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St John sees the peachers of false doctrine
St. John sees the bad doctrine of preachers as frogs coming from the devils

catholicCan You Tell More on Military Saints?
We have a long list of Warriors Saints, check here

catholicWhat Do You Think of the Absence of Manifest Saints in Our Times?
It is hard to find; but Elias & Enoch are still alive; pray to them

catholicWho Are the Living Saints?
Elias and Enoch

catholicDo You Recommend a Book on the Church Fathers?
Look for those Fathers who are Saints; avoid progressivist sources on them

catholicIs Making Dolls of Saints Desecration?
Do not make them; it is at least to favor desecration

catholicCan Saints Teach Error?
Unfortunately they taught some errors in the past; read here

catholicWhere Is the Proof that St. Paul Avoided Crucifixion?
It is here; please, read it

catholic Did St. Anne Have Other Children?
Tradition says that she was barren & conceived only Our Lady

catholicDid St. Mary Magdalene Dance after She Converted?
There is no record of it; she made herself a penitent hermit in France

catholicWas St. Dismas Condemned to Death Under the Jewish or Roman Law?
The Jewish condemnations to death had to be approved by the Roman Consul

catholicIs Sts. Peter and Paul Feast a Day of Obligation?
Not in the U.S., but still in England & Wales in English-speaking countries

catholicWas Simon of Cyrene a Saint?
He converted & had two sons saints; Cornelius a Lapide says he was a saint

catholicIs St. Jerome's 'Holy Pride' Approved by the Church?
Yes, it is; we should avoid the school of sentimental Catholicism

catholicDo You Have Any Comments on the Carmelites of Compiègne?
Yes, we do; read here

catholicWhere Can I Find Information on St. Isidore the Farmer?
You may follow these links

catholicWhere Are the Remains of Fr. Antonio Margil to Be Found?
They are at the Guadalupe Friary in Zacatecas

catholicWho Is Mother Serafini?
Her name is Maria Serafina del Sacro Cuore; find more here

catholic How Many Siblings Did St. Catherine of Siena Have?
There is discussion about their number; it varies from 20 to 26

catholicDo You Have More Data on Blessed Charles the Good?
Besides our Saint of the Day, here are more links on him

catholicIs Don Bosco's Body Incorrupt?
First, we thought it was; then, we realized it is not

catholicCan You Provide Pictures or Texts of St. Germaine Cousin?
We only have the text of her life, not pictures

catholicDon't You Know that Maximilian Kolbe Did Not Die for a Jew?
The evidence is disappearing, but there are still some - Gajowniczek was a Jew

catholicWhy Is Rita of Cascia & Maximilian Kolbe Absent from Your List?
We don't have a complete list

catholicDid St. Charles Borromeo Have a Process of Beatification?
It seems that it was simplified; read here the data

catholicWhere Can I Find a Statue of St. Kaleb?
Here are some suggestions

catholicCan You Help Find a Relic of St. Maria Goretti?
Here are some suggestions

catholicDo You Have the Exact Date for the Death of St. Valeriano?
No, we don't; the date is uncertain

catholicDo You Know Where to Buy a Statue of Santiago Matamoros?
We don't know about statues, but here are some photos

catholicWhere Can I Purchase a St. Eligius Medal?
You may call these places; if you need pictures, they are here

catholicCan Your Give the Source of the St. Nilus' Prophecy?
Yes, we can; it is here

catholic Is St. Joseph of Cupertino the Patron Saint of Students?
Yes, he is, here is the reason

catholicDo You Have a Prayer to St. Anthony that Is Not Sentimental?
Yes, we do; here is the prayer & the reasons why he was not sentimental

catholic Is There a Canonization Prayer for Mother Mariana?
Yes, there is; it is here

catholicCan I Use Your Pictures of St. Philomena?
Yes, you can as long as you cite the source

catholicWhere Can I Acquire a Picture or Statue of José Sanchez del Rio?
We don't know of statues; a picture can be purchased here

catholicIs Padre Pio's Body Missing?
We are not following the investigations

catholicDo You Know the Mass Schedule at St. Juan Capistrano Chapel?
We don't; you may find out here

‘Saint’ John Paul II & ‘Saint’ John XXIII

catholicWere John Paul II' s Miracles Authentic?
We don't believe he was a saint or that his miracles are authentic

catholicWhy Not a Letter against Wojtyla's Canonization? Similar question
Because he is not the first fake saint; others were made before him

catholicCan You Scholarly Analyze the Fast Track to Canonize JPII?
Until we have time to do it, please read this article and visit this page

catholic Why John XXIII Was Beatified with Pius IX?
To imply that the Pope who convened Vatican II is as holy as the one of Vatican I

catholic Was Not John XXIII a Progressivist? How Could He Be Canonized?
Yes, here are fact proving this; he was 'canonized' to foster Progressivism

‘Saint’ Mother Teresa

catholicWhy Do Freemasons Approve of Mother Teresa?
Because she and they share the common desire of a Pan-religion

catholicWas Mother Teresa Really Worshipping Buddha & Gandhi?
Yes. She must be judged by her public & visible attitudes

catholicI Am Certain Mother Teresa Did Not Worship Buddha. Will You Retract?
Your position is entirely subjective; please read the previous answer

catholicCan't You See that Mother Teresa Was Ignorant & Had Good Intentions?
Everyone has the grace to know the evil, so, did she; read the previous answers

catholicHow Could She Choose a Pedophile Spiritual Director?
Yes, it was suspicious to promote that man; this article confirms your point

catholicIs It Possible to Practice Works of Mercy without Evangelization?
If they don't lead to Jesus Christ they become mere philanthropy

catholicDid Mother Teresa Ask for a Mosque to be Built instead of a Church?
We did not know; but thank you for the clue

catholicCould You Send Me More Data on the Errors of Mother Teresa?
Yes, you may read this book-review on Mark Zima work

False Conciliar Saints

catholic Are There Other Fake Saints?
Yes, we dedicated a page to them,  ‘A Saint Factory’, here

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