
The Victory of Pascal Vives
A reward for fervently hearing Masses
Fr. Martin Cochem

The Butterfly, Symbol of the Soul
Medieval man saw it as a sign of the Resurrection
Elaine Jordan

What People Are Asking
Absolution & Spiritual Direction
 Fr. Paulo Alvarez answers the questions of a reader

California House Rejects Pro-Abortion License Plates
Bill to benefit the abortion industry dies in committee
Micaiah Bilger

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Where Are Teens Going? -  Graphic photos
A promo video for the formation of youth
TIA artistic desk

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Slide show and talk in four sessions
Dr. Remi Amelunxen

Peccato - Redemptio - (Sin - Redemption)
Volume 10 of the Collection on Vatican II
Atila S. Guimarães

Holy Cards
St. Philomena, Wonder-Worker
August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of the Angels

Must Read
The Marvelous St. Philomena
The enduring charm of the Virgin Martyr

An Outstanding Book
The Great St. Joseph
Dr. Remi Amelunxen

In Spanish
En las Aguas Turbias del Concilio Vaticano II

In Spanish
Animus Injuriandi - I (Deseo de Ofender I)
Volume II of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

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