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Our Lady of Paris 

Our Lady of Good Success

catholicWhy Is Her Feast Day on February 2?
Because the Bishop solemnely blessed the Statue this day in 1611

catholicIs 'Good Success' the Best Translation of the Spanish Buen Suceso?
We believe 'Good Success' is more encompassing than 'Good Event'

catholicHow Could Our Lady Mention Masonry in Quito If It Didn't Exist?
As a secret society it has existed since the 14th century

catholicIs the Manuscript of Fr. Pereira on Mother Mariana Available?  
The orignal is hidden, but a credible copy is available / similar question here

catholicWhen Was the Admirable Life of Mother Mariana Originally Published?
It was written in the 17th century; hidden in the 18th century; a copy remains

catholicWhere Can I Find Material on Our Lady of Good Success in Spanish?
This bookstore carries The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana in Spanish

catholicWhy Is the Statue of Our Lady Dressed?
It is a long Spanish tradition to dress statues

catholicWhy Is Our Lady with a Crozier of a Bishop? It Is Wrong
It is not the crozier of a Bishop but of an Abbess; it is right

catholicDoes the Convent of Quito Still Exist?
Yes, it does; it will exist until the end of time

catholicCan You Send Me Prayers to Our Lady of Good Success?
Yes, here are some prayers you can print

catholicI Am Preparing a Thesis on Our Lady of Good Success; Can You Help?
Yes, we can; especially if you read Spanish

catholicWhere Can I Purchase a Statue of Our Lady of Good Success?
We only carry pictures; here is someone who sells statues

catholicDo You Organize Pilgrimages to Our Lady of Good Success in Quito?
No, we don't; but here is someone who does

catholicIsn't It Scandalous to Invite Readers to 'Come Closer' to Our Lady?
We think you have a perverse mind to imagine a bad meaning

catholicCan You Share Some 'Modern-Day' Miracles Worked by Our Lady?
You can visit this page to read wonderful testimonies

catholicWhere Can I Read More Q&As about Our Lady of Good Success?
Check here to learn more

Our Lady of Fatima

catholicWhat Is the Correct Version of the Fatima Prayer?
There are multiple correct versions in English

catholic Why Did Our Lady Say to the Fatima Children: Pray ⅓ of the Rosary?
This was just a preparation for them to eventually say the full Rosary

catholic Where Can I Go to Learn More About Our Lady of Fatima?
Read here & here

Our Lady of Guadalupe

catholicWhat Material Do You Have on Our Lady of Guadalupe?
We have these comments on her feast day and this slide show

catholicDid a Mason Really Try to Destroy the Tilma?
Msgr. Eduardo Chavez answers this & other questions

catholicWhat Is True & False on Our Lady of Guadalupe?
Msgr. Eduardo Chavez gives an official explanation; read a summary here

catholicDo You Have the Slide Show About the Tilma in Spanish?
We have it in English & Portugues, not in Spanish

catholicWhat Are the Sources for this Slide Show?
Here are some sources

catholicCould You Give Me Sources for Our Lady of Guadalupe Power Point?
Yes, here they are

catholicIs This Slide Show Scientific?
Yes. it is; read more here

catholicDo You Accept More Data on Our Lady of Guadalupe?
Yes, of course we accept; thank you

catholicDo You Have on Your Site a Section on Our Lady of Guadalupe?
No, we do not; here is what we have posted on this matter

Other Invocations of Our Lady

catholicWhere in Your Site Can I Find More Devotions to Our Lady?
Please, click here

catholicIs There an Authoritative Book on Our Lady's Titles?
Yes, Glories of Mary & some websites here

catholicCan You Tell Me About Our Lady of Bethlehem?
It is here; the three previous ones are here, here & here

catholicCould You Double-Check Your Citation on Our Lady of Bethlehem?
We used secondary sources; thank you for the tip; we will check it

catholicWhich Formula Should I Use to Consecrate My Baby to Mary?
We suggest the formula of the Holy Slavery to the Blessed Mother

catholicAre There Two Texts of the Secrets of Our Lady of La Salette?
There is the secret of Melanie and the one of Maximin

catholicWhy Did the Holy Office Forbid to Comment the Secrets of La Salette?
Influenced by the liberals, most likely

catholicWhere Can I Obtain a Statue of Our Lady of Aparecida?
We don't have statues, but here are some pictures

catholicWhere Can I Send Money to Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil?
The address of the central Sanctuary of Aparecida in Brazil is here

catholicCan I Print the Picture of Our Lady of Gennazano?
Yes, you can for non-profit purposes

catholicWhere Can I Find Data on Our Lady of Knock?
Read a series on this topic here

catholicDo You Have Pictures of Our Lady of Loreto?
We can send some to you if you send us your address

catholicIs Our Lady of Las Lajas Just a Painting?
No, the tests indicate it is not a painting, but the colors are in the rock

catholicDo You Have a Statue of La Virgen Blanca of Toledo?
No, we have a photo; here it is

catholicCan You Link Me to a Photo of Our Lady of Peace?
Yes, it is here

catholicDo You Know This Website about Our Lady of the Snow in India?
The site is wrong, it is ecumenical; here is this good devotion in Rome

catholicCould You Prove that for Elias & the Cloud Represented Our Lady?
Yes, it is a long Carmelite tradition; you may read the texts here

catholicCan You Tell Me the History of the Virgin of the Cloud in Ecuador?
Yes, here is the history of La Virgen de la Nube

catholicWhat Do You Think about Our Lady of the Milk?
It is a devotion subject to misunderstandings. We think it should not be revived

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