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catholic Can You Show Your Sources on Dances? We Doubt Them
TIA gives more sources condemning dances & ballet

catholic Are Shorts ever Appropriate for Men?
TIA presents a short history of shorts for men & answers 'No'

catholic Is It Mortal Sin for a Woman to Wear Immodest Clothing?
Yes, it is, according to the Traditional Magisterium of the Church

catholicDoes Dressing Well Go against America & Favor Pride?
No; casual dress is uncivilized & was once considered abnormal in the U.S.

catholic Are Bare Legs for Women Revolutionary?
The entrenched trend is immodest, casual and inelegant

catholicHow Can Spouses Practice Modesty at Home?
Find orientation in Chapter 3 of our book Courtesy Calls Again

catholicHow Can Spouses Practice Modesty at Home?
Find orientation in Chapter 3 of our book Courtesy Calls Again

catholicAre All Dances Bad?
Folkloric & children dances are habitually good; others normally are immodest

catholicDavid Danced For God. Why, then, Is Dancing Forbidden to Bishops?
David was a layman, not a Bishop; Bishops don't dance

catholicIs It Wrong to Promote Drinking Songs?
Not necessarily; some are in honor of Our Lady or Saints

catholic For Introductions, Who Takes the First Step, Man or Woman?
Follow the old rules & avoid the egalitarian dating game

catholicHow Should Traditionalists Dress?
Not in an ugly Puritanical way, but according to decorum & aesthetics

catholicWhat Do You Think about Truman's Hawaiian Shirt?
A ‘tropical climate’ is no excuse for bad styles of dress.

catholicSince Women Worldwide Use Trousers, Are They Now Acceptable?
No; women should dress like women

catholicSince Customs Have Changed, Can Women Now Wear Trousers?
No, this custom was an artifice of revolutionary couturiers

catholicAre You Uncharitable to Criticize the Dress of Pro-Life Demonstrators?
Their clothing was revolutionary: Good ideas go with good customs

catholicWhy Do You Criticize World Youth Days?
WYD favors Situation Ethics; Catholic morals is not subjective

catholicDon't You Think Your Cultural Beliefs Are Utopian?
No; our behavior and ambiences should conform to God and the Church

catholicAre You Being Worldy by Praising Fine Food and 'Fancy' Customs?
No, grandeur & refinement are part of sacrality; the opposite is Calvinism

catholicHave You Written Books on Traditional Behavior between Spouses?
Our book Courtesy Calls Again might answer some of your questions

catholicWhat Do You Think about Weddings in Ecumenical Chapels?
It is quite inconvenient and should be avoided

catholicHow Do I Make a Traditional Catholic Wedding Reception?
We have two articles you can read on this subject

catholicDo You Have Information about Courtship?
Read here and here

catholicWere Adult Baptisms Originally Done Nude?
No; there is no evidence to substantiate this absurd claim

catholicWhere Should Catholics Be Buried?
In a Catholic cemetery; if unable, a public one with the grave blessed by a priest

catholicIs There a Way to Ensure My Body Is Not Embalmed after I Die?
Specify this in your will; in most states, embalming is not required by law

catholicWhat Were the Burial Customs of the Middle Ages?
They varied from place-to-place & the social status of the deceased

catholicWhere Can I Find CD's 6 and 7 of the Formation of Children Series?
Unfortunately, Dr. Horvat has not yet had the leisure to record these tapes

catholicCan You Recommend a Catechism for Homeschoolers?
Yes; St. John Neumann's Catechism

catholicWhy Do So Few European Women Wear Veils To Mass?
Women stopped wearing veils because the priests stopped requiring it

catholicShould I Give the Sign of Peace to Women in Mass?
It shouldn't be given at all, because it creates a Protestant ambience

catholicIs It Disrespectful to Hang a Rosary on a Rear-View Mirror?
Not necessarily; it can be for spiritual protection

catholicAre Benedictines Allowed to Eat Meat?
The Rule says no; however, eating practices differ in various provinces


catholicIs Ms. a Feminist Term?
Yes, it is; avoid it & use Miss or Mrs.

catholicWhat Is a Good Way to Begin Cultivating Refinement?
You can start by reading our Catholic Manual of Civility, a good refresher

catholicWhen Should I Be Courteous to Others & When Should I Shun Them?
Know these levels of treatment - urbanity, cordiality, courtesy, familiarity

catholicHow do I Deal with an Overbearing Friend?
Guideline on dealing with strongly opinionated friends

catholicHow Do I Respond When I Am Introduced to Someone's 'Partner'?
Say hello, be civil, but do no socialize with the 'couple'

catholicShould Men Still Be Courteous to Women Wearing Trousers?
Yes, they should

catholicHow Do I Manage When a Person Interrupts My Conversation?
Simply ignore the interruption and the intruder

catholicWhen Kissing a Lady's Hand, Should My Lips Actually Touch Her Skin?
There are two schools, read here about the pros and cons

catholicShould Hats Be Removed in Protestant Temples?
Yes, in the few cases when a Catholic can be inside a Protestant temple

catholicIsn't It More Practical to Carry Tissues instead of a Handkerchief?
Not necessarily; a handkerchief is simple & handy for the day-to-day

catholicWhat Should I Do if I Take a Too-Tough-to-Swallow Bite?
Cover your mouth with your hand & bring it back to your plate with the fork

catholicWho Should Learn Etiquette First: The Parents or the Children?
Parents should be the models, children will immitate them

catholicShould I Suppose that My Children Are also Invited to Social Events?
If the children are not named in the invitation, they are not invited

catholicDo You Have Articles on How to Form Gentlemen in Good Manners?
See our Cultural Page; we also recommend our series on the necktie

catholicHow Do I Write & Address My Christmas Cards?
Here is a guide based on Emily Post & American Catholic Etiquette

catholicWhat Are the Rules of Rhetoric?
Be clear, use elevated language & be amiable

catholicDo You Sell The Small Manual of Civility in English?
Yes, click here for more

catholicHow Should We Address the Clergy?
Normal invitations require reciprocation; rules for clergy can be found here

catholicIs There a Rule of Etiquette for Priests?
Not a specific a manual, but general counsels by St. Pius X

catholicHow Should I Address a Jesuit in a Letter?
The envelope, salutation & body have certain rules, click here for more

catholicHow Should I Sign My E-mails to a Priest?
There are several different formulae, click here for some suggestions

catholicHow Should Deacons Be Addressed?
Check here on Deacons & Prelates

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