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catholic If the Church Is Indefectible, Why Not Accept the New Mass & New Saints?
We are facing the fact of two different doctrines

catholic Is the Dialogue Mass & Mass in Vernacular Part of the SSPX Agenda?
Yes, it is; here are other examples

catholic Is Anything Wrong with 'The Lady of All Nations' Apparition?
Beware: many signs of ecumenism & progressivist errors

catholic Is Mourning in the Scriptures? Where?
There are many Old Testament references to Hebraic mourning customs

catholic What about the Recent Accusation of Francis Falling into Heresy?
Guimarães responds with what to praise and what to criticize in the document

catholic What Is the Internal & External Glory of God?
The two ways that God receives glory explained

catholic A Burning Question on Our Lady of Good Success
What to do in face of doubters of the apparition?

catholic Has the Quito Convent Returned to the Direction of the Franciscans?
Our Lady of Good Success said this would happen after the 20th century

catholicIs Our Lady of Good Success a Vatican-Approved Apparition?
The 1991 canonical coronation is proof of its full assent

catholicWhat Does De Fide Mean?
The wise hierarchy the Church established for the truths she teaches

catholicWhat Is Law? What Is its Origin?
A general review of the types of law and their proper aims

catholicWhat Is the Origin of the Advent Wreath?
Its symbol, history & the care we have to take about it

catholic Should Musical Instruments Be Played at Mass?
Dr. Byrne recalls the norms for musical instruments in the Liturgy

catholic Are the Knights of Malta Members of Freemasonry?
TIA says no & gives the history of the Catholic order

catholic Choirs at Mass & ‘Active Participation’
Questions on the ‘Dialogue Mass’ series

catholicWhy Did Queen Elizabeth Wear Men’s Clothes?
For propaganda purposes with clear concessions to the Revolution

catholicHow Should the Five First Saturdays & Nine First Fridays Be Made?
The conditions requested by Heaven to make them

catholic What about Short Hair for Women?
When the trend started and its revolutionary purpose

catholicHow Should One Address the Holder of a Ph.D.?
It is an act of justice to give others the title they earned

catholicHow to Address Benedict XVI Now?
His new titles, clothing, residence, household, duties and infallibility

catholicHow Can a Soul Suffer Physically in Purgatory? 
TIA responds with a commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

catholicDid Our Lady Use the Term Masonry in her Prophecies?
The six instances of its usage according to Fr. Pereira

catholicShould Catholic Girls Go to Universities?
Each case should be studied - Guimarães refutes Bishop Williamson

catholicIs the Original Manuscript of Fr. Pereira Available?
Its loss & eventual discovery and a second manuscript

catholicDid Christ Descend into Hell Itself?
St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Thomas Aquinas affirm that he did

catholicIs It Legitimate for Parents to Bless Their Children?
Yes, it is. The different kinds of blessings and who may give them

catholic Please Give Advice on Lenten Penances & Sacrifices
Three common vices Americans should combat

catholicHow and When Can the Devil Possess a Person?
Data from an exorcism, voodoo sessions and rock concerts

catholicIs the Resistance Position Condemned in Pastor Aeternus?
No, it still gives us the right to resist a Pope's false teaching

catholicAre the Japan Tsunami and the Chastisement Connected?
Points on the miracle of the sun and missing death toll

catholicWhat Are the Progressivist Concepts of Heaven, Hell & Purgatory?
How these concepts differ from traditional Catholic teaching

catholicWhat Is Observance of a Religious Rule?
A short explanation of Orders, Congregations and Rules

catholicWhy Is the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success Dressed?
A brief history of this custom that dates to the Middle Ages

catholicCould You Clarify the CDF 'Clarification' on Condoms?
Analysis of the official text of the Vatican Dicastery

catholicWhat Did Our Lady of Good Success Say on the Prelate to Come?
TIA provides the exact words of the message and explanations

catholicIs Msgr. Lefebvre the Prelate Predicted to Restore the Church?
TIA points out some reasons why it believes he is not

catholicWhat Did Wojtyla Say about Dialogue with Unbelievers?
Did he say that the Church should abandon the monopoly of the truth?

catholicBetraying the Chinese Underground Church
Why the silence about the shameful 2007 Letter of Benedict XVI?

catholicIs Vatican II Heretical or a Manifestation of the Holy Spirit?
An intentional ambiguity promotes the progressivist agenda

catholicWas My ‘Believer's Baptism’ Valid?
Church teaching on baptisms received in Fundamentalist Baptist sects

catholicIs There Proof the Third Secret Was to Be Released in 1960?
Testimonies of Church authorities and Sister Lucy clearly show it was

catholicAre There Statues of the Christ Child of Pichincha?
Our Lady promised this image would be a source of holy inspirations

catholicHow Do You Prove that the Fraternity of St. Peter Compromised?
Conditions of the celebret include accepting Vatican II and the Novus Ordo

catholicDid George Washington Convert to Catholicism?
No, he lived and died as a Freemason

catholicWhen Does a Heretical Pope Become an Invalid Pope?
Guimarães explains when the authority loses its effectiveness in a visible society

catholicConvent Prisons - How Did They Work?
The long Catholic tradition of prisons in monasteries and convents

catholicHow Can I Prevent My Daughters from Dressing Immodestly?
Guidelines on protecting girls from the bad influence of modern fashion

catholicCould You Recommend Good Medieval History Books?
Suggestions for reading material on the Age of Faith

catholicPlease Provide More Data on Our Lady of Guadalupe
Readers ask for sources confirming the slide-show on the miraculous tilma

catholicWhere Is the Holy Ghost in Today's Crisis in the Church?
He is assisting the reaction against the progressivist establishment

catholicWhat Are the Consequences of the SSPX Acceptance of Vatican II?
Request for orientation regarding Card. Hoyos interview to L'Osservatore Romano

catholicPaul VI: "I Am about To Blow the Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse"
A reader asks for the original document for this statement. TIA provides it.

catholicCould You Tell Me about Our Lady of the Cloud?
The apparition of La Virgen de la Nube in 1696 in Quito, Ecuador

catholicIs Simon of Cyrene a Saint?
Data about the Cyrenean in the Gospel commentary by Fr. Cornelius a Lapide

catholicThe Wife's Position when the Husband Files for Divorce
What are her responsibilities regarding her child and society?

catholicHow Grown Children Should Receive Scandalous Parents
Should a child visit a natural parent who is giving public scandal?

catholicA Convert from the Schismatic Church Asks Orientation
Questions on Catholic doctrine, traditions and devotions

catholicMarried Priest in the Eastern Rite, a Precedent for the Latin Rite
This is a sophism condemned by a Pope and an Ecumenical Council

catholicElias and the Small Cloud
He interpreted the cloud rising from the sea as the Virgin Mary

catholicQuestions from Belarus
What are your relations with Sedevacantism, the SSPX and TFP?

catholicCan TIA Send Me Its Private Documents?
Reader requests original texts of Our Lady of Good Success and Blessed Palau

catholicCan Catholics Use Weapons against Communism?
Yes, Catholic doctrine approves the use of force to prevent it

catholicCatholic Weddings in Ecumenical Military Chapels?
Is the Sacrament valid? Is it convenient to assist at such Masses?

catholicHow Are these Prophecies Being Fulfilled?
The gates of Hell will not prevail, the faith in Portugal, faithful nuns in Quito

catholicAre We at the End Times?
No, we are heading to the Reign of Mary. Rapture? A false solution

catholicWhy Did Our Lady Say that Portugal Will Preserve the Dogma of the Faith?
What is different about Portugal? We offer some considerations

catholicDid Brother Schutz of Taizé Convert from Protestantism?
A traditionalist newspaper says he did. We say: No, he did not convert

catholicIs the Photo of Benedict in Suit Authentic? And the Fr. Margil's Picture?
Yes, they are authentic. Here are the sources for both pictures

catholicDo I Owe Blind Obedience to the Pope?
No, you do not. An explanation by Fr. Somerville

catholicAre Tattoos Suitable for Catholics?
Tattoos are pagan customs. Catholics should not mutilate or paint their bodies

catholicIs There a Canonization Prayer for Mother Marianna?
Yes, there is. Here is the prayer and a novena

catholicWhat Should Catholics Think about Cremation?
Is it a Masonic practice? TIA answers

catholicHow Should Children Receive Divorced Parents?
The Catholic doctrine on the when, where and why of the topic

catholicHow to Treat Unwed Mothers?
Should they be admitted to the Sacraments? To a regular social live? Response

catholicWhat Are Your Rules on Rhetoric?
At your request, we offer some basic guidelines

catholicCould You Give Catechism Classes?
No Catechism courses planned for the moment, but here are suggestions

catholicProblems of Conscience: Live-ins, Baby Showers, Annulments
Fr. Sretenovic gives orientation on these delicate matters

catholicWhat Can a Catholic Do in Face of the Crisis in the Church?
He should resist the bad orientation of the religious authority

catholicCould You Comment on the Supposed SSPX "Deal" with the Vatican?
The criterion is to watch and see if it will accept Vatican II and the New Mass

catholicWhat about Pope Benedict's New Humanism?
An explanation on how Humanism is understood by Progressivism

catholicWill TIA Make Its Articles Available in Spanish?
We would like to, but right now it is impossible

catholicWhy Doesn't TIA Consider the Merit of Eric Gill's Art Work?
Our polemic is not on Art, but on Morals and Distributism

catholicAren't Abortions a Greater Chastisement than Tsunamis?
Read about the needed distictions

catholicWhat Gives You the Right to Resist the Supreme Authority of the Church?
If a Pope tries to destroy the Church, we should resist him

catholicWhat Is the Ultimate Aim of Today’s Ecumenism?
It is the installation of a Pan-religion. Check our work on the topic

catholicIs There a News Source for the Pope Kissing the Koran?
There is, and we provide it for you here

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