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Errors & Heresy

catholicIs It Accurate to Say that Christ Died 'In Accordance with Roman Law'?
Yes; it was the decision of Pontius Pilate, the due ruler of Roman law at the time

catholicMay We Read Books that Were on the Index?
The Index was abolished by Paul VI; it is not a sin to do so but it is ill-advised

catholicOnly Catholics Have True Baptism. Do You Agree?
We disagree. The Council of Trent clearly condemns this position

catholicDoes 'No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church' Include 'Orthodox'?
'Orthodox' are schismatics and heretics and are outside the Church

catholicWhy Are You against Buddhism?
It confuses God with the universe; Buddhism is condemned as pantheist

catholic Are Not the Spanish Poor Clares a Successful Traditional Order?
No, they are Charismatics who serve Progressivism

catholic Why Do You Call the Copts Monophysites? They Are Mia-Physite.
We use the qualification of the Catholic Church, not that of the heretics

catholicDid Semi-Arianism & Semi-Pelagianism Follow the Hegelian Dialetic?
No, the Semi-Arians & Semi-Pelagians were not following Hegel

catholicWhat Were the Causes of the Eastern Schism?
Here are the causes of the Schism and its main leaders

catholic Why Is TIA Spreading the Heresy that Jesus Was a Human Person?
We didn't intend to do so; it was just a misunderstanding

Catholic Formation

catholicWhere Can I Receive a Traditional Catholic Orientation?
Here are some articles to help you

catholic Can You Give Me a Catholic Formation?
Yes, we can; send us your questions & read these sections of our site

catholicWhat Masses Can I Attend?
Here is a list of valid masses for Traditional Catholics

catholicShould I Attend the Novus Ordo to Fulfill My Sunday Obligation?
We never recommend this because the Novus Ordo has the flavor of heresy

catholic Is It Sacrilege to Use the Same Hosts for the 'Old' and 'New' Mass?
This is a complicated situation; but
read here for some clarification

catholicWhich Bible Version Should I Read?
We recommend the Douay-Rheims Challoner edition

catholicWhat Catechism Do You Recommend?
Here are four good catechisms

catholicDo You Recommend a Book on the Church Fathers?
Look for those Fathers who are Saints; avoid progressivist sources on them

catholicWhat Are Good Penances for Americans During Lent?
Combat laziness of thinking, vulgarity of language & sloppiness in dress

catholicMay I Take Medicine If I Am Fasting for a Friday?
Yes, you may, the rules of fasting are not broken when you take medicine

catholic Can You Help Me Understand the Church Crisis?
It isn't as complicated as you imagine; confide in Our Lady to help you

catholicI Am Bordering on Despair. Can You Give Advice?
Go to Confession and ask Our Lady of Good Counsel to help you

catholicWhich Theology of History Books Do You Recommend?
Here are 5 good books on Theology of History

catholicI Am Being Persecuted! What Should I Do?
You should have recourse to Our Lady and the Saints

catholic What Is the Point of Marriages between Aged or Barren Persons?
Those who cannot maintain perfect chastity, even widows, should marry

catholicWhere Should We Give Alms?
Don't donate to Protestants; donate to traditional Catholics, for example here

catholicIs It Wrong to Have 'Holy Pride' as Taught by St. Jerome?
It is excellent, although it is despised by the dominant romantic false piety

catholicWere the Magdalene Laundries Bad?
No, they were excellent to do penance. About them, read here and here

catholicIs the Tridentine Creed Infallible?
Yes, it is

catholic Is It Wrong to Attend Pro-Life Events in a Novus Ordo Building?
Not necessarily, but be watchful for progressivist infiltration

catholicCan I Kill Someone in Self-Defense?
Natural law allows this, but check your local laws lest you be jailed

catholicDid Christ Descend into Hell or Just into Limbo?
He went to Limbo & also to Hell to complete His victory over the Devil

catholicWhat Actions Incur Automatic Excommunication?
Here is the list taken from the old Code of Canon Law

catholicWhere - at Age 44 - Can I Be Accepted to Become a Priest?
Pray Our Lady of Good Counsel to orient you

catholic I Am Converting from the Schism; Can You Answer My Questions?
Yes we can; here are the answers on forms of government and devotions

catholicWas My Protestant ‘Believer's Baptism’ Valid?
We think not. Read here why

catholicShould I Offer Myself as a Victim to Defend My Wife?
Yes, you can; but it is better to counter-attack the assailant

Traditions, Devotions & Prayers

catholicDo Privileged Altars Cease to Be Privileged If They are Moved?
When moved in entirety, we believe so

catholicMay I Wear a 3-Inch Crucifix in Public?
We think a 3-inch crucifix is too large, except for special occasions

catholicIs the Prayer for Persecuted Christendom Approved by the Church?
Yes, it was approved by Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer in 1958

catholicAre the Christmas Tree and Paradise Tree Related?
Both are two names for the same charming Christmas custom

catholicIs the Daily Rosary a Sure Sign of Salvation?
Although it is not a sure sign, it is a good sign

catholicDoes the Devotion of Divine Mercy Replace the Rosary?
No, it does not; pray the Rosary regularly as recomended in this article

catholicIs the Divine Mercy Devotion Trustworthy?
A sermon from Msgr. Perez condemns the devotion

catholicCan You Tell Me More About the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success?
Learn more about this popular devotion

catholicWhy Were the Luminous Mysteries Invented?
The Luminous Mysteries are a bad innovation

catholic What Do You Think about the Luminous Mysteries?
It is a way to sabotage the Rosary by making it more difficult

catholicAt the Elevation, Is It Forbidden to Say 'My Lord & My God' Aloud?
Dr. Remi Amelunxen suggests audible recitation of this prayer violates rubrics

catholicWhat Is the Blue Scapular?
It is the scapular of the Immaculate Conception, read more here

catholicWhere Can One Find Statues, Pictures & Cords of St. Philomena?
Here is the contact information for the St. Philomena Center

catholicCan My Five Wounds Chaplet Be Blessed by a Novus Ordo Passionist?
Yes, even progressivist priests have retained the power to bless sacramentals

catholic Which Type of Miraculous Medal Should I Wear?
Those that hold from a chain around the neck

catholicWhy Do Churches Face East?
Because it is from the east that Our Lord will return

catholicIs It Legitimate for Parents to Bless Their Children?
Yes, it is. Here are the different kinds of blessings & who may give them

catholicHow Should We Invoke the Angels?
With high respect – and familiarity

catholicDo You Have St. Michael Prayer in Latin?
Yes, we do; here are the long & short versions

catholicCan You Tell Me the Original St. Michael Prayer by Leo XIII?
Yes, we can; here it is

catholicDo You Have the Original Latin Versions of Your Prayers?
Yes, follow these links

catholicIs the Rosary Said in Latin More Efficacious?
It is more reverent; when it is possible, it is better to say it in Latin

catholicIs the Devotion to 1,000 Hail Marys Better than the Rosay?
No, it is not; it tends to put the Rosary in the shadow

catholic Why Did Our Lady Say to the Fatima Children: Pray ⅓ of the Rosary?
This was just a preparation for them to eventually say the full Rosary

catholicHow Is It Possible for Us to Console Our Lord 2,000 Years Ago?
God sees past & future human actions in a single glance, independent of time

catholicWhat Is Observance of a Religious Rule?
Here you have the meanings of order, rule & observance

catholicWhat Was the Rationale behind Prisons in Convents?
They were a tradition in the Church, but have little to do with modern prisons

catholicMay I, as a Layman, Use Holy Oils?
Yes, you may; here are examples of blessed oils laypeople can use

catholicCan I Go to a Holy Hour in a Novus Ordo Parish Church?
You may go, but make a conditional act of adoration

catholicWhy Do So Few European Women Wear Veils?
Because the priests stop requiring them to do so

catholicIs There Any Order of Laywomen Who Wear Veils All the Time?
Some Third Orders include the use of veils; contact them

catholic Is Praying the Rosary During Mass Correct?
This is a recommended Mass devotion, among others

catholicIs It Correct to Pray the Rosary While Driving?
It depends on the person: if driving is a second nature for you, pray; if not, don't

catholicIs It Correct to Stand before the Exposed Sacred Host?
No, the correct position is to kneel; if your priest says otherwise, he is wrong

catholicAre Weddings in Ecumenical Chapels Valid?
We believe they are valid, but highly inconvenient

catholicShould I Consecrate My Son to Mary on His Birthday or Saint's Day?
There is nothing wrong in celebrating birthdays; it is choice


catholicWhat Is the Difference between Purple & Violet Vestments?
Dr. Carol Byrne comments on the use of penitential colors in the liturgy

catholicAre Masses without an Altar Stone Still Valid?
Although altar stones are important, but the Mass is still valid without it

catholicDo You Have Suggestions for Training Altar Boys?
Yes, here are some dos & don'ts

catholicAren't You Aware that in Byzantine Churches People Sit in the Floor?
Your photo seems adulterated; in Byzantine rites there are pews and benches

catholicWhy Are You against Married Priests When an Eastern Precedent Exists?
The Church only tolerates Eastern married priests; the situation is far from perfect

Last Things

catholicIs Going to Heaven Easy?
No, it is not easy; whoever teaches you otherwise is wrong

catholicWhat Are the Progressivist Concept of Hell, Heaven & Purgatory?
Here are the Catholic & the Progressivist perspectives

catholicHow Can a Soul Suffer Physically in Purgatory?
There is an everlasting fire that burns spirits without destroying them

catholicWhat Are the Gregorian Masses?
They are an ensemble of 30 Masses to save the soul from Purgatory

catholicWhere Can I Request 30 Gregorian Masses?
Here is how to request the Gregorian Masses; read also here & here

catholicAs a Wealthy Person, How Can I Help the Counter-Revolution?
Consider bequeathing to TIA, an organization dedicated to fighting the Revolution

catholic How Can I Include TIA in My Will or Other Long-Term Plans?
You can contact us with any questions you may have

catholicWhere Should I Be Buried?
In a Catholic cemetery; but first prepare your soul for your judgment

catholic When Should I Remove Life Support?
Only when there is no hope of recovery, and after receiving the sacraments

catholicAre Aborted Children Saved?
No, according to the Catholic doctrine they go to Limbo

catholicAre We at the End Times?
No, we are preparing for the Reign of Mary

catholicCan You Prove Paul VI Said He Sounded the Trumpets of Apocalypse?
Yes we can; here is the photocopy of the Jean Guitton's interview to Avvenire

catholicWas the Japanese Tsunami a Chastisement?
It moved the axis of earth; perhaps it is the start of the Great Chastisement

catholicIs the Prophecy of St. Malachi Genuine or Not?
The prophecies are only entirely understood after their fulfillment

catholicWill the Pope after Benedict XVI Be the Last One?
Perhaps. Let us wait and see

catholicAre the Prophecies of St. Pius X Authentic?
We don't know the prophecies you refer to

catholicIs Arch. Lefebvre the Prelate Predicted by Our Lady of Good Success?
No, we don't believe he is; here is why

catholicCan You Provide the Texts on the Prelate Predicted by Mother Mariana?
Yes, here they are

catholicWill There Be a Chastisement before the Reign of Mary?
It seems there will be. To prepare, you should increase devotion to Our Lady

catholicWhat Should We Do to Prepare for the Chastisement?
Increase your devotion to Our Lady & read the Saints of the Day

catholicWill Planet X Bring the Chastisement?
We don't know; we invite our readers to send in their comments

catholicWhat Is Meant by the Phrase ‘the Days Will Be Shortened’?
It refers to terrible material & spiritual punishments

catholicAre There Contradictions in the End Times Prophecies?
When a contradiction seems to appear, it is due to our poor understanding

Devil's Influence & Possession

catholicWhat Does the Church Teach on the Influence of the Stars?
Astrology is right in some things & wrong in others; the Devil can enter easily in it

catholicI Am Being Harassed by the Devil. What Should I Do?
Stop drinking & listening to rock music; pray Our Lady to help you

catholicHow Easy Is It to Get Possessed?
It is easy; it can happen surfing on the Internet or listening to a rock beat

catholicWhy Are People Killing Cats at Night?
It is a ritual practiced by Satanic groups in the United States

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