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catholicHow Will the Dogma of Faith Remain in Portugal?
Among the little people who don't care about Progressivism

catholicIs the Dogma of the Faith Really Preserved in Portugal?
Yes, in a certain sense is

catholicWhat Is Special About Portugal?
It has a vocation of fidelity, independent of the Clergy

catholicCould the Miracle of the Sun Be Diabolical?
It was not a subjective impression, 70,000 persons witnessed it

catholicIs a Great Chastisement to Come before the Reign of Mary?
Yes, since Russia was not consecrated & immorality sky-rocked

catholicWas the Date '1960' Ordered by Our Lady?
Yes, it was; check here

catholicCan You Comment on the 2nd Interview with Fr. Malachi Martin?
Yes, here is what we have to say

catholicDid You Read Fatima Shock & Celestial Secrets to Discredit Our Lady?
We did not, but we found good book reviews of them here & here

Two Sister Lucys

catholicCan't You See that these Two Women - Celina & Lucy II - Are Different?
We based ourselves on Inside the Vatican magazine, which was mistaken

catholicCan You Check Whether that Photo of Celina Is Lucy II When Young?
They are not the same person since they appear together in a photo

catholicHas Anyone Asked the Vatican about Sister Lucy II?
The Vatican ordered the change; it would be not pleased to ackowledge it

catholicDid Fr. Malachi Martin Tell You Anything about the Two Sister Lucys?
No, he did not

catholicDid Sister Lucy's Family See the Difference?
The rule of the contemplative nuns didn't allow relatives to come close to her

catholicWhy Didn't Her Relatives Complain When She Finally Appeared in Public?
She started to appear in public after the relatives, who knew her before, died

catholicCan You Refute Mr. Grasmeier's Accusations against TIA?
Yes, we can; here is the refutation

catholicHow Long Was the Imposter Impersonating Sister Lucy?
Most likely we will only know this at the Final Judgment

catholicWhy Not Make a DNA Test to Prove the Two Lucys Thesis?
These tests would rely on the Vatican & the Convent; they will not help

catholicCan We Get Forensics on the Two Lucys?
We prefer the common sense of Catholics; experts will be under strong pressure

catholicCould You Make an Age Progression on Photos of Lucy?
Yes, but we need good photos; please, send them to us

catholicDid You Photoshop the Photos of Sr. Lucy?
The photos are unchanged from their original sources

catholicCan You Make an Age Enhancement Study of Sister Lucy I & II?
Something like this was made here

catholicDo You Still Believe Lucy Died in 1949?
No, your observation on Fr. Fuentes' 1957 interview changed our opinion

'Third Secret' Controversy

catholicWhat Is Your Source for the 3rd Secret TIA Published?
An unidentified man from Galicia, who changed constantly of e-mail & name

catholicWhy the Photographer Remains Anonymous?
Can be for lack of means or lack of courage to face the Church structure

catholicWas Your 3rd Secret Written in Dialect?
It is a current Portuguese with one expression that can be a mistake or dialect

catholicThe Paper Was Not Folded, So It Is Not the Real Secret, Right?
There were two copies of the secret; the second could be non-folded

catholic Do You Believe in a Forensic Analysis on this Case?
Without having the originals of her writings, forensic can be fooled by Photoshop

catholicDoes Your 3rd Secret Say 'The Faith Will Be Conserved in Portugal'?
It says something similar

catholicCan You Prove the Cornerstone of St. Peter's Tomb Moved to Fatima?
Yes, here is a photo of John Paul II givng it to the Rector of Fatima Sanctuary

catholicWhat about the 69 Weeks for the Chastisement to Come?
We should not rely on human calculations, but be prepared for it at any time

catholic Is Abortion One of the Great Chastisements of Our Day?
Abortion is inflicted by man; the chastisement by God

catholicWho Said the Pope Has Devilish Eyes?
It is attributed to Sister Lucy in this document

catholicJohn XXIII Did Not Have Evil Eyes, How Do You Explain It?
'Devilish eyes' could be a symbol of an evil conception of the Papacy

catholicHow Could Our Lady Mention John Paul II? It Is Impossible
In the 2nd message, she mentined Pius XI, when he was not a Pope yet

catholicHow to Explain that Juan Pablo II Is in Spanish?
It can be a shortcoming of Sr. Lucy,  who was living in Spain

catholicCan You Explain What 'Ugly Church' Means in the 3rd Secret?
'Ugly Church' could be a symbol of an entire new religion that was coming

catholicDid Pius XII Tell Card. Ottaviani to Reseal the Secret?
As far as we know this order was given by John XXIII, not Pius XII

catholicCan You Answer to My Eight Objections to the Third Secret Text?
Yes, here are the answers

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